If I had to start over and wanted a simple way to build sales funnels...

This is exactly the tool I would use to automate and scale my business

No matter where you are in your journey, you need to listen to this:

?So What's the Problem? ?

  • After Using every tool under the sun to build sales funnels, I've realized that most are TOO COMPLICATED and TOO EXPENSIVE
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Sound Familiar?

The problem is so bad, that even most successful businesses have broken funnels...

Take my own business as an example:

  • Our family business makes a healthy full-time income and allows me to stay home with my kids
  • You'd think our process should be air tight, right?
  • WRONG! We actually discovered a tiny gap in our funnel a few months ago that has been costing us anywhere from $10,000 - $20,000 per MONTH for the last year!

What was the problem? Our Funnels Had Become a TANGLED MESS and we COULDN'T VISUALIZE What was going on!

That's when I went searching for a solution that I could recommend to my readers... And I found an incredible solution....


Introducing Influencersoft

Influencersoft is a completely visual way to build sales funnels, and it allows you to:

? Create Funnels faster than ever before with a drag and drop canvas interface

? Send broadcast emails (or automatic sequences) quickly and with high deliverability to up to 
100,000 contacts (that's room to grow!)

? Build your own online courses & membership sites without any tricky WordPress plugins

? Do all the fun advanced stuff like A/B Split Testing, Tagging & Segmentation, Upsells & Downsells, and more

Most tools that offer this type of functionality can cost upwards of $500 per month...

In fact that's around the price point that Influencersoft is going to charge.

But RIGHT NOW there's a chance to get Lifetime access to the platform for about the price of 1 month of regular service!

And because I believe in this product (I use it myself!), I put together a very special bonus offer to nudge you in the right direction :)

So, if you decide to purchase a lifetime license to Influencersoft, you will ALSO be getting access to all these bonuses:

Bonus #1: The 7-Figure, Retire me at 30 Framework

I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'm going to give you the exact funnel strategy that has earned my wife and me over $1 million in profits over the last couple of years.

It's a total game changer and I'm sure it can do wonders in your business as well. You'll learn:

? The exact pages we use and why

? What our value ladder is and how it works

? Why it doesn't take an elaborate process if your copy is right

? How we drive traffic - what works and what doesn't

? What one weird tweak boosted our conversions 28%

? and more

Bonus #2: The One Day Product Creation Masterclass

Look, I've been there. You want to build a business, but there are so many steps in the way… creating a book or a course, learning how to market it and sell it…

It's overwhelming, and you just don't have the time! This master class is exactly for you.

In it, you'll discover:

? How in less than 1 day, you can create all the products you need to successfully start and scale your online business

? How to magically turn a blank Word Document into 5 different products that can be sold for $1,000+

? Why you are uniquely qualified to sell a premium product and why people will buy from you

? All the tools and software you need to get started (HINT: it doesn't cost anything!)

? How the big guys think differently and how you can leapfrog the competition

With these two bonuses, you are well on your way to creating that online business you know you want... but I've got one more surprise bonus for you available:

Bonus #3: The 10 Commandments to a High-Converting Offer

Nothing is worse than creating an offer that nobody wants! In this masterclass you'll learn the ins and outs of offer creation so that you…

? Know what makes an irresistible offer

? Know what people just don't care about!

? The one small tweak that can turn a $7 into a $97 product

? And what can turn a $97 product into a $997 product

? How to quickly validate your offer before creating it

? And more...

With these bonuses and your new Influencersoft platform, you'll be ready to create and sell new offers quickly, and know exactly how to improve them to build a successful and sustainable online business.

Wow, that was a lot - let's do a quick recap of everything you'll get if you purchase a Lifetime License today:

? Bonus #1: The 7-Figure, Retire Me At 30 Funnel Framework Masterclass ($497 Value)

? Bonus #2: The One-Day, Product Creation Masterclass ($497 Value)

? Bonus #3: The 10 Commandments to a High-Converting Offer Masterclass ($397 Value)

Total Value: $1,391

For Full disclosure, the link on this page is an affiliate link, which means I get a small commission if you decide to purchase Influencersoft.

That's exactly why I included such incredible bonuses for you. Because if you aren't successful, I'm not successful. And I want us both to scale our businesses!

So if you're picking up what I'm putting down, here's how you can get started:

Step 1. Purchase a Lifetime License to Influencersoft using the button below ?

Step 2. Email your receipt email

Email your entire receipt email to bonuses@incomemesh.com. This allows me to verify your sign up.

Step 3. Claim Your Bonuses

Once I verify your purchase (please allow up to 5 business days), I will email you instant access to your bonuses!

And That's It!

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up via email or social media and I'm happy to help you succeed with Influencersoft! Thank you for reading this little letter, and I wish you the best of success!

Oh and if you're still reading this letter, I need to remind you:

Time is Of The Essense!

Influencersoft is currently offering this special pricing for a very short period of time, so if you are even slightly curious about if this platform can help get your business unstuck, now is the time to try it and lock in the software for LIFE!