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April 3  

Today I want give a quick overview of the new Brizy (Free + Pro) feature: Keyboard Shortcuts. This is a great new feature that will have power users drooling over their keyboards as they build web pages faster than ever before on Brizy.

Let's check it out!


Video Transcript

What are Brizy's Keyboard Shortcuts?

Brizy includes 16 useful keyboard shortcuts in this initial release of the feature.

You can control everything from:

  • Copy/Paste elements
  • Copy/Paste styles (color, alignment, etc)
  • Zoom between views (desktop, tablet, mobile) I love this feature
  • Quickly save your work as you are building... this is a great habit to form!
  • And several more that I demonstrate in the video.

Why should you use Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to instantly make adjustments to your content without having to leave the keyboard.

This can save you 3-5 seconds of clicking through menus to find the right setting.

While this seems trivial, every second adds up.

And if you are building websites professionally, every ounce of efficiency will help you make more money.

Could you imagine using your mouse every time you wanted to copy and paste on your computer?


Ergonomic benefits of keyboard shortcuts

Efficiency is very important, but it isn't the only benefit to keyboard shortcuts.

Ergonomics is the science of joint health, and constantly switching between keyboard and mouse can actually cause discomfort over time.

When you allow your hands to rest longer on the keyboard, you can maintain better posture over time.

Seems crazy, but I want my wrists to be healthy for a long time!

Where are keyboard shortcuts useful?

Whenever you are doing highly repetitive tasks, keyboard shortcuts can be a huge benefit.

Tasks like:

  • Updating several sales flows at the same time (especially the new 2-step checkout process)
  • Fixing alignment on tricky layouts like Popups
  • Anything where it would take you more than a second to do by mouse.

One of the major reasons I prefer the Gutenberg Editor is because it is very keyboard shortcut friendly.

Bringing this functionality into the competitive page builder space is a bit trickier (more advanced designs), but every bit can help you build better pages faster.

Elementor also offers several keyboard shortcuts, but Brizy has them beat in how absolutely intuitive they are to use.

Combine Efficiency and Beauty

Brizy is quickly becoming a powerful combination of efficiency and beauty.

It's a page builder that has a lot to offer, and is a great option for professional web designers that want a seamless and intuitive build experience.

Limited Lifetime Deal

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If you are interested in Brizy, be sure to pick up a license today while the lifetime deal is still around. Once it's gone, it's gone!????

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