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February 6  

Pop ups are all the rage in 2019. Elementor Pro has just released a major update that enables pop ups throughout your site… but could Brizy’s intuitive user interface and attractive lifetime deal make their new pop up feature the best in WordPress in 2019?

In this video we will take an in depth look at the Brizy pop up feature and the brand new email integrations that allow your beautiful Brizy sites to capture leads for yourself and your clients.

In this video we will discuss:

  • How to build out a simple lead generation funnel in Brizy
  • How to set up a beautiful pop up and link it to a button anywhere on your Brizy-built pages easily
  • How to integrate your email opt in form to one of 12 different email autoresponder integrations
  • My thoughts on the progress of the Brizy Pro feature.
Video Transcript

Brizy Pro Popups & Email Integration

John from

Ease of use


Brizy Pro is quickly becoming a full-fledged product – one that will definitely be a valuable addition to any agency or freelancer who wants to create easy to use and beautiful sites for their clients. Their pop up feature is not as powerful as Elementor or Thrive Leads, but it is much more intuitive and fast to build a great looking pop up and collect leads. Combined with their Lifetime Deal, Brizy is a great option for many bloggers who focus on design.


Getting Started with Brizy

Brizy has a free version available in the WordPress repository, as well as a premium version that unlocks a ton of useful features if you are serious about building your business on WordPress.

The free version is perfect to build a few pages and decide if some of the unique features of the Brizy builder are right for you.

Some of the most impressive features of the free version are:

  • Clean user interface
  • Universal color and font management
  • Beautiful library of pre-built blocks
  • Drag and drop sections around visually
  • 4,000+ graphics available (and they are nicely categorized!)
  • Light weight and good load speed
  • Super smart image management

The feature list above is already impressive, but there is even more planned for the official of the Brizy Pro:

This post focuses on two of the pro features that have recently been released: The Pop-up builder and 3rd-party integrations.

Let’s get into it.

What’s it like working with Brizy Pro?

Hello design freedom

If there is one word I would use to describe it – it’s sleek.

Every action in the Brizy editor just feels more fluid than other page builders before it.

No need to constantly hit the save button, no menus covering up your work space. Just pure design freedom.

But does all that beauty take away much needed functionality?

Building popups in Brizy

Currently Brizy Pro supports adding a button on any button or link, and it couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Click on the button
  2. Click the link icon
  3. Select Popup

Brizy has officially announced that they will be building a rules-engine to allow pop ups to appear based on triggers (time on page, exit intent, etc). That will arrive before the Pro version launches.

Brizy currently has a nice selection of templates to choose from for inspiration:

The 15 templates offered by Brizy doesn’t hold a candle to the 100+ templates available with Elementor Pro’s pop up feature or Thrive Leads’ deep template library, but it’s a good start (remember – Brizy is still officially in Beta).

Email Autoresponder Integrations

Once you are happy with the design of your pop up, it’s just as easy to integrate them with your email autoresponder.

Simply click on the submit button in your form element, and click the little plug to bring up the list of currently supported email autoresponders:

Brizy currently supports 12 popular email autoresponders

Connecting your autoresponder

Brizy also makes it extremely easy to connect into your autoresponder. No digging through menus, no separate settings panel…

Just click the one you want, and paste your key in. Presto!:

Doesn’t get any easier than this to integrate

Once you have your autoresponder connected, you are all ready to collect leads!

Redirecting users to a thank you page in Brizy Pro

Not to sound redundant, but it’s also easy to set a thank you redirect page with Brizy – just click the link and put in the address


Unfortunately it looks like you need to put the actual file path. In more mature builders you can simply search for the content you want and it will auto-complete. I’m sure this will come in the future.

Brizy Pro Leads Dashboard

Brizy offers a basic dashboard where you can see every lead that has been collected using one of your forms throughout your site.

At the moment this feature is very basic, but it is a great way to cross-reference between your email service to double check that the right leads are getting in.

I would love to see Brizy add additional reporting like the number of impressions and conversion rates each one of your forms gets. Thrive Leads is currently the best in the business at these analytics.

Are you feeling Easy Brizy?

There is a lot to be excited for in the WordPress community in 2019 – we have incredible page builders, the rise of Gutenberg, and incredible abilities to start selling more effectively with better sales funnels.

If you are even a little intrigued by Brizy, I’d recommend you take a leap of faith and get the lifetime deal.

It is risk free for 30 days after they officially launch. Which means you could hold onto it and watch the development for a while until it’s fully cooked.

But if you miss out on it, you could be sorely kicking yourself and paying for a license every year.

Check out Brizy Pro Lifetime Deal

And build beautiful websites for yourself and your clients. Easy Brizy

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