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March 16  

Are you looking for a way to improve your copywriting? Are you tired of creating content that is not converting as well as it could be? can help! uses advanced technology to create the world's first AI-powered copywriter, and this revolutionary tool will change how people write forever. In this post you'll learn everything you need to know about AI copywriting - and decide if you want to give a try! is the most powerful copywriting assistance tool on the market. It can save hours of effort for professional bloggers, copywriters, email marketers and more to create more conversion-focused and well-written sales copy on demand. Review and Hands On Tutorial

Because my wife Suzi is a professional blogger, I wanted to get her take on this brand new tool that I have absolutely fallen in love with.

Watch this hilarious review (and pay attention to Suzi during the fast-forwarded segments for a good laugh!). Pros and Cons


  • is super simple and easy to use. In 30 seconds you are able to grasp and master the system.
  • The AI system quickly generates as my ideas for you as you'd like, and you can quickly browse and generate ideas based on the outputs
  • There are massive applications for bloggers, digital marketers, Facebook Ads experts, 
  • With the right process, you can easily create an SEO-optimized blog post in about 20 minutes while only doing about 20% of the work


  • As a newer tool, there can be some truly funny results sometimes!
  • Pricing by the word, so if you (ab)use too much, you can start to rack up a bill
  • Some users may see this tool and think they no longer need to do any work to create conten - not true.

ConClusion is one of those rare tools that only comes around every few years. It has the potential to change everything about how you generate content online - making you faster, more efficient, and more effective at creating marketing-focused content. This tool is going places, and it's a good idea to get in before the your competition does.

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What is is a copywriting service that helps you craft an engaging and persuasive message for your website or social media channels. It has tools that allow you to identify what type of content performs best, what personality types work best with different audiences, and which words resonate with specific customer personas. will help you take your current copywriting to the next level by developing strategies tailored specifically for your brand's unique voice.

How does it work?

Conversion AI is powered by an artificial intelligence bot nicknamed Jarvis. Once you're logged inside the platform you are greeted with a clean and easy-to-navigate interface that appropriately has the title supercharged your copywriting big and bold at the top. review

At the time of this writing there are currently 36 different skills or templates available for you to get started with your copywriting adventure.

What is a skill? 

Without getting too technical, a skill is a predefined copywriting structure that is specifically designed to help you create world class copywriting using

There are several Frameworks set up already that are already organized into useful categories.

We will go into more detail about individual use cases for every industry later on in the post. Features

With many new software tools, it's common for the interface and the user experience to be very clunky and difficult to navigate. This is one of the areas that I see truly shine.

The entire platform from start to finish feels intuitive, flexible, and optimized for user experience.

All you really need to get started with is an idea for what you want to create.

 All you need to do from there is to find the skill or skills that correspond to what you're looking to accomplish, open it up, answer a couple of questions, and click the generate button. interface

Jarvis will output as many options for you to browse and evaluate. Once you find elements of each output that work for your tone of voice, audience, and ultimate intent,  it's as easy as clicking the star to favorite the output, or clicking the copy button to add it to your blog post, sales page, or wherever else you're looking to improve your conversions. AIDA framework

Probably the most rewarding experience of using, is how mind-blowing the outputs tend to be.

There have been a few occasions that the outputs have made me chuckle and think, “what was Jarvis drinking that day?” But on the whole the outputs sound like they came from a well-trained professional copywriter. also allows you to select the appropriate tone of voice for every application. What that basically means is that Jarvis is able to learn  not only what you want to say, but also how you want to come across while saying it. 

This allows you to dial in your marketing messaging so well that your readers will honestly struggle to realize that it is not you behind the words that are generated through this tool.

The content tab 

On your first few uses, you will probably find yourself generating thousands of words in pure joy as you're discovering and using the platform.

But after about 30 minutes, you'll think back to what you’ve done and you'll wonder where is all the great copy that you just generated?

Jarvis has your back again with the content tab. Content Tab

This is a central Hub or dashboard that shows all of the outputs that you've generated using

It also allows you to sort your content into favourites, trash the ones that just did not work, and give you easy access to copy the content and use it in your Google Docs, WordPress dashboard, or favorite page builder of choice.

This is still a rudimentary implementation, but I can tell with the team behind this incredible tool that it will develop over time to give additional search ability, tagging and custom organization to allow you to do even more with your content.

Who should use

Here's a bold claim. I believe that anybody who has ever used words in order to help people, sell products, or communicate with anybody in any way shape or form can benefit from using a tool like

But let's get a little bit more specific.

Here are some of the many ways I could see different types of business owners, agency workers, Consultants, small business owners, and e-commerce Brands could use to get better work done faster, while saving money in the process. for marketers 

If you are a marketer or professional copywriter you're going to love the fact that already includes the most popular and useful sales copy Frameworks like the AIDA framework as well as the problem - agitate - solution framework. Marketing Frameworks

These simple Frameworks allow you to more easily create the story, angle and the positioning for your sales copy on long-form sales letters, video sales letters, as well as any other marketing and selling opportunity on your online business. for e-commerce store owners

If you are in the e-commerce space however, has you covered as well. e-commerce stores

E-commerce shop owners and funnel Builders will love the product descriptions that  Jarvis is able to spit out.

And if you sell anything on Amazon they have specific skills set up to help you write your Amazon product features and bullets so they stand out on the page and attract amazing SEO benefits as well. for email marketers

Writing persuasive emails is an absolute Cornerstone of a successful long-term online business, and Jarvis has you covered here with three specific Frameworks designed for email copywriting. As we all know if nobody opens your email it doesn't matter what's inside of it, so Jarvis has skills built for writing better email subject lines that create curiosity, Drive clicks, as well as convert to sales. 

And once your readers open your emails, there's also a set of persuasive bullet points that can be sprinkled throughout to drive more curiosity into the blog post or video or other piece of content that you are promoting and drive more action from your email list. Email Marketing for  website owners

 If you're reading this, you likely already have a website, whether it's a Blog on WordPress or a sales funnel built on one of the many funnel building platforms. And if so, Jarvis has something really cool for you as well with the perfect headline framework as well as the website sub-headline framework. What these allow you to do is maximize the conversion of your landing pages by creating really effective calls to action, curiosity inspiring headlines, and persuasive bullet points to convert your visitors into leads in your sales funnel.

And probably my favorite  skill that I've tried so far with is the content improver Skill. Website Skills

This skill could use an entire blog post just to explain itself, but I'll give you the high level overview real quickly.

If you struggle to make your setances flow and evoke emotion, the content improver is for you.

Simply plug in a boring sentence, and Jarvis will spit out a well-written, flowing, and on-point paragraph.

This allows you to turn a bullet point into a paragraph, and a paragraph into a blog post! for bloggers 

Even though my wife is a professional blogger of over five years, we still struggle with writer's block all the time.

And this is exactly where really shines and helps us create better focused content faster on our WordPress blogs.

There are four amazing skills inside a that I love to use every single day when I'm writing on my blog. for bloggers

The first big framework I use is always the blog post topic ideas. This skill is amazing because if you just have an inkling of an idea for what your future blog post should be about, you can enter into Jarvis and get multiple curiosity and SEO optimized blog post ideas in full titles in just seconds.

Will get into the actual recipes of how bloggers can use the step by step in a second, but I need to tell you about this real fast. Once you have that blog post topic idea in mind Jarvis can then help you outline the entire post, write your introduction paragraph, and optimize it for SEO with title and meta descriptions step-by-step.

It's truly a thing of beauty and I don't think blogging will ever be the same. for paid advertisers 

I've been running Facebook ads professionally for over 4 years, and while there are specific Frameworks I follow when I'm writing a new ad… writer's block is extremely prevalent in the advertising space. for paid advertisers

How do you stand out? Is your content exciting or is it driving your audience to boredom and tears? 

Jarvis has five different skills designed to help you write better Facebook ads, Google ads, and any other direct response marketing copy for your pay-per-click efforts. for video Marketing in YouTube

With over 30,000 subscribers on my wife and my YouTube channels, we have written a ton of YouTube thumbnails, descriptions, Hooks  and more.

And I'll tell you... After creating hundreds of videos, and repeating this process hundreds of times... It's exhausting!

You guessed it 🙂 Jarvis has covered here too… for video

Video marketers Will Rejoice with getting video topic ideas hand-fed to you, optimized titles for both search engines and curious clickers, video script hook and introduction skills to help you hook your audience in the first 20 seconds of your video, and even the ability to write an awesome video description to drive more SEO juice and clicks on your links in your video description. for search engine optimization (SEO)

Getting found on Google is one of the most powerful ways to build a long-standing online business, but it can be incredibly boring, tedious, and overwhelming to crank out of my blog post every single day for years on end. for SEO

Jarvis has 4 skills built in to help you with your search engine optimization efforts, and they can be used on tons of different applications.

The bloggers will love the SEO for blog posts, that help you come up with SEO optimized titles and meta descriptions.

To get your homepage to rank on the first page of Google, they actually have a specific home page SEO skill.

For your eCommerce stores to find your products on the front page of Google, they have the SEO product page skill.

And for the agencies out there, they even have a Services page skill to help you craft High converting and SEO optimized service Pages for agencies, consultancies, or any other service-based business. Recipes 

 We talked about who can use conversion. A I already, but I wanted to go a little Above and Beyond in this post.

So what I want to do in the section very briefly is give you a couple of thought starters of how you can string together the templates within to perform something truly magnificent.

 let me walk you through a step-by-step process of how you could take the skills given to you and create something truly magnificent: a 2000 word blog post that is optimized for search engine optimization. Let's go.

Step 1: generate an idea Generate Ideas

From the dashboard simply click on the templates Tab and find your blog post topic ideas. fill in the questions and generate three or four prompts which will give you at least one excellent idea for your next blog post. That's it move on to step two.

Step 2: Outline your blog post Outline topic

With your brand new blog post idea ready in hand, copy the output that you want to pursue and head back to the templates area.

From here enter into the blog post outline template and paste in the blog post title and topic and give it the tone of voice you'd like the log post to assume.

I like to give at least two or three outputs for this one, because likely you'll be able to pull ideas from each outline into a single cohesive blog post structure. 

Step 3: Write the SEO blog post and meta descriptions SEO Title Description

Now that you have your title in mind, let's go ahead and optimize it for SEO since it's only a couple of clicks away.

Take that blog post title, head over to the SEO blog posts. Title and meta description template, and paste in the blog post title and enter a quick description of what you're going to be talking about and generate two or three results.

Step 4: Write the introduction to your blog post Intro Paragraph

Personally I always struggle with the introduction to my new blog post, so this stuff is a godsend for me.

Simply head to the blog post intro paragraph template, faith in your blog post title and fill in your audience and preferred tone of voice, and I like to generate to sample outputs and pick the best one. Make the tweaks you need, and paste this into your blog post. 

Step 5: fill in your blog post bullet points

Since we have our outline, which will become our subheadings of our blog post... It's time to Simply fill it in and expand upon the information we have. Let's show you how to do that.

I like to start with persuasive bullet points here. So we're going to do is take one of the blog post outline outputs (in this case I'll take the all in one SEO pack), and I want to flush out that plug in a little bit more.

So I'll bounce over to the persuasive bullet points template, plug-in the title of my blog post into the product name, and plug in the header into the product description and select a few outputs.

In this example I've got four very helpful H3 or H4 bullet points that I can expand upon using all in one SEO pack.

Now it's time to go ahead and fill in that subheader. Let's go.

Step 6: Expand upon your content Content Improver

All we need to do here is take one of the bullets that came out from our previous step, and head over to the content improver template.

I'm going to give a little bit more context into the content box here by starting off the bullet point with the title of the tool, so I'll say “All in one SEO pack automatically optimize your content for search engines.”

 by generating a couple of outputs I have enough text to really get started riding through that subheading of my post.

I can rinse and repeat that process for each bullet point that came out and I will have fully filled out a good portion of the blog post.

Step 7: Rinse-and-repeat

So by now you get the idea that this is very algorithmic. you can start with a single idea, and expand upon it in multiple ways to create a powerful umbrella of unique AI generated content.

From then on it's simply a matter of repeating the process, evaluating the results, adding their personal spend everything, and Publishing. Beautiful. Pricing

Because is a new tool on the market, they are currently offering Limited Time pricing for early adopters.

Right now, you are able to get 20000 words generated for only $29 per month.

You might be wondering, what does that mean 20,000 words generated. Well let me tell you.

Every unique word that gets generated by Jarvis, count towards your monthly quota of contact.

So at the basic plan you're able to generate about 700 words per day and not reach your limit for the monthly rate.

 but because you're reading this post you have something special to take action on today, because if you use the link that's in this blog post, you'll increase your allowance from 20,000 words per month, to 30,000 words per month.

That means you can generate a 1000-word blog post every single day, and not reach your limit.

If you ask me that is pretty darn special. pricing is very fair no matter how much you need to use the tool:

  • 20,000 words = $29/mo
  • 35,000 words = $49/mo
  • 75,000 words = $99/mo
  • 115,00 words = $149/mo
  • 150,000 words = $199/mo

And if you’re using for business - these prices are incredibly affordable.

How does count words generated?

Because is a slightly different tool than we are accustomed to, it's important for us to fully understand how the word limits are counted and what you can do to make sure you don't overspend your budget.

It's pretty simple really. Every time you hit the generate button to create new marketing copy, words pop out on the right panel of the screen.

So let's say for example you asked for one bullet point, and the output is:

“Income Mesh is the greatest blog of all time.”

That sentence has nine words in it. That would count for nine words of your 20,000 words for that month.

it doesn't matter if you actually use the words or if they're generated and not very useful for you.

It kind of makes sense, because I don't see any other way for to count the work that you've done.

Luckily, it's extremely easy to Monitor and check in on your current usage of your words generated for the month. billing and usage

From your settings panel, you can quickly see your usage and billing and get both your daily usage of words as well as where you're currently at with your monthly quota.

What happens if I go over my word limit?

At the end of the day, it is on you to Monitor and manage the words you use for that billing cycle. However, conversion. Does give you a very helpful option so that you can effectively manage your overages in case you get a little too happy throughout the month creating copy like a crazy person.

From the same usage and billing screen, you can specify what you want to have happen in the event that you go over your monthly allocation. Upgrade

You have two options:

  •  to upgrade your account to the next pricing tier which is cheaper per word
  • Or if it's a one-off overage, You can also simply add a booster pack of 5000 words for a mere $10 for that month

At the end of the day I think the pricing and the way they allow you to manage your usage is extremely fair and if you find yourself over time continuing to use it's quite likely that you're going to find the return on investment to increase your pricing to the next monthly tear and simply continue to reap the rewards of this software.


By now your mind is probably spinning with all the possibilities that are enabled through artificial intelligence based copywriting. I have tested dozens of tools to help me become a better copywriter, but this is the tool I can honestly see myself using every single day for the rest of my professional career.

But I'm curious what you think. click the link down below to try risk-free for 7 days, and let me know in the comments down below if you're able to create better quality content faster.

O and bonus points if you can find something really funny that Jarvis created for you – I'd love to read it. 

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