First Look at Cartflows 2 step checkout feature

April 1  

The Cartflows 2-step checkout feature has just been released in its second Beta. In this post you are going to get a first-hand look at what a 2-step checkout is, some of its many benefits, and how easy it is to set up with Cartflows.


Cartflows 2-step checkout Review

Cartflows is bringing beautiful sales funnels to WordPress.

With it you will be able to:

  • Remove buyer friction throughout the process.
  • Improve conversion rates through A/B Split Testing
  • Add scarcity with dynamic timers to enforce urgency

In this video I'm going to discuss the 2-step checkout process, a very popular and effective conversion mechanism in digital marketing.

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What is the 2-step checkout process?

If you want to learn the latest digital marketing tactics, it's good to keep an eye on Clickfunnels. They keep up on the latest, and also provide great challenges to help you succeed.

The 2-step checkout is pretty much what it sounds like. You break the checkout process.... you guessed it... into two steps.

Step 1:

Cartflows 2 step checkout step 1 clickfunnels

Step 2:

Cartflows 2 step checkout Clickfunnels

In step 1 you collect the user's contact info (namely email address) and allow them to create an account if necessary.

In step 2, you collect payment and any other details needed.

Why are 2-step checkouts so important?

This simple tweak is important for 2 key reasons:

  1. You can initiate cart abandonment strategies. What happens when someone gives you their email address in step 1 but fails to complete the order in step 2? YOU FOLLOW UP. You can remind them in 1-2 hours of their in-progress order and gently nudge them to complete the process. (this feature is under development)
  2. Your Prospect makes a micro-commitment. When you look at ALL the fields at once, it can be overwhelming. By breaking it up into 2 steps, the prospect is less likely to leave. And when they complete step 1, they have said a little "yes" to you already, so when they see the scary fields like credit card #, they are more likely to complete.

How does Cartflows design 2-step checkout pages?

In a word, beautifully:

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Ready to build better sales funnels?

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