Goodbye Income Mesh


August 16  

About 3 years ago (in November 2018) I wrote a post called "Why I bought Income Mesh", where I explained my thought process behind purchasing an old, abandoned blog when I decided to quit my corporate job.

Now, 3 years later... I'm killing it. Here's the full story:

Video Transcript

Hey guys, John here, and this might be the hardest video I've ever had to create. So it's been several months since I've published my last video and this video is here to say goodbye. I am killing income, And in this video, I want to walk you through the entire journey and explain to you what comes next.

So for the past three years or so, you've heard videos from me and seen my face giving tech reviews. I'd always start the video off with, Hey guys, John here from income But what you never knew is in the back of my mind, I always hated saying that. And in this video, I want to walk through a little bit of the journey.

Don't worry. I'm not going away forever. That was honestly just a little bit of ClickBank to get you to watch the video, but stay till the end, because this is going to be a incredibly vulnerable and informative video for anybody at any stage of the journey. All right, let's go.

Now if you are more of the blog post reader, because there's so many things I have to get it out in this video, I did decide to jot them all down into this blog post. You can click on the link in the description down below. This will be published by the time the video is up. In this video, I want to highlight some of the key points of the journey that my wife and I have been on over the last six or so years, and kind of where things fell off and where we're going next.

And trust me, it's all incredibly good news. All right. So a quick recap of the journey. I wasn't always a digital marketer. In fact, that's been a relatively recent addition to my skill set. If you will. I've always been that corporate geeky engineer. And when we had our first daughter back in 2012, uh, Susie decided to stay home from her job.

She decided to be an amazing, the most amazing full-time mom anybody could ever ask for. I love her so much and I held down the Fort. So I went to work at 5:00 AM. I came back at 5:00 PM. I went from managing the industrial and systems engineering department at Toyota GE all these other things. Yup. All these corporate pats on my back, not a big deal, but I've always had this passion for data and this passion for analysis and kind of simplifying things wherever possible.

And as a result, I really enjoyed my job and I wasn't doing pretty good. I was climbing the whole ladder. That sorta story, right? Yeah. At the same time Suzi was going through early motherhood and we wanted to document that journey. We know the power of documenting the journey, no matter what it is that you're doing.

And so we discovered blogging. We had blogs back in the day. We actually had a blog documenting our journey towards our marriage, you know, as we were engaged people and I built my first website and sold it back in 2000. Yeah. Two or four, I need to go find that date, but actually built a little small business, uh, website, just toying around learning new things.

So we started a blog right around when our first baby was born. It was just kind of documenting our parenting journey. And Susie was diving into that and I was more so on the support side and again, doing the nine to five thing. Right.

The website never really made a ton of money, but it was a huge passion project for us. And it started to bring in a little bit of income and that got me excited. Around that time. I started launching little courses on because I knew the power of sharing your knowledge. And there was little techie skills.

And at this point it actually has over 1400 paying students, which is pretty awesome. It didn't make a ton of money, never marketed it. I was not a marketer at the time. I just liked creating things, but over time, the blog started to pick up, it started to make some decent money. And I had to figure out what to do with this new income we had.

So I got into it options trading and doing the whole stock market thing. And again, documented the journey I created my first YouTube channel back, uh, like five years ago or so. And some of my content on there as option engineer, um, got around 50,000 page views, which is pretty great. I enjoyed it, but again, it wasn't really.

Passion. I was kind of dabbling. I was figuring out what was next for me. And around 2018, our website started to make good money and it became a viable alternative to my corporate job. And I love my family at the time we had two kids and I think one was on the way at the time. And, um, so it was time to go and like really dive in and make that commitment.

Around the same time. We got an email from somebody on a Susie's, you know, distribution list who was selling their website and it was it was kind of abandoned. It was basically like a foreclosed house. Like you kind of moved on to other projects. He's doing great. He's awesome guy. We still speak to this day.

Um, but uh, the website itself, he just wanted to offload it. So I figured, Hey, this is like serendipity. Maybe this is God speaking to me and saying, Hey, just focus and go and do this thing. So we bought it for cheap. And started working on it and developing it. And I started creating content and that was the birth of income mesh.

In the blog post that's linked in the description below, I walked through all the videos. I created the analysis. I'm not going to highlight all that here on this video. I want to get to the more important things. But if you want to see that journey of off on again, off again of creating content of bouncing between affiliate markets.

To client services, to running funnels for start a mom blog, all that is laid out in a bit more detail in the blog post,

but suffice it to say income mesh had an awesome future and has an awesome future, but I never really gave it the time and the consistency and that persistent effort that it required to really take it to that next level. I was essentially just too scatterbrained between the different things we had going on.

I essentially put this little graphic onto the blog post because I was running tech support, not just for both of our websites, but also tech support for at the time probably 60,000 or so students that were in our school. And I was just doing emails all day or day. I also had several clients. I was working on building.

Funnels building websites, renovating things, running e-commerce brands. I had that going on. I was running ads for our brand launching new courses and being about half of the teaching in all of our existing products on our main business, I was trying to write blog posts. I was also trying to be a present father, which you can see it's a lot to do there.

And then I was handling also the YouTube channel and the accounting and taxes for our business. So long story short, I did the thing that I tell you not to do, which was I let myself get over it. And I basically was selling, yes, I was trying to just do it all because, uh, being rather risk averse, I was fearful of saying no, because I thought that I had to be saying yes to be able to make the money and support my family, which is just not.

So then fast forward to 2020, and COVID, I know 2020 was a terrible year for a lot of you. And you know, my, my heart goes out for everybody. Who's has had a hard go of this recent couple of years. It was difficult for our family as well, probably for some different reasons. We have three kids and we had them all at home.

We had two websites. We're trying to support two YouTube channels, two brands, as well as three kids. We were homeschooling. We had little kids biting nipping at our heels. As we were trying to run the businesses, it was just a lot going on. And while I, my website was in my brand was bringing in a full-time income at the time.

It honestly, wasn't the best place for me to be spending the hours that I had of productivity, because we could get more money out for every hour in on start a mom blog. So that's what I did. I made a kind of calculated decision, but also it was. Led by my dislike of the name, income mesh. I just, honestly, wasn't proud to say, Hey, I'm John from income mesh

so it was an easy out for me to really dive in and focus in on the start a mom blog brand, which we did. And it grew fantastically. I'm not saying because of my efforts, it grew fantastically, but a myriad of factors, right? I mean the entire world economy, people getting used to learning online. Sadly, some people losing their jobs and looking for an accessible way to kind of build the business, which is what we do, right.

Oh, it was kind of that perfect storm where I basically said peace out to income mesh. And I went cold for a long time.

I would still produce content on an irregular basis, but it wasn't serving you guys the best I could. I personally was distracted and honestly, you guys deserve.

So now here in 2021, we're coming back to the school season. The kids are back in school and Susie and I have done some traveling, done some soul searching if you will. And we're excited to say that we decided to kill income mesh,

but it's not going away forever. In fact, it's coming back with more steam, more power and more energy than ever, and as being rebranded to unbeatable

because I still love what I do. I love connecting with you guys. I love serving you of giving you the most unbiased and practical, helpful tutorials, reviews, comparison, and strategies to help you achieve financial freedom through digital marketing. It's what I wanted. But I just didn't like the name. And I know that I'm probably making light of it a little bit here, and it's probably going to slow me down in the short run of SEO and backlink profile and all that stuff.

But I'll review how I did that. I'll show you the case study of how I minimize that impact in a later. But I'm coming back with a full head of steam. I'm committed to you guys. Uh, more content is coming. You'll see more consistent, more higher quality content for me than ever. And I do it because at this point in our professional lives, we've achieved a certain level of financial security and independence that it's not just about trying to make the money.

It's doing it out of passion and out of desire to help and serve you guys. Get there as well.

So that's the story guys. Income mesh has been a great road. A couple of years of building that brand, learning, finding my stride, finding my strengths as an entrepreneur, and I've realized that I'm ready to dive in and commit. So for the next five years or so, you're going to see this. All over the place and I'm here for you.

Do you have any questions? If you are curious about this, let me know in the comments section down below, and I do have a free gift for you. I felt like I couldn't go away and not come back with something really cool. So I put together the funnel blueprint. It is a 30 page PDF. That is fillable. It has basically all the lessons we've learned over the last six years of building funnels.

And it's super fun. You can print it out. I got mine printed out at Kinko's or staples as Kinko's still around, and it has a ton of information. So you can get that by going to or click on the link down in the description down below as well. And just thank you for being along with the journey of allowing me to have this video be a little bit more personal and vulnerable and showing the ups and the downs of the journey and just know that I will be here for you and helping you achieve those goals of yours as well in the future.

See you guys.

Quick recap of the journey

When my first daughter was born, Suzi and I decided that I would support the family while she would stay home and be the best darn mom this world has ever seen.

Along the way, we stumbled on the world of blogging, and Suzi started exploring. Being a busy corporate guy, I couldn't see myself starting a blog at the time, but I did launch a few courses on Udemy just to see what the whole online course thing was about.

And crazy enough - the first course I ever launched on Udemy now has over 1,400 paying students in it! In a very niche data & productivity software tool I enjoyed at work 🙂

Selling courses before it was cool

But being very risk averse and enjoying my career, I never considered diving into entrepreneurship head on.

Blogging started picking up

Fast forward to about 2016, and Suzi grew incredibly passionate about the business side of blogging, and started helping our friends, relatives, and folks she met online to start their own blogs. 

Which led to the birth of Start A Mom Blog, where she found her true passion. I held down the day job, but at night I helped her set up technical aspects of the website, as discovering my own entrepreneurial strengths.

I've always been fascinated by data and analytics, so I was drawn to the world of Options Trading. In between work meetings you'd see me in my office checking the portfolio (don't tell my boss!)

I knew the power of documenting the journey, so I started my first experiment with content creation by launching a YouTube channel all about options - which was such a blast!

Learning Options Trading and Documenting the Journey

I loved creating and connecting with other geeks like me, and even had a video get over 50,000 views! Not bad!

And while I made money trading and made money on the YouTube channel - I didn't feel like I was truly adding value to the world, and I grew apart from the stock market.

But I began to love creating helpful content on the internet!

Becoming Income Mesh

Start A Mom Blog was building momentum, and I was planning my exit from my career to go all in on entrepreneurship.

Instead of just supporting our main business behind the scenes, Suzi and I wanted to build two separate brands to diversify and reduce our entrepreneurial risk.

As fate would have it, Suzi got an email from one of her distribution lists in 2018 where someone who was moving on and wanted to sell their old, abandoned blog that was all about techie digital marketing stuff!

The only problem? I hated the name Income Mesh...

But I bought it because I didn't like the idea of starting from scratch, and the website had some decent backlinks and domain age.

Becoming a content creator

I quit my job on Christmas 2018 (merry Christmas, honey!) and started to renovate the old website and find my own groove creating content.

My main focus was always on growing Start A Mom Blog, but I felt there was potential to serve a broader audience in teaching the data-driven approach we were using to build & optimize sites and launch profitable funnels.

So I began creating videos on YouTube:

Video Production in 2018

I started creating content before I officially left my job, but the content was horrible!

But it still served my purposes:

  • Get practice and slowly build a brand
  • Attract clients
  • Replace my corporate salary ASAP

In fact, in January 2019, I was able to work about a handful of clients and earn over $10,000 from client work alone! 

This gave me some confidence, but I struggled to balance creating content, signing clients, fulfilling contracts, and supporting the main business (a theme in my journey you'll see)...

Serving Clients & Learning Lessons

I was making decent money doing odd client work:

  • Rebuilding & Optimizing WordPress Websites
  • Designing & Building out Online courses for professionals
  • Setting up Marketing Funnels & email automation
  • Running Facebook Ads

I basically fell into the classic problem of selling yes:

  • Can I build that website for you? Yes
  • You want to sell an online course teaching hypnosis? Yes, I can do that.
  • You want to build a 4,000 product automotive e-commerce brand on WooCommerce? Yup, I can help you!

I didn't exactly niche down, did I? As a result, my publishing schedule became very inconsistent:

Video Production in 2019

I'd have some weeks of publishing videos daily, and others where you wouldn't hear from me at all. Honestly I screwed up and didn't know what direction to go in.

I was an unfocused (but productive) mess for much of 2019, but our business was booming, so we just held on for the ride.

And then 2020 hit

I know that 2020 was a hard year for everyone and made a lot of people refocus their energy.

A few things happened for us:

Our schools shut down and we had to figure out how to run two businesses while raising 3 little kids between ages 2, 4, and 6 years old. In a tiny townhome... Good times.

When schools opened back up, we decided to try to homeschool our kids as well... because why not? Well, that was a big mistake for our family, and we struggled to keep everything on track. I have an incredible amount of respect for any homeschoolers out there.

Because our time was cut short, I turned more focus on Start A Mom Blog and less time on Income Mesh.

At this point, I taught about 50-70% of the content inside the courses, and Suzi and I began co-creating most of our video content together. We were finding a groove and loved working together.

I was still trying to keep up my video content, but it was becoming more sporadic and became a lower priority for me:

Video Production in 2020

And I still wasn't a huge fan of the name Income Mesh and was enjoying working on Start A Mom Blog more. I became known as "Mr. Start A Mom Blog." A title I wear with pride 🙂

Hitting record numbers

There were many factors that played into this, but our main business was starting to hit absolutely record monthly income numbers, and I was about ready to put a pause on Income Mesh and go all in on Start A Mom Blog.

As a result, in 2021, my video production began to grind to a hault:

Video Production 2021

But something still didn't sit right...

I saw massive potential in what I could do with my own brand.

And I was getting tons of love and kind comments about the value I was bringing:

I was even getting personal emails asking me if I was OK because they hadn't heard from me in so long...

So I decided to do something a bit drastic...

I killed Income Mesh

In the back of my mind, I never put my full 100% into Income Mesh.

I felt like it was someone else's baby. Maybe that's immature, but that's ok.

I want to put in and help make the world a better place now.

Through Start A Mom Blog, we've achieved financial abundance by helping over 100,000 students get their start online.

And it's intoxicating to see their success. And I've only begun to scratch the surface of how bringing in a data-driven, engineering approach to sales funnels can completely change the game.

Introducing Unbeatable Tech

With the newfound energy and commitment, I felt like doing something drastic, so I decided to finally build upon a name I could grow with for the next 5 years.

A few DNS record changes and search & replaces later, is here, and Income Mesh is laid to rest:

Now that our family is back to routine, the world is back to some form of normal, and our business has been systematized and simplified...

It's time to take it up a notch.

Committed to you

So what does this mean to you? 

Well, for starters, I will be back to serving the digital marketing community to the absolute best of my ability.

I'll be producing the highest quality tutorials, reviews, strategies, and Q&A I can to help you achieve financial freedom through data-driven marketing.

I'll be giving out for free what most gurus will charge thousands of dollars for.

And the products that I do sell for you will overdeliver for you, or you don't pay.

I've got tons of plans for what I can do with the new #unbeatable brand, but for now, I simply want to get back to being who you need me to be: your trusted advisor on YouTube and here on

So let's get to it.

Your Next Steps

I put together a completely new and upgrade funnel blueprint that walks puts the past 6 years of digital marketing lessons into a compact, 30 page fill-in-the-blank workbook to help you launch and grow your funnel faster. Consider it my "welcome back" present to you 🙂 Download it 100% free and let me know what you think!

About the Author

John Whitford is an entrepreneur who has built over 12 profitable online blogs and businesses. He's also the founder of Unbeatable Tech, a data-driven digital marketing company that specializes in sales funnel implementation for both his own businesses and clients alike. John loves to be a beach bum while brainstorming new ideas for marketing strategies, but he's always excited to take on another project!