Google Keyword Planner Search Volume Problem and LongTailPro Alternative

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September 18  

What a fuss did recent Google Adwords changes to its Keyword Planner tool made amongst marketers, it’s almost hard to believe that people will go so crazy about it.

Ok, I get it, if you want to use Google Adwords and create some ads it makes things a bit complicated and if you are not spending a lot of money you’ll just see a search volume range instead of ‘exact’ monthly search volume.

For example, for a keyword that has 18 000 monthly searches, old Google Keyword Planner would show you just that, 18 000, and now after the new changes were made, it shows 10K – 100K.


Which means your keyword could be getting 10 001 searches per month or 99 999 searches per month. Good luck making plans for your business with that kind of data.

All search volume ranges look like this:

  • 100 – 1K
  • 1K – 10K
  • 10K – 100K
  • 100K – 1M

K = thousands
M = millions

*Search Engine Land made an article with some sort of solution / hack for this problem and shows you how to get old Google Keyword Planner data back.

I hope this satisfies all you SEMs using Google Adwords and spending money on Google ads.

Google Keyword Planner affected other SEO tools like LongTailPro

But there’s another issue… Google Keyword Planner tool is being used by a ton of people who aren’t making any ads on Google Adwords, instead, they use it for keyword research and SEO purposes.

And an even bigger issue, there’s a huge number of other SEO tools relying on data from Google Keyword Tool, making them now basically unusable.

One of those tools is Long Tail Pro – a keyword research SEO tool used by over 70 thousand internet marketers. 70+ thousand pissed internet marketers at the moment of writing this article.


And I get it, OMG it’s not working, it sucks, I am losing money, frustrations, frustrations, frustrations!

But people, chill, there are solutions out there, the internet is huge, people are making better stuff every day, including better keyword research tools.

Google Keyword Planner & LongTailPro alternative – My choice

One of those tools, not reliant on Google Adwords Keyword Planner, cloud-based, no Google Adwords account necessary is – KWFinder.



Why do I like KWFinder?

  • It’s cloud-based and accessible from every computer (LongTailPro anyone?)
  • Not reliant solely on Google Keyword Planner
  • Shows SEO competition data (SEO competitiveness of keywords, also known as KC)
  • Shows SERP with important SEO details about each domain
  • Import your own list of keywords
  • Check keywords in any country or city in the world
  • Shows search trends (history) data for the last 12 months
  • Has a free plan – Use for 2 searches per day (go and TRY IT, no signup needed)
  • Really, really affordable
  • Simple to use, fast to load

Let me be completely honest.. I’ve used a lot of SEO and keyword research tools, including LongTailPro and Google Keyword Planner mentioned in this article, and KWFinder outperforms all of them.

It’s not that KWFinder shows some never seen anywhere else SEO data, but the simplicity of use, fast speed and awesome user experience, that’s what makes it extraordinary. When you use it, it just works, and you become a happy SEO or affiliate marketer saving yourself from extra stress and frustrations. Try it for free here, no signup required.

*Some people asked from where does KWFinder pull its data from. Here’s an official response from KWFinder:

Our data are from multiple third-party data providers, including Google. However we are not affected by GKP recent changes, so you will get exact search volumes, not ranges.

And there you go guys, this is just a small rant and a small solution to this big problem, I hope you find it useful.

Sometimes soon I’ll make a full review of KWFinder and show you why do I like it so much.

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