One of the best ways to make money with your blog is by promoting other people products. For every sale you make you get a percentage (usually 50% or more) from the seller, as a reward for your hard work. This system of making money online is called affiliate marketing.

Whatever your blog topic might be, there’s a related product out there and that’s for sure. The only thing which may come in your way, is that some products don’t have affiliate programs. Or, maybe you can’t find a good product related to your niche to promote.

I often write blog posts which I didn’t know I will write a month ago (for example, the one you are reading now). In that article I end up mentioning some great products which happen to have an affiliate program, and of course I want to use them in my article to make some money.

The problem is, some product owners (vendors) have an approval process which may take few hours, a day or even several days to be confirmed. Sometimes you even need to contact them to get your affiliate approval faster (do that!). But I want to use their affiliate links right now, today, not tomorrow, not next week – so what to do?

You have to think ahead. It’s easy to do that if you have planned your articles few days or weeks before your publish date, but what if you had an inspiration to write right now, what then?

To save time and pain of finding products to promote in your articles, I have created a list of affiliate networks you should join TODAY! It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to promote anything right now, just register to have immediate access to thousands of products when the time comes.

I believe I have found the best ones, some of which you are already familiar with, but I think there will be some gems in here that you might not have heard about before. Enjoy the list and share other affiliate networks in the comment area if I missed them.

Affiliate tip: Some products are not part of any affiliate networks, instead they have their own affiliate system. To find affiliate program of a certain product type in Google “product name + affiliate”, “product name + affiliate program”, “product name + referral” or “product name + JV”.


Just signed up with DealGuardian recently (discovered them by accident) and they seem great. They mostly offer internet marketing products and have a small base of around 240 cool products.


You have probably heard about JVzoo already, they are huge. They offer a wide range of products from business and finance to cooking, fitness, gaming, internet marketing and pretty much anything else you could think of. You must sign up with JVzoo if you are serious about affiliate marketing.


I’m not very long Zanox user so I can’t tell you much. They offer a lot shopping/retail affiliate offers that’s for sure. I registered with them because I wanted to join Etsy affiliate program.


Do I have to even say anything? Amazon, probably the biggest online store in the world where you can buy pretty much anything. They have a great affiliate program and although their commissions are low, a lot of guys are making some serious money with it.

Affiliate tip: Hide your affiliate links with WordPress plugins like Pretty Link or Thirsty Affiliates.


I’ve been Zaxaa member for a short time now, but I can tell you this, it has some great internet marketing related affiliate products. Check it out.


Have you heard of Warrior Forum? It’s only the largest internet marketing forum in the world. Seriously, they have nearly 1 million (!) members and there are constantly around 10,000 users online.

Anyway, they have their own marketplace with so called Warrior Special Offers (WSO), where users sell their own products. As you can assume, Warrior Plus is an affiliate marketplace where you can join to promote those WSOs.

One Network Direct (Digital River)

One Network Direct is an affiliate marketplace (again, I have been a member only for a short time) which offer mostly software affiliate products like anti virus softwares. But you can find different things within their marketplace, even Logitech is one of their merchants.

I joined them because I promote Camtasia screen recording and editing software.


Here’s another one you MUST join if you are serious about affiliate marketing. I’ll just say this…some of the biggest and most popular merchants are inside their marketplace, no matter what niche you are in. Trust me, and create an account with ShareASale now.

Affiliate tip: Promote products that you use and know. That way you can share some inside tips and info which will increase your trustworthiness and sales too.


ClickBank, the largest marketplace of digital products in the world. Do I need to say more? Go and sign up.

Envato Network

Envato Network, although not a standard affiliate marketplace or network, I had to include them because they are leaders in their segment and they have so much power that it would be a big mistake not to join them.

They sell products like website templates (ThemeForest anyone?), website codes and plugins, even stock photos, video and audio samples and other.


Honestly, I have never heard of them until writing this article and doing some research. Apparently they are huge, and I can see some big merchants connected with them like GettyImages and DepositPhotos. It might be a good idea to sign up and become an affiliate.

Affiliate Window

Another network I don’t have experience with, but I see some big players connected to them so you should check them out.

Affiliate tip: Create and give bonuses for people that buy products through your affiliate links. That way you are providing even more value to the product you promote. Your bonus can be a PDF ebook, secret video tutorial or a service you provide.


They have over 2000 advertisers in their network, I saw that some of them are related to travel industry, but that’s all I can say since I’m not registered with them (yet). You should check them out and see for yourself though.


This is an interesting affiliate network for what I saw in their clients (merchants) list. They have offers in beauty products, accessories, fashion, hobby and a lot more.

Commission Junction (CJ)

Here we have another MUST sign up network. Commission Junction are one of the pioneers in their business and have a large number of amazing merchant which you can promote right away. You have nothing to think about, go and register now.

eBay Parner Network

Did you know that eBay also have an affiliate program? Well they do. You have all heard about eBay so I won’t explain this too much. If you think you can profit by promoting eBay products go and register.

Affiliate tip: Write in depth product review articles. That way your readers can know more about the product and learn some things about it that can’t be seen on the sales page. Also, share your (honest) personal opinion about the product, say what’s good but don’t hide the bad things either. More transparency equals more trust. More trust equals more sales.


WebGains are also new to me. They say they have 600 merchants in their network and over 160 thousand affiliates. That must mean something good. Go and check them out.

Rakuten (ex LinkShare)

Rakuten are #1 affiliate network for the last four years (by some statistics). I haven’t used them but I see they have some big merchants like Walmart and Macy’s. It might be a good idea to sign up with them.


FlexOffers are a big affiliate network with over 5000 affiliate programs. That said, you will probably find something for yourself to promote. Some of well known advertisers include Verizon, Priceline and Kmart.


AvanGate is similar to One Network Direct, focusing mostly on software products. I signed up because I am promoting Screenflow (video editing and recording software).

BlueSnap (former Plimus)

Just discovered this affiliate network, it’s not that obvious when you visit their home page, but they are actually an affiliate network too. They have a lot of products covering from SEO softwares to Mac and iPhone softwares, and even info products like ebooks, products related to Forex, security, VPN and all sorts of other. Registration is fast and as soon as you register you can access their whole marketplace.


By signing up with these affiliate networks you will never again be caught off guard. If you don’t want to sign up with all of them then, for starters, sign up with Commission Junction, ClickBank, ShareASale and JVzoo. That will be enough to get started.

About the author 


John Whitford is an entrepreneur who has built over 12 profitable online blogs and businesses. He's also the founder of Unbeatable Tech, a data-driven digital marketing company that specializes in sales funnel implementation for both his own businesses and clients alike. John loves to be a beach bum while brainstorming new ideas for marketing strategies, but he's always excited to take on another project!

    • Affiliate marketing all the way. You need a lot of traffic for Google Adsense to be worth it, with affiliate marketing you will make more.

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