Influencersoft Review: Is this New Way To Build Funnels Going to Change Everything?


May 24  

After building hundreds of funnels, working with dozens of clients, and stitching together countless tools to make a single funnel function... I have learned that simplicity is king when it comes to building a successful online business.

This is what makes all in one platforms attractive - you get the functionality you need, at a price that you can afford - and you don't have to worry about if all your tools will integrate together.

It's an attractive offer, and today we are going to look at probably the most exciting online business platform for visual thinkers. Enter Influencersoft.

Update in 2021

After being a customer of Influencersoft for about a year, I can say that the software has a ton of potential, but I have not seen consistent development... this is often the challenge that new software companies have.

It is still a solid option, but I still prefer Thrivecart or Kartra more than this platform. I will update the entire post soon to reflect these updated feelings.

Influencersoft - Summary


Quickly create dynamic funnels visually, send emails, launch online courses, and more from a single platform. As a new platform, it is still rough around the edges, but the future looks promising.


The Influencersoft team doesn't just give you software and leave you alone. They have a mentorship program - multiple live Zoom calls per week where the help you with everything from mastering the platform, business mindset, and marketing strategy.


They are currently offering a lifetime deal of $497 for life, including unlimited page views, unlimited custom domains, and 100,000 leads. It's honestly the most generous lifetime deal I've ever seen, which makes it an interesting gamble.

Overall rating :  4 / 5

Influencersoft is an exciting tool that shows a lot of promise. Combining the visual nature of Funnelytics, the drag and drop page building of Clickfunnels (albeit not fully matured yet), and the advanced email automation builder of Active Campaign, there is a lot to look forward to with Influencersoft.

If you already have a large business with mission-critical demands, I might wait before fully implementing Influencersoft, but if you are just building your online business and looking for a platform to grow and mature with - this platform looks like a fantastic fit.

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Full Review

After a decade of process engineering in corporate America, there was one thing I became extremely passionate (read: obsessive) about: Visualizing workflow.

There's no better way to communicate to your team, and no better way to find flaws in your plans than simply mapping it out and walking through your own journey.

But in digital marketing, it has always been a struggle...

You're either locked into an unnecessarily linear flow from page 1 to page 2 to page 3...

Or you are wrangling 12 different platforms, excel spreadsheets, and other reference material to piece together the flow of what should be happening with your prospects...

There has to be a better way, and this is where an ambitious new marketing platform has emerged to step in.

So What Is InfluencerSoft?

Influencersoft is an all-in-one marketing platform that combines the most critical components of an online business together:

  • A visual funnel builder with integrated analytics (this is their standout feature for sure!)
  • A Landing Page Builder to create opt in, landing, sales, and checkout pages
  • E-Commerce Checkout Solution with Upsell / Downsell Functionality
  • Email Marketing Platform complete with tagging, segmentations, and advanced automations
  • A complete Learning Management System to deliver premium content to members, while tracking their progress
  • An affiliate program to have your fans and customers drive traffic to your offers in exchange for a percentage of sales

But it's honestly more than that:

More features that are included in Influencersoft (or are being developed for version 2.0):

  • Calendar Booking System
  • Chatbot Builder
  • Paid Ads Scheduler
  • Paid Ads Builder
  • Social Media Content Creator & Scheduler

There is definitely a lot to be excited about...

Let's cover each of the core features in just a bit more depth:

Influencersoft Visual Funnel Builder

Not to sound over-hypey, but this feature is literally a dream come true.

Like, I can't count the number of dreams I've had where I could visually see, manipulate, and analyze my advanced marketing funnels to find gaps and opportunities.

(Yeah, I need a better hobby)

The founders of Influencersoft clearly had the exact same dreams, because they built the best funnel mapping tool I've ever used.

You can quickly drag and drop components from the left hand tray to form your own marketing funnel on the canvas, intuitively dragging and connecting the different pieces together to build the perfect flow.

Here's a quick list of the components you get to play with:

Flowchart Pages:

  • Any Page by URL (Track External Page activity wherever you can put javascript)
  • Generic Content (Great for home pages & Sales Pages)
  • Members Area (You can drag and drop your courses directly on the canvas and even build new courses with a few clicks!)
  • Single Opt In Pages
  • Double Opt In Pages
  • Activation Pages (or Thank You Pages)
  • Payment Pages (complete drag-drop functionality on your checkout pages)
  • Upsell Pages (or downsell pages - 1 click upsell compatible)
  • Order Pages
  • Countdown pages
  • Webinar Pages

Not the most beautiful templates - but they get the job done!

Each page type comes with several pre-designed templates. While they aren't the most cutting-edge designs, they are functional and get the job done.


Collect leads and make sales with forms, like:

  • Single Opt In Form
  • Double Opt In Form
  • Payment Forms
  • Order Forms


This is where most funnel building platforms miss the boat. They let you build pages in sequences, but forget the most important part of funnels - all the other activities around the page building that actually drive sales:

  • Emails (build your abandoned cart, nurture, and sales sequences visually)
  • A/B Testing (control the traffic distribution and measure results)
  • Filter (decide who should move on and who shouldn't based on conditions)
  • Processes (advanced sequences like you create in Active Campaign and Kartra)
  • Custom Blocks


It's always been a paid to set up proper tracking to understand which traffic channel is most profitable for your business. Influencersoft simplifies the process of tracking each major traffic source to decide which one pays off the most at the end. Including:

  • Adwords
  • Youtube
  • Affiliates
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Email
  • CPA
  • Custom Sources

Visual Funnel Analytics

In general, working with the visual funnel builder is an absolute joy. You can start with an idea in your mind and quickly drag and drop a holistic customer journey on the canvas and build out each piece as you go.

Gone are the days of going to system A to write your emails, System B to build your pages, System C to connect your Analytics (you get the picture)...

Instead, you simply build it out on the canvas, and click a magical button to start tracking all your data:

Funnel Analytics - the most intuitive way to understand marketing success

With a customized toggle you can select a date range and instantly see every page view, conversion, email open/click, and more on the canvas, just as you'd envision it. It's freakin' cool.

And they go a step further - got an external system you need to track? (think calendly, Thrivecart, or WordPress)

 Just add the Any Page by URL and paste a little snippet of Javascript into the pages and it'll track just fine!

What I really love about the whole process is that you'll notice every page on the flowchart actually looks like the page - instead of generic placeholders.

Influencersoft can intelligently take screenshots of each page in the funnel so you can get a perfect birds-eye view of the entire process!

Influencersoft Page Builder

The Influencersoft Page Builder is functional, but it's definitely not best-in-breed.

If you're coming from Clickfunnels, Elementor, or Thrive Architect - you. need to set expectations a little here.

A functional page builder, but nothing to write home about

That's not to say it's bad on its own, but it definitely is a downgrade from platforms that are dedicated to delivering a world class page building experience.

As with most All-In-One platforms, this is a compromise you will have to make in many areas. Are you OK with a bunch of "good enough" features, for the benefit of the simplicity and power of the entire system?

More on that later!

Influencersoft Email Marketing Platform

I was pleasantly surprised to see how intuitive and full-featured Influencersoft's email platform was.

It combines the power and flexibility of an advanced sequence builder like Kartra's or Convertkit, but for most basic funnels, simply dragging and connecting emails on the canvas will do.

Visual Email Sequence Building

This is by far my favorite way to visualize and build email sequences, because it feels the most natural and allows you to visualize the overall flow of your customer journey (including data):

It's crazy intuitive to build, too. Let's assume we want to build a follow up sequence after someone opts in. Here's what you'd do:

  1. Drag your Opt In and Thank You Pages to the canvas. Drag and drop to connect them
  2. Drag and Drop an email block. Drag from the "subscribe" block to the first email to automatically send it when someone subscribes. (black dotted arrow)
  3. Draft the email directly in the canvas editor to put your message and call to action
  4. Want to build a sequence? You guessed it, drag more emails and connect them from the previous emails (yellow dotted lines)

And when you're all said and done, you can intuitively see how many opens and clicks right there on the canvas.

Simply click the Pencil on the email to open up the editor where you can change the timing, delays, content, and even basic filters (send emails only to customers, or avoid sending emails if they haven't viewed a specific URL yet). 

You can build some pretty advanced sequences with this functionality alone - but it seriously gets an upgrade when you discover the Processes Module...

Advanced Process Building

Stringing emails together is all well in good, but what if it's just not enough? What if you need more advanced segmentation, triggers, and A/B testing inside your sequences? You can simply drag a "process" onto the canvas, and link it to where it belongs:

The Process Module is Influencersoft's Visual Builder specific for email automations (think sequences in Kartra, Automations in Convertkit, Workflows in Drip...)

While it isn't the most refined builder in the world, it's got some great tricks up its sleeve:

Because of its integrated nature, you have a huge list of Actions, Conditions, and Triggers to customize your customer journey.

With a little testing and creativity, you will be able to create very unique and advanced customer journeys:

But as with many things in life, just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do it. I think keeping your processes simple and all on the visual canvas will be a better long term strategy, but there will be times that you need to get fancy - and the process builder is there for you.

Influencersoft Online Course Platform

Selling online courses is extremely popular, and Influencersoft has you covered with a surprisingly full-featured course building platform.

Building an online course is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. On your funnel canvas, simply drag the "Member's Area" block to the canvas and connect it to the rest of your workflow (probably from your "thanks for purchasing" page or from a thank you email)
  2. Click the pencil icon on the widget to slide open the settings panel
  3. Either link up an existing course, or click the big yellow "create a course" button to launch into the builder.

(Can you see that I'm really digging the funnel builder here?)

Building out your course

The course structure area is surprisingly quick to use while remaining feature-rich. It allows you to:

  • Organize courses into modules and lessons
  • Individually control visibility of each lesson (so you can draft future lessons in private)
  • Control the access of modules and lessons via your own "Drip Schedule" (instant, after 5 days, after completing previous module, etc)
  • Set up multiple pricing options, as well as customizing which lists can access your courses (even down to the module level... this is very granular control!)

What this adds up to is a very flexible course area that is a solid option for launching courses as individual products, free offers, or even bundles of multiple courses.

But how does the course area look?

Ya know what, that's not half bad! In the course area you get:

  • An easy to navigate sidebar that lists out all the modules and lessons you have access to
  • A clean lesson area. I just added a bit of text and a video, but you have the full design abilities of the page builder to build what you want (but I prefer to keep it simple and focused
  • And you get a great little YouTube video player that keeps your videos private, hides YouTube branding (mostly) and still enables playback control and everything else you'd expect.

Long story short, I think this learning management system will serve the needs of 80%+ of course creators.

Influencersoft Pricing

If you're reading this article - congratulations, you are an early adopter, and you get to experience the benefits of early adopter pricing!

Right now Influencersoft is building up its userbase, and is attracting clients with an incredible lifetime deal.

The table above shows the "retail pricing" of Influencersoft compared to its most similar competitors.

For the price of about 3 months of the "big dogs" in the industry, you can get access to Influencersoft for life,  and you get access to insanely generous limits.

But it gets better...

Because Influencersoft is still a new product, we have access to an even better pricing... It's pretty much a no-brainer... Here it goes:

$497 - For Life...

Seriously - that's an insane price point... one that is NOT sustainable long term for the company to offer.

An combined with a 30 day risk free guarantee period, and access to both 2-pay and 3-pay options for any budget.

3 Things To Love About InfluencerSoft

Phew - so I've covered a TON about Influencersoft - but what are the major takeaways that make this worth the investment?

Featured Benefit #1: The Visual Funnel Builder

Hands down this feature is a game changer. The closest competitor that I know of is Funnelytics, which alone is $790 per year, and even for that price, you are limited on the number of people you track, and all it does is track and forecast - You still need your own page builder, course platform, email system... etc.

Fun Fact: I was actually an early adopter of Funnelytics before I quit my full-time job, and I refunded it because I couldn't justify the cost so early on... and I regularly kick myself for refunding it. I see even more potential in this tool - and I am definitely keeping my copy long term and watching it mature and develop!

Featured Benefit #2: Speed to Launch

Look - I've launched dozens of funnels (probably hundreds by now), and the amount of testing, app switching, building, and linking required to put all the pieces together is... insane.

I'm pretty blown away that I can build all my pages, write all my pages, create my products, develop my online courses, and more... from a single page...

What does that mean? It means

  • More launches
  • More testing
  • More data
  • More iterative improvement

In a competitive world - speed wins. I'm liking what I see in Influencersoft to reduce complexity and increase the speed to launch.

Featured Benefit #3: The Team & Support

I've only been in the group a short time, but during this early launch phase, the Influencersoft support is more of a mastermind than a simple tech support group.

They have regular live conference calls covering a broad array of topics. In just a few short weeks we have covered:

  • Basic & Detailed tutorials on how to set up your funnels in their system
  • Running Facebook Ads
  • Psychology of Successful Entrepreneurs
  • And more that I couldn't attend (got a business to run here, folks!)

I'm getting a really good vibe from Jesse (the co-founder) and his vision for the product.

3 Things InfluencerSoft Can Improve

I'm not going to sit here and tell you the platform is perfect. All in one platforms are famous for being "jacks of all trades, and masters of none."

As you know from my other blog posts, I'm a big fan of Thrivecart and WordPress Page Builders.

These are best in breed for their specific purpose, so platforms like Influencersoft will naturally be missing some features in comparison.

That's not to say that that piecing together your system with all best-in-breed software is the right answer.

What you gain in features, you can often lose in complexity, issues with integrations, and overall reliability.

All in one systems tend to force you to compromise on features, yet they make up for it in reliability and ease of use.

Here are the 3 issues main issues I have with it so far:

Featured Weakness #1: The Page Builder.......

Right now I'm writing this blog post in Thrive Architect. I know that I have 100% design control of whatever goes on this page. If I can dream it, I can do it.

Influencersoft's builder on the other hand... has some room to grow.

Conversion focused elements that we have grown used to like pop ups and global color management are missing, and overall I would like more styling options while building out my pages.

Quick Fix: If it's a basic page you need to build - Influencersoft is completely functional. But if you need a detailed design, you can still use your favorite page builder and track the data on the Funnel Builder using the provided javascript.

Featured Weakness #2: Stripe + PayPal Limitations

While technically you can use both payment processors for your business, setting up PayPal for your account requires a few more technical setup pieces than I would like.

And even when you do get it set up properly, you'll actually need to set up separate checkout pages for each payment option. Unlike tools like Thrivecart that allows you to simply pick the processor on the checkout field.

It's a bummer, but I understand it is being worked on.

Featured Weakness #3: Affiliate Program

Affiliates are an awesome source of traffic. You get free traffic and only need to pay them if they brough you new customers. Win win!

But managing and paying dozens, hundreds, or thousands of affiliates needs to be easy, and at the moment Influencersoft's platform is pretty weak.

But they are looking at implementing automatic payments and an improved dashboard, and given how important this is, I'm confident it will be here before too long.

Influencersoft's Competition

Kartra is definitely the closest competitor in terms of overall features to Influencersoft. I'm also a big fan of Kartra, and use it myself.

Kartra is more fully featured at the moment, but it should be (it is a much more established software).

Read the full Kartra Review Here

Where Influencersoft wins is on speed and cost.

Speed - With the visual funnel builder, you can simply launch a holistic funnel in Influencersoft faster than it would take to bounce around to the different parts of Kartra.

Cost - Even the basic plan of Kartra costs $99 per month, where you can get Influencersoft right now for $497 for life. And for that price, you only get 2,500 contacts in Kartra, whereas you can get 100,000 contacts in Influencersoft. That's an insane value.

Who Should Buy InfluencerSoft?

There are 3 major categories of creators who should consider Influencersoft:

Influencersoft for Agencies

I run an agency, and hands down the easiest way to sell high ticket packages to clients is to break things down visually and explain the sales funnel process and how everything fits together.

Influencersoft is insanely good at this. On a free prospecting call, start from scratch with your prospect and walk through building out the funnel flow so they can understand it.

They are often so impressed that you can explain it so simply that they will be eager to get started.

And the best part? All the work you did is functional. You're honestly halfway done with the build - simply design, write copy, and launch. Beautiful.

Influencersoft for New Businesses

If you are a blogger but you're thinking about launching a product, or if you have been thinking about starting something (but the tech scares the crap out of you) - then Influencersoft could be an awesome answer.

It gives you every major function you need to run a successful business, and it does it with the least amount of tech in the way.

Influencersoft for Established Businesses

Even if you have a full stack of tools at your disposal and you are happy with them, Influencersoft might be a useful addition. This is for 2 reasons.

Firstly, the funnel mapping feature alone is worth the price of admission. And because you can track pages from anywhere, you can still get huge value from Influencersoft.

Secondly, most entrepreneurs launch multiple brands and businesses over time. Influencersoft gives you unlimited domains and 100,000 contacts which will allow you to quickly test, build, and iterate on business ideas without having to piece together whatever tools you are already using for your business.

Who Should Avoid Influencersoft?

I think long term, Influencersoft will be a solid solution for most people. But if you need a solution that is 100% bug free and matured TODAY for mission critical things - Influencersoft just isn't there yet.

Remember, this is a new company and it will be developing quickly over time. So while there are currently some issues that you need to look past, I think it is an incredible value and should be a very successful long term investment.

Special Bonus Offer ?

I have really grown fond of Influencersoft as I've used it more, and so I decided to put together a $1,000+ value-packed bonus if you purchase through my affiliate link.

Want to see everything included in the bonus? 

Click here to view all bonus details for Influencersoft!


There you have it - the most comprehensive Influencersoft Review post on the web. What do you think about the platform? Are you stoked to consolidate your business to a single platform?

Are you pumped to be able to visualize the flow of your customers, and know exactly where to pinpoint your improvements?

Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to grab the lifetime deal before it expires!


Lock In Lifetime Pricing before they switch to monthly pricing!

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John Whitford is an entrepreneur who has built over 12 profitable online blogs and businesses. He's also the founder of Unbeatable Tech, a data-driven digital marketing company that specializes in sales funnel implementation for both his own businesses and clients alike. John loves to be a beach bum while brainstorming new ideas for marketing strategies, but he's always excited to take on another project!