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October 27  

Raise your hand if you love delicately crafting conversion funnels (looks around the room to a sea of outstretched arms)...

I know, we are an odd bunch here at IncomeMesh, but today is a day to celebrate our strange hobby!?

Kartra just released a game changing new feature to their platform: the ability to package up a beautiful, tailor made funnel, and share / sell it to another user with the click of a button!

In this post, we are going to give you the most in depth first look at this feature. Strap in...


What exactly is "Funnel Sharing" with Kartra?

The concept behind funnel sharing is not a new idea, but it absolutely the best implementation that has ever been done.

Funnel Sharing

Funnel sharing is the act of packaging and sharing all the assets related to a specific funnel from one user to another.

These are generally used as lead magnets or even sellable products.

Here's a quick snapshot from Clickfunnel's blog showing some of their official funnel shares:

funnel share

The combination of the quick ability to share funnels, combined with an attractive affiliate program, has helped fuel the incredible growth of Clickfunnels.

But with this new feature brought to Kartra (and stepped up a notch), Clickfunnels better be thinking how to keep their lead...

If Clickfunnels has already had this feature, why is this a big deal for Kartra?

To answer this, you have to fully understand what a professional consists of.

A funnel is much more than just a series of pages strung together.

Let's compare the difference between what each tool is capable of sharing with the click of a button:

Comparing Funnel Share Programs

  • Pages
  • Opt in forms
  • Cart Pages
  • Fully-configured Products
  • Membership portals
  • Kartra-hosted videos
  • Email Sequences
  • Tagging & Segmentation Logic
  • Affiliate program details
  • Upsells, downsells, and OTO's
  • Email-integrated countdown timers
  • Behavioral Adaptive Marketing features
  • Help Desks with pre-built Wiki articles
  • Pages
  • Opt in forms
  • Cart Pages

There may be more differences, but I think you get the picture here.

Clickfunnels did a huge thing when they first released funnel sharing, and the market is evolving...

I'm still scratching my head... how did @KartraOfficial implement funnel sharing so well!?

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Why you should consider sharing your funnels

Funnel sharing can be scary. You're literally giving away your intellectual property.

Why would anyone want to do this?

There are a few major reasons to consider sharing funnels:

  1. As additional income streams
  2. As attractive lead magnets to your list
  3. As a way to scale your business quickly

Let's look at each of these a little more...

Sharing your Kartra Funnels for additional income

A funnel is essentially a business in itself. It helps you find the clients, intrigue them with your offer, and ultimately facilitate the sale of your goods or services.

And with the amazing analytics that Kartra offers, you can have confidence in how well your little business is running.

That makes them perfectly sellable assets on the market! You can build out an incredible funnel, and offer it for folks who want a shortcut to the success that you have engineered!

Using Done-for-you funnels as excellent lead magnets

Building a list is hard - it takes consistency, and a very attractive offer to bring in new subscribers.

Offering a simple funnel as a subscription bonus is a great way to accelerate your list growth!

And your subscribers will be able to immediately benefit from their subscription, which will already give them a feeling of gratitude towards you. They know how much work it can be to create a funnel from scratch.

This will increase your chances of converting them into customers later on in their journey.

Funnel sharing can quickly accelerate your business

A popular way to use funnel software like Kartra or Clickfunnels is by offering lead generation services for local business.

But every time you sign up a new client, you've always had to start from scratch with Kartra... building brand new pages for them, and re-writing all the email sequences from scratch...

You can only imagine how delighted your client would be if after 24 hours you, the incredible agent, has created a brand new home page, offer page, email sequence, and even live chat for them!

So if you have built out an incredible set of assets for a dentist, you can now quickly scale to more dentists by importing your funnels for each new client's account, and simply making the proper tweaks.

Funnel sharing makes all this possible, and now you can offer your clients more than simply an opt in page and thank you page... you can do a complete 180 for their business, overnight!

Ready? This is how to Funnel Share with Kartra

This video will walk you through the entire process of creating a funnel and packaging it up for sale in about 30 minutes. You can skip around as I go in depth into the actual funnel creation process, and start packaging it up as a funnel around minute 31:52.

But for all you skimmers out there, here is how you quickly create and package your funnels with Kartra:

Step 1: Build the Assets

A funnel can consist of a TON of different aspects:

  • Opt in Pages
  • Thank you Pages
  • Email Sequences
  • Sales Pages
  • Tagging
  • Help Desks with Wiki articles
  • Promotional videos
  • Membership accesses
  • Opt in forms with automations
  • You get the idea...
Before you package up your funnel... you need to BUILD your funnel! (duh)

When building it, make sure you do as much "bug testing" as possible.

Run through it multiple times... if there are different paths a lead can go down, test each one... twice.

If you have used this funnel for your own business in the past, I recommend you remove any personal information from any of the pages or emails!

Whatever you share will be shared EXACTLY the way you built it... keep that in mind 🙂

Step 2: Create a New Campaign

I've used the term "Funnel" throughout the article (because it's what I'm used to), but Kartra uses the broader term "Campaign."

So once you have your assets ready to deploy, head to the My Campaigns section and click the + button to create a new one:

Kartra Share Campaigns Funnels

Once created, you will need to give your public name and description of the offer (remember this will go on Kartra's public marketplace):

Once it's named, you get to do a bit of marketing to make your funnel stand out on the public market. Remember that people can buy this, so select between an image thumbnail (286 x 156 pixels), or upload your own video promoting your tool.

Step 3: Add your assets into your campaign

When you click through, Kartra gives you a VERY handy reminder:

Kartra funnel share review

Make sure you include everything that you need for your campaign to be fully functional for your future customer.

Once everything has been added, click save and continue, and you are GOOD TO GO!

Step 4: Share your funnel

Once you have saved your campaign, head back to the My Campaigns screen.

you can now select your newly built campaign and select "Share" from the menu.

After agreeing to the copyright info, you're given some options:

Depending on  your situation, different options may make sense.

But it's really that easy to build and share a funnel for profit using Kartra!

Ready to build funnels?

I hope this walkthrough has helped you understand the potential power behind selling or sharing your funnels with clients and leads with Kartra.

What type of funnel do you see yourself building to share? Let me know in the comments below!

And by the way, if you sign up for Kartra using my affiliate link below, you'll get a free campaign built by yours truly 🙂 I have a few options available, so sign up and see which one is right for you!

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