Can Kartra Replace Your Entire Website? Step By Step Tutorial Shows You How


February 3  

Kartra is a very powerful funnel builder, membership platform creator, email marketing tool, and automation suite...

But can it completely replace your business website?


The New Kartra Sites Feature allows users to create an entire website with global headers, footers, tracking scripts, and other components. It is still not a blogging platform, but it has enough functions to satisfy most business needs

See the Kartra Sites Feature in Action

This video will cover:

  • The basic difference between a site and a funnel
  • The most important global elements in a business website design
  • Modeling a business website design directly in Kartra with global headers, footers, and pop ups
  • Showing how the import and export features work with Kartra Sites

What's your take on the new Kartra sites functionality?

Do you see Kartra completely replacing the need for WordPress?

As a blogger, I will always have WordPress in my toolbelt, but Kartra is showing some incredibly useful and flexible features with this update!

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Video Transcript

Kartra is it a funnel builder is it a website builder is it a business builder, what is it exactly in this video? I'm gonna help you understand if Kartra can be everything you need it to be for your entire business website, okay, let's go ahead and dive into it.

Now before we get into the actual kind of showing and telling here let me explain to you what I mean when I say a website builder versus a funnel builder, so let's take an example look at what a business website is at least in the working definition we're gonna use here in this video so I've pulled up some website demos that you can get as part of your astra pro, which is WordPress theme astra theme within WordPress, so when they give you websites starter sites like templates, you can pull in and have an entire business website done for you this is kind of what you're gonna get you're gonna get.

First of all a beautiful design like they have done a great job at designing their work here so what you get here is kind of a standardized header across the top a logo some infamy some links maybe a call to action button and as you flip around a different pages that menu is going to stay static and it's gonna stay in sync across every page of your website right that's kind of why it's this holistic thing we'll get into funnels in a second, let me just walk through this example of a website here then you'll have your content, you know, you're your calls actions your blurbs your different bits and bobs, whatever you need some fun stuff here and then towards.

The bottom you're probably going to have a footer and maybe even a sidebar if the website was designed a long time ago maybe a sidebar something like that so your footer is gonna probably include another logo some social media icons some other information if you're a business etc, etc this can go on for a while but that's kind of what what we like to call in the industry a brochure website would consist of consistent branding several pages normally that home about maybe services or that fits your business a contact and probably a call to action for what the next steps are that that business generally wants people to take when they first land on their.

Site okay so that's what we're gonna say is a website here so now can Kartra do that if we go to income mesh calm / Kartra, it'll open up Kartra sales page or their landing page and it'll kind of show you what's going on here you've got checkouts the ability to upsells and down so you've got pages you've got lead capturing you've got funnels and campaigns mail membership videos helped us calendars forms affiliates agency etc etc doesn't say anything of actually building a website here and the reason for that is because it's kind of a new feature and I think they just spent so much time.

Building this entire massive page they haven't gotten around to updating it yet so in this video I want to show you how you can start to resemble the functionality the design things like this page here, what kind of use as a website example and show you how you can build a website with Kartra with a few limitations you can know going in and by the end of this video you'll understand the pros, you'll understand the cons in the limitations of using Kartra for your entire business website building process, all right, so let's just go ahead and walk through it and you'll understand as we go so to start out here.

I'm in my cart. Account. I'm going to. Add a new page and here you can kind of have fun and start with something but I'm gonna start with the blank canvas because I want you to see kind of full experience we'll launch the builder and we're gonna call this example home one just to make it awesome and then we'll also create a new category which let's just call this YouTube site builder, all right?

I'll add this category categories are helpful because it allows you to just keep all your work together and quickly filter because if you're like me, and you build a lot of websites for yourself for Type businesses for clients etc it can get a little overwhelming without that central category feature now here is something that is relatively new and if you've been on my channel and if you've seen previous tutorials, I've done on Kartra the site functionality may not have been there it's not new anymore we're here in January almost February 2020, this feature has been around for a while.

I just haven't really covered it that much in detail so what I'm gonna do here is create a new website a new site and I'll show you what that means in just a moment. So here let's call this red coaching site just to give us something to go with here and you can see I have other sites in here as well.

I'll hit done and now I will select that one that I just selected okay selected all good to go you'll see down below once you've selected a site you can have the option to import all the global elements from that site don't you don't know what that means yes, so don't worry we're going to cover that in a second, but once we've done the first page it'll all make sense on the pages going forward, okay, so go ahead and create this page and let's just do like a very, you know, it's, Not gonna be pretty because I'm not gonna like spend the time doing the design I want you to understand if Kartras the right platform for you if let's say you've done nine rounds with the wordpress and just didn't work out.

I feel you I understand so we'll walk through some examples here on this video so now here we are on the example home so as we mentioned we can use headers and footers to start to bring some cohesion together with our site design, so let's go ahead and do that, we'll click on the sections area here to the left and they call headers navigation menus in Kartra, so let's go over here.

Select navigation menu let's find one looks kind of pretty doesn't really matter here, let's go and pick this guy drag him here. Great. I can change my logo. I'll do that just so you get an idea of the editing experience just come here, let's find a logo this is a client.

I was working with not long ago. I'm sure they would appreciate some additional press and let's just make this a little bit smaller beautiful all right love it, you can do all the changes you'd like I've got plenty of videos actually showing messing around with the page builder itself.

I'll skip over that save you some time today though now what else works in that global site layout a footer we want to make sure the footer looks the same across the board, so let's find one that's kind of similar here this version over here. Has a logo some social media is important links and maybe some address information.

I think we're able to find something that looks very similar to that let's just try this guy, that looks very similar to me. All right almost carbon copy so let's go ahead and just keep this on brand a little bit put white logo in on that one apply it and just got your information your social media like this is almost a carbon copy it does it works for me.

I'll keep it so now we have our header we have our footer other things that might be global across an entire website would be something like maybe a pop-up window, so let's go ahead and create one exit intent pop-up that happens when people try to leave your website, so we'll come over here to pop up windows, we'll create an exit pop-up, let's.

Activate it and now we can decide on every visit or on first visit let's do every visit. I don't recommend that but for the sake of this example. I want you to see it working on every page and let's just drag one guy in here you don't need to worry about integrating your own autoresponder all that is totally taken care of because you're using Kartra that's kind of the whole point here and so this is going to be a placeholder for that form, okay that'll work for us for now.

Let's go ahead and hit done on the pop-up we have our pop-up now let's add in some content that is going to be specific to this page itself so what we've done up until this far if you're in kind of like the wordpress land this is more like building out your theme it's building at your header building out your footer the stuff that's global that might be called a template it's just things that are used interchangeably and dynamically across the majority of your website now let's get into what's more commonly called like your page content the stuff that is unique to the page itself.

I'll just use some of their blocks built in it makes things. A little bit easier let's start with a hero section I'm just going to find something let's kind of similar. I'm sure they have something that'll kind of work for this so let's find some text a button and a dude so let's come over here find that one could work.

I don't think it's that pretty let's see here, all right, here we go, so we'll take Peter kind we'll just drag his spot right there and that could be our header again if if you want to make it a detailed you can come in here edit. I'm not a big fan of that background image success weird thing there, so I'm gonna unselect it apply.

It and now it's more of a flat white I appreciate that more just personally so we have our header section let's go ahead and add down here kind of like a feature section here so we'll take this guy and now let's bounce over to a features section and let's just scroll what they give us here this looks very similar.

I'll take this blue it's prettier let's drag this down here cool, so we have header so features here etc, you know, one thing if you're using the section builder like where you're dragging in individual sections something you might find yourself. Frustrated with. Is how sometimes a styling within Kartra is it quite right so for example this has a cool kind of a script as the the text here and then it goes a bit more of a standardized type of font easier to read font with Kartra you can come in and do things like so where you can say the font family, let's say you want to use a good old-fashioned Roboto as your standardized font family on a select that and hit apply and what you might have noticed is everything kind of flipped over to Roboto even that text there, so there is a bit more editing time put into building a Page in Kartra if you want to get the design like pixel perfect versus using something like an element or a thrive architect however you know in a lot of things I say on my channel like you have to take the whole into a picture and not just individual components, for example.

I just changed all all the fonts in one click. I'm happy with that when it comes down to changing the colors yeah, you're gonna go through element by element it's just part of the game, okay, so let's go ahead and save those styles and that'll work for me like you could go on and build the entire page, but this will work for the sake of this demonstration what I'm gonna do next is pretty cool, so I want to create.

That dynamic website here and to do that. I want to go into the site area on the left-hand side and I'll click there and now you have the option to export or import from your site, so here is what this means. You remember when we made our style Roboto as our main font I can export that and if there's crazy fonts anywhere else, it can instantly take root with the rest of the website and kind of fall in line with styling so we'll export that we want to keep that style custom styles sure keep all that things like tracking codes if you put in Google Analytics code under one page, but you forget to do it for the rest of the pages guess what it's probably gonna happen so the better thing to do is set your codes up once onto one-year pages and then export that to the rest of The site of rest of the pages within your website that way it's done once you export it and it's kept in sync and I'll show you how that works in a second in this example, we didn't do that but you get the idea our header menu and our footer and our exit intent pop-up those were things we created as part of this quick tutorial and we wanted it to become a global aspect so we can do that now into export to other pages we're gonna say apply to all pages in the site when we have more pages this dropdown would make more sense you could select the individual pages that you have we can show you that in a second.

I'll go ahead and apply. This and it's gonna tell you what's gonna happen if there's no header on the pages this is gonna put a header on the pages so it's gonna create that global look all proceed alright and it says the exports and progress it will be uploaded to the internet shortly, although they've worried that all right, so we're done with our homepage, let's go ahead and create one more page let's publish this guy live.

And I'll use one of my fun domains. I bought on a whim. So we're going to link this up to a custom domain. Called Love Your slash home one and I'll just save that. So, let's copy it. Go to it. And there we go. So here is the website we just built.

Looks like you know, it doesn't look like a website that was built in a funnel builder in my opinion, like it does look like it has the full home screen experience like the everything looks like it's a real website like a WordPress website. I don't mean to say real website like other sites are real and here's our pop-up we didn't set up the opt-in forgive me for that.

All right, we're good here. Let's go ahead and create one more because that should drive home the point here and show you what happens with this site feature to help you make a better buying decision. I'll make a new page and again, I'll use the blank canvas because I want to show that import feature in the site.

So, we'll call this in about page. And under category let's select the same category doesn't matter what matters is the website. So here I'm going to go to my site and I'm going to say. Red coaching site. I was intending on making it red it didn't really happen. So, please forgive me there as well.

So I'm going to read coaching site and now the option here makes way more sense. Do you want to import all the global elements from the site? Yes, I do. That's what's going to keep it part of that entire business structure that global structure. So I create the page.

It loads up here and you can always already see some work is happening right some stuff going on here. And let's quickly design this out and then you can see kind of how the the holistic look works, all right? So here let's go to our about page and just kind of give an idea.

This has a nice. I like that call to action or that hero section. So let's try to find something like that. I'm going to content instead and see how there's something here that'll work and a similar look. Let's go with this one. Just to give us something you can see they have got hundreds and hundreds of templates.

I'll remove the laptop real quick. Okay, and that could that could be kind of similar to what we saw on the other page and let's get one more section here, let's do a little three blurbs across the way. So I'll come to a section. I'm probably going to call that also a feature.

And let's just look for a very simple three blurbs across All right cool This will work drag this in here Boom you get the idea we can keep going as much as we'd like to but what's happened here is we've built a about page that's going to mirror the styling and save you a ton of time in the building process the another big picture.

Another another big benefit here is that not only is it saving you time it's also helping you if you ever need to make changes to your site, by the way you do. So for example, I just added the about page. I need a link to go back to my homepage, right?

So I'm gonna go and edit this menu. Edit this header here and I'll click on the link here because this should normally go to my homepage, right? So, I'm gonna go here and add a link. And I'm gonna select. My site I read coaching site and it'll show me the two pages or you saw my dashboard earlier, right?

I have hundreds of pages bills in this platform, but because I'm linking this under a site boom example home and I'll open it in the same tab done so now my home page is there. I'm also going to change this text here from featured to about us. I should have capitalized that let's make it right about us boom and now under link.

I'm going to link this to the current page that we're on. Let's go to coaching site and we'll take this to be about page and apply. Cool now this should keep it all in sync right from here, but I'm just going to be extra cautious extra safe and I'll come to my site's area and now I'm going to export to site.

I'm going to export out that header menu because we just made changes to a global item. I just want to double check that it's going to go out to everything. And here you can also see you have the option to export it out to all the pages in the website you can imagine like 10 pages it's an important feature or you can individually pick which pages it goes to so here let's say apply to all pages apply it's going to say the whole song and dance there proceed and the export has been completed or it's initiated I guess and so we'll go ahead and publish this page live and here let's go ahead and name it again, we'll come to the page link.

I'll edit it because we have this custom domain setup. I'll set up love your funnel comm slash about. Check. Boom. So now let me return to my dashboard and here we go so we have our about page loaded looks good looks like we wanted to look and now if I click over here this should link me back to my homepage which it does right very good very happy to hear that and now the true test is did the menu on this page also get updated to show the new changes let me just hit a refresh here, so here on the home page we can see that now the menu item is linking to itself to the homepage and the about us text has been changed and that will link us back to the about page.

So there you go that's working as we expected to if it doesn't work immediately for you it's likely just because it's like a caching thing and that's a bit basically something that tech companies do to make the website load faster, so you might just take a refresh or a minute or two for it to fully make the changes across your whole website but trust me it works when you do it, okay, so let's kind of take a step back here so does that mean that Kartra is a website builder yes, yes, it does if your needs are to simply have enough of a web presence to look professional to have a home page having about page have services.

And maybe a portfolio page totally cool to do that Kartra can absolutely handle you and what's great about it is it'll also give you all the functionality you need to actually run the business behind the scenes things like your checkout process things like your subscription management things like your customer relationship manager where you can actually keep your log and see who has questions at what time who is booked calendar appointments at what time all those things can be handled inside.

Carter does that make it the perfect platform for everyone no not necessarily what can it not do well the one thing that I've truly. Believe is like the the. Big thing that Kartra cannot do and I don't think they should try to do is it's not a blogging platform So what that means is if you want to have a very dynamic website.

If you want to be able to post every other day or get search engine optimized traffic from Google where they find you from searching for best baby comb brushes for toddlers. Like if you want to be able to rank for those keywords Kartra, not really going to be the place to do that organically.

It's fantastic if you want to run social media traffic to it. If you have YouTube traffic and you want to send them to a landing page, boom, that's exactly. True is for So if you're considering getting a site builder like Wix and then using a funnel builder like Kartra or a click funnels or anything like that I hope this video helps illustrate to you that you can probably achieve your goals simply using Kartra new functionality.

Their site builder functionality while keeping all the additional business building stuff that Carter also gives you in your back pocket. Now if some of the sounds pretty cool and you like this I want to make you aware of a little bonus that I'm running right now for Kartra if you go to the link that's in the description below also have something pop up right about here.

You'll come to this page and You can read and listen to everything that I'm giving away, if you decide to use my affiliate link, which is down below. Thank you in advance to sign up for Carter also be there to support you every step of the way. It's a great platform.

Look if you are around my channel much at all, you know that I kind of tell it like it is. And in this case for the vast majority of people of business owners, they don't need the absolute creme de la creme of everything. What they need is peace of mind of reliability and of getting the job done.

You know done is the new, Perfect right Like nobody cares about perfect anymore I've seen people who spend millions of dollars on ad spent on consulting and all this crazy stuff and the landing page doesn't work and people will reply back to an ad saying, hey your page doesn't work.

And the person does do they like crawl into a hole and die. No, at least not publicly maybe they do in private they say oh try again. I just fixed it. Thanks for letting me know. That's what matters today is being able to get up get going and move on and provide value doing what you do best.

So if that kind of resonates with you, you've been stuck in a place. I like to call tech. And you're looking for building a website and a business and a funnel and a membership and sell your services take a look at Kartra you can get it right here on this page, slash Kartra bonus or we can go to the link that's in the description below.

Hope this video is helpful for you. I hope it really kind of shines some light on some of the newer stuff that's coming out. 2020 is a brand new year. It's a pretty awesome time if you're doing anything regarding building your business online because there's tons of opportunity and if you can stay focused and if you can stay moving the needle forward and moving past some of the things, That get people stuck at the starting gate and never get out of it, then you can be absolutely successful.

I'm John from I hope you enjoyed this if you got a lot of value from it if you did subscribe to the channel hit the little ring the bell thing do whatever that is hit the like button, leave me a comment do all that fun stuff help get the word out there.

I hope that you have an amazing and productive 2020 and I'll see you guys in the next video. Take care.

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