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I've broken down all my favorite tools for building online businesses on this page.

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John Whitford

Some of the links below are my affiliate links. That means if you sign up for a service based on my recommendation, I get a small commission as a thank you.

But please know that I don't recommend any products that I haven't personally used and enjoyed myself. These are my true recommendations.

Website Hosting



Best for beginners

I personally have about a dozen websites on Bluehost, and I am extremely happy with the quality and value of this company. They are endorsed by WordPress as a preferred host, and they give you extremely quick chat and phone support. If you are just beginning and want something easy and effective, get Bluehost.

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A solid alternative to Bluehost

Siteground is another quality hosting provider for beginners. It has great support, and costs about the same as Bluehost. My wife and I started with Siteground, but I eventually made the switch to Bluehost and haven't looked back. I prefer Bluehost's phone support, and the free domain they offer with new accounts.


Once you've scaled

When your website starts getting some serious traffic and producing revenue, you might be ready to leave the basic shared hosts for a more heavy-duty option. Big Scoots has been extremely fast and consistent for our main business with quick support.

WordPress Page Builders

Thrive Architect

Best for Marketers

Thrive Architect is my personal favorite page builder. It is focused on its mission: to be the most conversion-focused page builder in WordPress. And if you're not focused on conversions... what are you focused on?

Thrive is the only page builder with a built-in split testing engine, which is a complete game-changer for entrepreneurs

Elementor Pro

Best for Design Agencies

When I work for clients who just want a "pretty site" and don't care about conversions (or even know what they are!), Elementor is my go-to tool. They have tons of business sites that you can import, and have great efficiency tools to build beautiful sites quickly.

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Divi Logo


A solid lifetime deal option

My wife started with Divi and has never looked back. It's easy to recommend because for $249, you get lifetime access to a premium theme, page builder, lead generation plugin, and social sharing plugin.

I don't think they are the absolute best in breed, but for the lifetime-deal junkies out there, it's one of the good ones!

Email Marketing


Best for Marketers

Drip is a newer email marketing platform on the market, and they are the tool I personally switched to when I wanted to get serious about email marketing.

They are the only platform that can A/B test entire workflow paths against each other - it's really quite amazing! They also have a free plan up to 100 subscribers if you are just testing.


Good for Growing Bloggers

Our main business runs on Convertkit, and we think it strikes a nice balance between simplicity and feature set.

You have more power with Drip, but there is a bit of a learning curve to master it. If you want to keep things simple, but want more power than what Mailerlite can give you, Convertkit is that happy medium.


Good for Beginners

I used Mailerlite when blogging was just my side-hobby to my corporate job. Mailerlite has a generous free plan of 1,000 subscribers, although you are much more limited by Mailerlite's capabilities when compared to Drip.

Lead Generation Tools

Thrive Leads

Best for Marketers

Thrive Leads is the most powerful lead gen plugin for WordPress. Period. It lets you design any type of lead generation form you'd like, but that's just the beginning.

You can also test headlines, form types,  offers, really anything you'd like to find the best performing content possible. And it's a one-time purchase. Perfect!

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Elementor Pro

Good for Designers

Elementor Pro's new Pop Up builder allows you to build beautiful pop ups throughout your site.

If you use Elementor, you'll feel right at home with this new builder. It doesn't have all the marketing features and reporting elements that Thrive Leads has, but it is still a solid contender in the Lead gen space.


Good for Divi Users

Bloom is a plugin that comes along with your Divi Membership, and it is a very nice lead gen tool. 

Unlike the other two, you do not have design freedom with Bloom and instead pick between a bunch of templates and adjust the text and images.

What's nice about Bloom is that you also have the ability to run simple A/B tests to improve your pop up's conversion rates, although its functionality is lightyears behind Thrive Leads.

Bloom vs Thrive Leads

Sales Funnel Software


Best for WooCommerce Users

Cartflows is a new software that brings sales funnels directly into your WordPress Dashboard.

It sits on top of WooCommerce and enables you to perform one click upsells, bump offers, 2-step checkouts, and more sales funnel goodness for your existing WooCommerce store.

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Powerful One-time pay Cart

Thrivecart (not to be confused with Thrive Themes) is a hosted solution that allows you to string together very complicated sales funnels, optimize your checkout flow, integrate an affiliate program, and perform customer support. It's really a great platform considering that you can purchase it for a single flat fee.

Thrivecart also integrates with a number of email marketing platforms like Drip & Activecampaign, as well as several membership options like Teachable and Learndash, so your customers can easily get the content they paid for.

SendOwl Integration


Best option for Thrive Users

If you want to unlock the full power of the Thrive Themes tools (Apprentice, Architect, Optimize), then SendOwl is the shopping cart you want.

It allows you to sell and protect your Thrive Apprentice courses beautifully, as well as track converted revenue using Thrive Optimize.

I wish Thrive decided to integrate with Thrivecart (just for the naming benefits!) instead of SendOwl, but SendOwl is still a simple and solid solution.

Video Creation

Blue Yeti microphone

Great Simple Audio

People are willing to watch a lower quality video, but if the audio is annoying... forget it!

The Blue Yeti mic is drop dead simple to use (plug into USB) and produces extremely high quality audio that is perfect for podcasting, Youtube videos, and Premium Course recordings

Logitech C920 Webcam

Powerful One-time pay Cart

As I geek I want to recommend a big DSLR, but to be honest - for MOST people you just don't need that level of quality or complexity to record a high-converting video.

Using this webcam allows me to stream live in 1080p, and the clarity is perfectly fine!


Drop Dead Simple Video Editing

Yea - the name sucks, but the software is incredibly simple and intuitive. You're never going to get your content on a Hollywood set, but if you want to focus on getting out high-quality content quickly, then Screencast-O-Matic is the software for you.

It's also only $1.20 per month... I mean really? Anyone can afford it to get started making videos today.