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December 28  

Everybody knows that to stand out in 2021, you need eye-grabbing graphics to bring visitors off their platforms of choice and into your own world.

In today’s review, we are going to take a look at one of the latest lifetime deal options to upgrade your graphics game, with Pixelied.

But first, why should you listen to this review?

I’m not just your classic affiliate marketer that will play with a product for 10 minutes and then write out a review as if I’m an authority.

I’ve used just about every digital marketing tool on the market professionally, to generate over $2MM online.

And I mean, every tool:

And first and foremost, I’m going to tell you:

The only perfect tool is the one that you commit to using consistently.

Most platforms excel at a few things, and fail miserably at others.

In this Pixelied Review I want to break down this new offering from the most important perspectives:

  • Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Pricing
  • Comparisons vs competitors

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Pixelied Features

Pixelied Graphics Platform

Pixelied Graphics Design Platform

Pixelied is a very easy to use, and fast graphics design platform.

Every feature that I would expect to see on the platform is there, including:

  • Drop shadows
  • Alignment
  • Layering
  • Resize Canvas
  • Automatic Grid snapping
  • Color Palettes

Unlike some platforms, you can access every feature within Pixelied in just a few clicks. There are no confusing overlapping tabs, windows, and other annoyances that can sometimes get in the way of your creative workflow.

Instant Background Remover

Most influencers know that they need to be up front and center on their brand in order to build the loyalty that they need from their followers. So being able to quickly take a post from an image and place it into a scene is a wonderful feature.

Like Glorify, Pixelied has this feature built right in, and it couldn’t be easier to use.

With a single click, you can use their AI platform to remove the background from any image.

The benefit here is that it is faster than any other platform I’ve ever used (and I’ve only had good results so far).

But the downside is that I don’t see any easy way to adjust the result – you get what you get.

Icons & Illustrations

I’m a sucker for a good built-in library of icons and illustrations, and Pixelied doesn’t disappoint.

You can instantly search and add icons from Iconfinder or SVGrepo, complete with color adjustments.

They also have a growing library of artistic illustrations that you can use to create that special branding style that is so popular recently.


Pixelied currently boasts over 800+ templates across 20 different sizes and styles, including all the major social media platforms, book covers, and video services.

Their library definitely isn’t as deep as some of the other big players in the space, but the styles that they have are very easy to use (compared to other platforms who have tons of templates but it’s like finding a needle in a hay stack to find one that’s useable).

Product Mockup Designs (Favorite Feature)

This feature requires special mention. I spent about $50 per month on a separate tool JUST for this feature alone, and they didn’t even implement it as elegantly as Pixelied.

Find whatever type of device (macbook, iPad, poster, ebook, etc) that you’d like, and you can quickly bring them into your design AND customize the contents on the display.

This is a huge feature for digital marketers as it allows us to proudly display our info products, ebooks, and courses in a way that drives clicks and sales.

Platforms like Canva have a feature like this, but it only allows you to drag fully-designed images into the mockups.

Pixelied’s feature goes a powerful step forward by allowing you to fully design the mockup design all within the platform. You have to see it to believe it!

Pixelied Ease of Use

Pixelied is extremely beginner friendly. The only tricky part I had when first getting started with figuring out what each icon meant on the main menu.

Luckily, with a quick hover you get tooltips, instructions, and everything you need to be extremely competent, very quickly.

Pixelied Pricing

Pixelied currently has an AppSumo lifetime deal which should NOT be missed:

Pixelied Pricing

For a mere $49, you can get lifetime access to this powerful platform.

I personally don’t see much reason to stack this deal, as you only get additional workspaces and team members (for agency use).

However, if you do work in an agency, the additional codes might make sense for you.

Pixelied vs Competitors

Pixelied is a newer platform than many that are currently on the market. But even with its newer age, I can already see myself using it more than its competitors for daily activites:

Pixelied vs Canva: Canva is an overall more polished platform, with many more templates and built in icons. However, it is missing crucial features that Pixelied includes like the powerful mockup designer tool, background removal, and even drop shadows on icons.

Pixelied vs Crello: Crello is an excellent platform for making quick shareable videos for social media, which Pixelied is currently weak on. However, I personally find Pixelied a little easier to work with, and like Canva – Crello is also missing the Mockup feature which I’m a huge fan of.

Pixelied vs Glorify: I was hugely supportive of Glorify during their launch because I saw big things in them. I feel that they stumbled really badly with their recent user interface update, which has me using their platform less and less. I can already see that Pixelied has a solid UI/UX and are already focused on growing features… not fixing bugs (like Glorify currently is).

Pixelied Roadmap

Pixelied is very open with their public roadmap:

Be sure to pop in and vote on your favorite features so they build the right things first! My favorite items on the roadmap are:

  • 3D Mockups
  • Copy and Paste images directly to canvas
  • Shared Templates

I can see that the company is aggressive to make this an incredible tool that can stand the test of time.


As I said earlier on the post, there is no graphics platform that is perfect for everyone. But if you are a digital marketer and you are looking to build high-quality graphics, mockups, and more at a total steal of a price, I can firmly recommend Pixelied.

About the Author

John Whitford is an entrepreneur who has built over 12 profitable online blogs and businesses. He's also the founder of Unbeatable Tech, a data-driven digital marketing company that specializes in sales funnel implementation for both his own businesses and clients alike. John loves to be a beach bum while brainstorming new ideas for marketing strategies, but he's always excited to take on another project!