Have you ever questioned the importance of your pricing table when it comes to conversions?

I’m not talking about how much you’ve priced your products or whether or not your check-out is working effectively, but rather your pricing table itself.

How it looks. How responsive it is. Are things easy to understand and read?

This should come as no surprise, but your pricing table plays a huge part in whether or not people actually make a purchase. Sure, getting them there can be the hard part, but you can just as easily throw them off if your pricing table isn’t up to scratch.

Now, there’s no need to panic just yet. Today I’m going to be reviewing a pretty nifty little plugin that’s going to revolutionize the way you present your pricing table. It’s actually called Pricing Table, created by Plugmatter (the same guys that made the Feature Box plugin.)

What can Pricing Table do for you?

As you may have guessed, Pricing Table creates pricing tables. However, the reason it’s appealable is because it makes them really damn well. With your conversion rate in mind.

There’s no messing around with code necessary, though you can do that if you’re that way inclined. Simply select a template, customize it with the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, drop the template shortcode into your post or page and you’re done.


In fact, it was so easy to make that this functional pricing table was made in less than 2 minutes. I created my template, fiddled with it a little – to get a feel for all the different functions of the plugin – and then stuck the shortcode into a page.

If you’ve ever made a pricing table from scratch, I’m willing to bet that it didn’t look half as nice and likely took a couple of hours at least. So you can understand how remarkable this plugin really is.

What makes Pricing Table stand out?

Now, I know there’s a few free pricing table plugins out there. Some are nice, functional and fairly easy to use. But they always have some downfalls, in the area of customisability, functionality, ease-of-use or similar. Pricing Table on the other hand, it gives you everything you could need.

But, you want specifics right? So let’s get into the pros and cons.


There is a great deal of features that you can use to make your pricing table unique using this plugin. Things like changing templates, text fonts, adding and removing packages, etc. all play a part in this, all with their own benefits and shortcomings.

Template Selection

There are a ton of templates. This is necessary for a plugin like this, because without a wide selection of templates – every table made by it tends to look the same. The basic package features 5 templates and the higher packages feature 10 templates.



  • These templates really do look great out the box.
  • The templates are very functional, and come pre-filled with some great information for anyone that’s uncertain about making a great table.
  • The colour schemes work really well. Plus they have a unique complementing scheme for the featured package you select, which is essential for drawing focus to your ‘best’ package.
  • Customisation on one template option will carry over if you select another template. This is great if you’re uncertain about the look, because you won’t have to re-type all customisation again!


  • Some of the templates are not optimised for conversion. Take the table I used as an example above, the orange and blue buttons really don’t stand out which is important for converting.
  • There’s no ‘reset to template’ option. If you customise at all, it’ll carry stay no matter what template you select. In some respects this is great, but it would be good to have the ability to set it to default as well.
  • Once you’ve created a pricing table, your template is fixed. It cannot be changed. So make sure you’re 100% sure you want that template before you hit the ‘Save Template’ button. Otherwise you’ll be redoing a lot of your customisation.

Adding and removing features from packages


This is an essential feature of any pricing table. You have to be able to effectively present what it is people are getting, depending on the feature they decide to purchase. When it comes to this plugin, it’s very easy to do. You literally just have to hit the +feature button!


  • Ridiculously simple to do. Hit the button, enter the name. You get a field to fill in with the features specifics on the package in the editor. Done.
  • Just as easy to remove. Hit the trashcan to the left, it’ll ask for confirmation. Click OK, it’s removed.


  • It can be a little confusing. Once you’ve given the feature a name, you would expect it to be added straight to the package. It’s not. By +feature, it means add a row space for your to enter your feature details. See the screenshot below.
  • Sometimes the text options can obscure what you’re actually typing into the row you created. This can also be seen in the screenshot below.


Recoloring Elements

Being limited to the color scheme would make it pretty hard to have a unique table. Luckily this plugin doesn’t have that problem. Absolutely every element of the table can be changed in color. This is very necessary to making your table fit with your site.


  • The color picker is great. It’s not clunky and unresponsive like many others I’ve come across in WordPress.
  • You can recolor the entire package using the button at the top, or you can recolor each element individually.
  • Every element can have the colors changed. Both the font color and the background color. This makes it really easy to draw focus where you want it. Example below:5-pricing-table



  • It can be a little finicky, especially if you’re not aware of the settings button at the top of each package to recolour the entire thing.
  • There is no undo button on design changes, which can make things a little annoying if you make a mistake. But really, can you expect an undo on a WordPress plugin?

Adding and removing packages

Not every pricing table has 3 packages. Some have 1, some have 10. It really comes down to what the user needs, so sometimes you’re going to need to add or remove some packages from the templates.

Luckily, Pricing Table makes this really easy. Hit the +package button, you get a blank package matching your current template. Alternatively, you can duplicate a previous package and modify it.


  • It’s really easy and simple. There is no challenge when it comes to adding additional packages, and as stated above – the customisation is very easy.
  • Let’s say you have 2 packages, small and medium. Medium has all the features of small and more. It can be a pain to type out the same thing twice. So instead, you duplicate the small package and make edits for the medium. Easy!


  • You’re limited to 6 packages. Not many people need more than this, but if you do – keep that in mind!

Google Web Fonts & Font Awesome usage

Want to add more uniqueness to your table? Access over 650 fonts using the two services above. This is yet another noteworthy benefit to the customisation of your pricing table.

Adjustable width and margins


Not every theme has the same requirements for size. It’s handy to have control over how much space between the other elements of your page and the pricing table too. This isn’t really a feature that needs too much discussion on it, but it is worth pointing out that Pricing Table provides it.

Massively Customizable Buttons

Buttons, as mentioned previously, are an essential part of how well you convert. Many plugins have a tendency to skip over how important buttons are. However, as you might expect from Plugmatter if you’ve used their Feature Box plugin, they are aware of this. And accommodate it.

Pricing Table features 23 very effective button designs that are easy to customize in a variety of different ways. You can add icons, different text, sub-text, colors, shadows and similar. As well as the necessary ability to set each button action URL individually. (For different products, obviously!)

71-pricing-table 72-pricing-table


  • A dramatic increase in conversion when the time is taken to customize them appropriately.
  • Ridiculously easy to customize effectively.
  • Creates an immensely unique look for your table.


  • None that I could find, whatsoever. Everything about these buttons is perfect to me.

Other Noteworthy Features

There are a few features that are really worth talking about, but they don’t come under customizing your table. These functionality improvements are really what take this plugin to the next level overall, as they can greatly improve conversions and ease-of-use.


Tooltips on the table are a great way to add extra details to your packages features without cramping up the pricing table. This is incredibly useful because it reduces the amount of text your potential customers are exposed to when it comes to their checkout selection.


  • Improves conversion. By reducing the amount of necessary text on the table, people will be less likely to feel overwhelmed and will make a purchase instead.
  • Provides a very clean way of giving people additional information if they choose to read it.
  • Only takes a moment to create!


  • I experienced a somewhat annoying issue with the styling of these tooltips. They were so cramped up that I couldn’t actually read them. I assume this is to do with the width of the table itself, or something else theme related.


Featured Package Button

The featured package button is arguably one of my favorite features on this plugin. Every template has a custom design specifically for the featured package to bring more attention to the package you choose to be ‘featured.’

91-pricing-table 92-pricing-table


  • This allows you to convert your desired package better.
  • It’s really easy, you just hit the button!


  • The featured package button is a separate style, so if you customize the color and fonts on one package then make it the featured package – all the customization will be reset.

“Click here for help” menu

If anything on this plugin is unclear, Plugmatter go the extra mile and provide some documentation in a small menu on the plugin page. While you’re creating your pricing table.

101-pricing-table 102-pricing-table


  • If you get stuck, you don’t have to navigate away from making your pricing table!


  • This isn’t necessarily a con, but it doesn’t seem entirely finished!

Custom CSS

Just in case you’re having some unique theme issues, you’ve got the option for custom CSS on your pricing table. Though Plugmatter have great support and are usually willing to help with this.


  • You are guaranteed to be able to make it fit with your theme, if you have the know-how.


  • What cons could there be to a limitless additional feature?!

Closing Words

So, that’s about wraps up the plugin review. If you’re making a pricing table, and care at all about your conversions, you need to try out this plugin. Overall, there are a few small problems but they are not deal breakers. The features far outweigh the problems.

Do you use pricing tables on your website?

About the author 


John Whitford is an entrepreneur who has built over 12 profitable online blogs and businesses. He's also the founder of Unbeatable Tech, a data-driven digital marketing company that specializes in sales funnel implementation for both his own businesses and clients alike. John loves to be a beach bum while brainstorming new ideas for marketing strategies, but he's always excited to take on another project!

  • Hello Drazen,
    This is really a very comprehensive and interesting review of Plugmatter pricing table plugin for wordpress. Plugmatter is really a known brand in the blogging industry and I’ve used their Feature Box plugin before, the free version though and i really like it.

    However, i never knew they have another plugin for pricing table and from your review, this plugin seems to be so awesome and a must have for every blogger. The price is at the high side though but if all you’ve written about it is true then, it might be well worth it.

    Will go over to their site now to see things with own eyes.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Thedore,

      Yes, their pricing table is a new product, that’s why you didn’t hear about it before. They also have 30 days money back guarantee in case you don’t like it, so don’t be afraid to give it a go 🙂

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