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March 21  

Does the term "pinnable image" make your skin crawl? Do you wish so badly that you had a flair for design... but you just... DON'T??

Well, your worries may be over for LIFE because of this new deal on App Sumo

RelayThat is a premium photo editing software suite designed for the un-designers.

In seconds you can build beautiful images for your blog posts, Ads, Youtube videos, and keep them all on brand...

In seconds! Check it out:

Relay That App Sumo


RelayThat Pro’s

  • Instant Access to the entire library of Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash - Directly from your workspace
  • Quickly transform your blog post featured image into a Pinterest pic with the click of a button
  • Start from a professional design, and make as many tweaks as you want until you are happy
  • Quickly find a professional image, add filters, compress it, and download it to your computer in seconds to fill out your blog posts!
  • Lifetime deal for the price of a 2 month subscription = NO BRAINER

RelayThat Con's

  • Only certain elements (text, buttons, images) are movable - I wish even background design elements could be moved.


This One-Stop Photo Shop software is definitely worth your $49. This is one of those deals that I would be kicking myself if I missed.

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