Best Tech For Online Entrepreneurs

Ready to start your online business, but not sure what tech you need to really get started. This is the place for you!

Best Budget USB Audio for noisy environments: the Audio Technica ATR-2100

What is it? This is a simple USB plug-and-play microphone that gives great vocal tones and is perfect for YouTube and Podcasts alike for beginners. Audio is more important than video any day of the week - so this is the first tech I'd buy.

Why do I recommend it? I work from home, live on a busy street, and have 3 little kids in the house sometimes when I record. So noise cancellation is super important. This microphone only picks up sounds that are close to it, and does a good job of cancelling out the rest. And it is sometimes on sale for as little as $50, which makes it a perfect investment for beginners.

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Get complete microphone control with this swing arm setup

What is it? This suspension arm clamps to your desk easily and lets you get complete control over the microphone position. This gives you better sound without obstructing your work space while working.

Why do I recommend it? If you want to record a lot of content, having an easy-to-manage setup is king. This pack gives you location freedom, and includes a little pop filter to make the audio even better.

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Best Affordable, Studio Quality Microphone: The Blue Yeti

What is it? The Yeti is a condenser microphone which produces a very rich audio sound - but there is a downside... it picks up every. sound. in. the room.????

Why do I recommend it? If you want the best quality sound a USB microphone can produce, I think the Yeti gets very close. However, it requires a quiet room - no fan blowing, no echo, and NO KIDS in the background 🙂 I don't use it personally, but if you have the space for it, it will give you a richer sound than the Audio Technica

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Best Webcam for Quick and Easy Video Creation: The Logitech Brio

What is it? With proper lighting, you can get a crystal clear picture with the Logitech Brio that is perfectly fine for your YouTube video content (at a fraction of the cost of a fancy DSLR).

Why do I recommend it? While I am transitioning to using more DSLRs for my video creation, I created well over 500 videos using webcams like the c922 and this Brio. Don't overthink it - just get something that works with your software, and get creating!

Instantly make your videos look more professional with a Neewer Ring Light

What is it? Ring lights can prop up directly behind your desk, and can instantly light your entire face, giving you an even light that instantly improves your video's quality. You can also mount a camera or webcam right in the middle for best positioning.

Why do I recommend it? A good light is an investment you'll keep for years to come. While you can sit in front of a window and great lighting, this light will let you record at night, during rainy days, or anywhere else in your house. Great for side hustlers who can't wait for perfect conditions to create.

Fastest, Easiest Video Recording and Editing Software: Screencast-o-Matic

What is it? Screencast-o-Matic allows you to record your computer screen, webcam, and microphone with just a few clicks. It also includes a simple (but effective) video editing suite that can be used by anyone to produce a quick and easy video by anyone. Directly upload to YouTube or Vimeo, or save to your computer. Simple - done.????

Why do I recommend it? I record 90% of my content using Screencast-o-Matic because it is simple, reliable, and allows me to create and edit content in a fraction of the normal time. It's also the most affordable solution out there for what it provides.

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