The Best Email Marketing Tools

Your email list is your most valuable asset as an online business owner. Here are the best tools to grow your list like a pro.

The #1 Best Overall Email Marketing Platform: Convertkit

What is it? Convertkit is a complete email marketing solution that balances powerful features with crazy simple usability. My wife and I have used Convertkit for years and absolutely love it.

Why do I recommend it? Convertkit's new free pricing tier allows you to get started building your email list even if you are on a budget. Even a complete beginner can create professional looking landing pages, email campaigns, and more as you build your list.

The Best Budget Email Platform: Mailerlite

What is it? Mailerlite is a very simple and budget friendly email marketing sytem. While its features and integrations are much more limited than Convertkit's, the price point stays budget friendly for hobbyist who need to keep costs ultra low.

Why do I recommend it? Until Convertkit released their free plan, Mailerlite was the best email platform with a free plan. I still have a soft spot in my heart for Mailerlite, and it's worth testing out!

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