Income Mesh Services?

Would you like to work together? I offer custom solutions and end-to-end marketing solutions for both local business owners and online entrepreneurs.

I'd love to learn more about your business and help you grow!

What I offer

After generating over a million in online sales for my own brands and helping dozens of clients do the same - I've learned a thing or two...

  • Messenger Marketing
  • Custom Conversion-Focused Websites
  • Custom Sales Funnels
  • CopyWriting
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Custom Video Marketing

Messenger Marketing

Optimized Sales Funnels through Conversations

Delight your customers with an effective, fun, and cost-effective marketing campaign through Facebook Messenger Marketing:

  • Reduce your cost per customer acquisition by up to 80% compared to traditional marketing methods
  • Create engaging, customized and individual experiences for each new prospect to convert them on auto-pilot
  • Create a marketing list that you can tap into month after month
  • Dynamically segment and optimize the marketing process
  • A/B Test audience demographics, creatives, and story paths. Continuous improvement is the key.

Data-Driven Sales Funnels

Automation and Scale On Demand

I've built hundreds of sales funnels over the past 5 years, and I know how to engineer a profitable funnel for you:

  • Craft the right offer
  • Target the right audience
  • Optimize your sales language
  • Build an irresistible customer journey
  • Leverage highly-profitable retargeting strategies
  • A/B Test Landing pages, copy, even price points for greater effectiveness and profits

Managed Facebook Advertising

Browse. Click. Buy

Already have a working funnel, but just struggling with getting qualified leads into it?

  • Demographics targeting
  • Ad Optimization for cheaper leads
  • Complete sales funnel integration
  • Campaign Budget optimization so you know where every dollar is going
  • Weekly updates to creative to continue to drive costs down and results up

Conversion-Focused Website Designs

Your Online Home. Optimized

Your website is your first impression online. Steal your competitor's business with a beautiful, modern website.

  • Conversion-optimized design
  • Custom styling to your brand
  • Improved Search Results for better traffic

Done-For-You Copywriting

Copy that Converts

Staring at a blank cursor trying to figure out what to say to convert your page into a sales page? You don't have to anymore.

I offer done-for-you scripting for:

  • Email Sequences (new subscribers, new customers, leading up to sales, etc)
  • Sales Pages (Long form sales letters that are proven to convert)
  • Video Scripts (Video sales letters, webinar scripts, and more)
  • Facebook Ad Copy (long form story copy, video ads)

Hands On Consulting

Get it done. Together.

Trying to get it done yourself, but hitting road blocks? Let's work through your custom project, together.

Let's get you the hands-on support you need to blast through your barriers.

  • Hassle-free scheduling
  • Work directly on your site to move you forward
  • Stay strategic, or dive into the weeds of plugin optimization
  • Choose-your-own adventure of Consulting
John Whitford

I bring 10 years of Business Process Automation and Systems Engineering experience to the world of digital marketing.

That means that when we work together, you get more than a website.

You get a strategic business partner who will help you grow your business the right way.

How We Work Together

  1. 1
    Book A Strategy Call:

    I'm not just a freelancer, but a consultative expert in digital marketing.

    So first we spend about an hour together to fully understand your business.

    This is a paid session but your investment will be applied to the final service amount.
  2. 2

    Once I fully understand your business and what will give you the greatest results, I will make a very fair offer to achieve your goals.
  3. 3
    Assets And Research
    To kick off the project we will collect all the assets and dive into the customer research we need to perfectly target our messaging, copy, demographics, and more.

    This improves performance, reduces rework, and magnifies ROI for you!
  4. 4
    I work quick and continuously optimize our results for you.

    Depending on the project, you can have results in as little as 72 hours!
  5. 5
    Guaranteed Performance
    My sales funnels work, guaranteed. If we do not achieve the results promised on the discovery call, month after month, you don't pay for it!That's confidence. That's results for you.

My Customers Love My Results

I Couldn't Keep Up With The Leads!

I got compliments on my new website every day! John was also able to get me 2-3 leads per day through Facebook Ads. I had to turn it off, I couldn't keep up! Thanks John

Marilyn // Mandarin Pet Care

Huge ROI with Qualified Leads

Just days after John started running Facebook ads for me, I was getting qualified leads almost every day, and several closed within the month! Huge ROI.

Jonathon  //  Real Estate Agent

Built Out A Complete Online Course

After a short strategy call with John, it was a perfect fit. In just a few days we had built out an online course, a new lead capture system, and completely redid my email marketing system. John absolutely crushed it!

Nick  //  Esposito Strength Club

My Go-to Guy for tech help

I love to blog, but whenever I have a tech issue, John is my go to guy. He knows the right tool for the job!

Suzi //  Start A Mom Blog

I only work with a few client at a time!?

Get Started by scheduling your Strategy Call Today!

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