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Accomplish more in 1 hour together than you might in 1 month alone


Why work with us

The power hour isn't a course. It is your personal time to have us work with you, work for you, and get it done.

Whether you are struggling with your business strategy and need for us to help you develop a plan...

Whether you need to solve a nagging tech problem that's been holding you back...

Or anything in between. The Power hour is for you.

Check out the benefits 

1 on 1 Focus

No group sessions. No waiting in line to get a chance to talk. This is up close. Personal. Effective. Done.

Fluid & Fast

I'm not going to talk about "mindset" or "limiting beliefs for an hour (unless you really want). We're going to chart a path and get work done.

Learn & Do together

I'm not going to build a pandora's box that you can't understand. I'll be teaching while I work, so you always feel in control and able to carry the torch onward.


Meet The Dream Team

What You’ll Get During This Power Hour

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  • One hour video conference session with John or Suzi to help you build your online business
  • Lifetime access to the recording of our call so you don't need to take notes or slow anything down
  • Have us review your blog, website, funnel, ads, automations and provide actionable feedback based on years of experience
  • Let us log into your website to fix your bugs, build your pages, or improve your speed
  • Explain your strategy struggles and get a simple, broken down, and actionable plan to keep your momentum
  • Not sure which tools to use? Let's understand your needs, select a stack, and get it set up in one day.

They Say

What They Say

Set up my advanced marketing flows & Integrations - Highly recommended!

John has helped me set up my advanced marketing and automations process. He was very helpful integrating multiple systems together like WordPress, Thrivecart, Active Campaign and more.

Paul - startup founder

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Of course, we can't build an entire website in an hour, and I can't guarantee that every possible problem can be solved in an hour.

But if after your power hour, you feel as though I did not hold up my end of the bargain, then I will offer to help you for an additional 30 days through email & personal video messages to help you accomplish your goal.

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