Tutor LMS vs Thrive Apprentice: 2019 Comparison

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July 22  

Tutor LMS and Thrive Apprentice are two of the most exciting learning management systems for launching online courses in WordPress in 2019.

They each offer unique features that target specific business models. So there is no true "best' platform here, simply the right platform for you.

In this comparison video I'll be covering:

  • Best (and worst) features
  • User experience for both student and creator
  • Cost and Complexity
  • Which one is right for YOU
  • Final thoughts

If you have been on the fence about which tool to choose for your project (I feel ya brother!), then this post is exactly for you!


Tutor LMS vs Thrive Apprentice video comparison

Get Tutor LMS
Get Thrive Apprentice
Tutor LMS Pros
  • Tutor LMS Free version is great to get started
  • Easy process to enlist new instructors
  • WooCommerce integrations offers a lot of flexibility for payment processing
  • Good styling right out of the box
Thrive Apprentice Pros
  • Beautiful course catalog page without any need for design skills
  • Design all your lessons using Thrive Architect for excellent freedom
  • Built-in split testing with Thrive Optimize
  • Very simple and easy to navigate interface
  • Use any video host you'd like to embed your content
Tutor LMS Cons
  • Rigid course page is not ideal for sales-funnel style selling
  • Limited Options for video hosting
  • Can't sell course in bundles
  • Good styling right out of the box
Thrive Apprentice Cons
  • Limited official protection options for premium courses: SendOwl, Memberpress, Membermouse, Wishlist Member
  • Cannot drip content out over time - they get access to all content immediately
  • Currently there is no way to create a dedicated user login / forgot password screen for Apprentice. This will be added but for now you'll need something like Theme My Login for this.
Tutor LMS Features
  • Sell Courses through WooCommerce
  • Multiple Instructors with Revenue Sharing
  • Flexible Course Catalog
Thrive Apprentice Features
  • Create unlimited courses, modules, and lessons
  • Sell Courses through Membership plugins or Special SendOwl integration
  • Built-in split testing with Thrive Optimize
  • Very simple and easy to navigate interface
Tutor LMS Cost
  • Free Plan Available
  • Tutor LMS Pro Single License $149 per year
  • Unlimited Sites for $299 per year
Thrive Apprentice Cost
  • Single Site for $67 (Lifetime updates)
  • 15 site pack for $127 (Lifetime update)
  • 25 sites Membership for $19 per month
Tutor LMS Conclusion

Tutor LMS is a very good option if you are looking to create a Udemy.com or Lynda.com style marketplace of courses on your website.

If you don't have specific needs, you may be able to get away with their free plan, although the Pro version gives you very nice upgrades.

Learn more about Tutor LMS here.

Thrive Apprentice Conclusion

Thrive Apprentice is a simple to use, beautiful, and effective learning management system plugin.

It strips away most of the features that bloat other platforms and create confusion for creators.

I'd like to see more membership and shopping cart integrations (Please Thrivecart and WooCommerce) in the future, but what they have done with SendOwl is special.

If you enjoy Thrive's products and conversion optimization in general, Thrive Apprentice is a great option.

Learn more about Thrive Apprentice here.

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