August 16

Thrive Automator First Impressions

In this video we're going to take a first look at the new tool from Thrive Themes: Thrive Automator.

In this video you'll learn:

  • What the new Thrive Automator Plugin is
  • What problem it solves
  • 3 Exciting possibilities this means for WordPress users
  • 3 concerns I have about this new plugin

What do you think about Automator? Let me know if the comment section!

Video Transcript

Wait, so thrive is doing what now?
Hey guys, john here from Unbeatable Tech and a
brand new plug in from thrive themes, developers has
just dropped today, I want to give you my first
impression I'm going to share with you three amazing
things this now makes possible or three pros of this
new plug in as well as three concerns or things to keep
in mind as this develops in its public data in this video.
Let's go ahead and dive in.
So I just watched Bradley stevens released this new
plug in called thrive Automate and the best I can
understand, it is essentially becoming a zap ear inside
of your WordPress dashboard, allowing you to connect
not only your thrive plug ins together with each other
but also connecting thrive to woo commerce or thrive
too active campaign or thrive to any other third party
development plug in or software as a service down the road.
It's a huge undertaking. It's a massive attempt at
building this out and I'm super stoked for it as a thrive
like Fanboy, I guess you could call me.
But I also do have some concerns, I want to share
them with you in this video, But if you have not
watched the unveiling yet, I'll quickly scroll through the
sales page of this thrive automate it's included for free.
Well not for free, it's included in the thrive.
Sweet membership, which is like $19 a month, which is like insane.
You would pay more for just happier for the base level
than this entire suite of tools.
So it's a fantastic value if you're on a budget, which we
all are, let's be honest, but let's go to scroll through with
what this is and then I'll give you my reflections in my
opinion of it at the end.
So thrive automate is going to help you make your
website much more unlimited.
And have you ever been in those situations where
you're trying to connect all these different tools
together, You've got woo commerce over here, you've
got your email marketing over here, you got some quiz
builder, a third party plug in over here and then you got
your thrive page builders over here, it's like okay
you're, you're playing that jigsaw puzzle what pieces fit
together and which ones don't and what do you need glue?
Where do you need to do manual processes, where
you need spreadsheets, all that is the digital marketing
world we've all been in for a long, long time.
This creates the ability to glue things together with an if
this then that type of logic train where it says, hey when
a user completes a free lesson in this course of thrive
apprentice then start an ultimatum campaign in thrive
ultimatum that's connecting both thrive tools together
which is super cool and it can make them very tight
integration, a tight holistic feel in your website but it can
do other things and that it doesn't just rely on thrive
plug ins, it could create triggers one day, let's say
between woo commerce or learn dash or woo
commerce and active campaign or woo commerce and
thrive architect for example, or a ton of other setups
here, so it's pretty powerful.
It's essentially if you ever used any sort of third party
integration tool like I F. T. T T or happier or integrate lee
or into grow Integra matt, whatever.
There's a new one every day, here's another one, that's
all we needed, right?
So if you can see, I'm I'm cautiously optimistic here,
there's a lot to be excited for, but there it does cause
some concern and I'll get into that in just a second.
here's a big thing here, built to be developer friendly
because here's the thing, thrive, has a lot of great tools,
but obviously it can't be all things for all people, so you
do need to rely on that third party ecosystem and so by
making a developer friendly, you'll be able to start
seeing more and more integration, more and more
tools that already do hook up and they can go right into
automata or it will be a drop down where hey, what tool
do you want to integrate?
Boom, It's right there right inside your website. Super
exciting. this is a public beta, right?
So what that means is that they're going to need our
help to shape, thrive, automate they allow you to give
some feedback, make some ideas of what they want it
to be, what integrations you need, what bugs you're
finding if you're finding any bugs, Things of that nature
and that's what it's all about, right?
So as we mentioned here, thrive suite is now not nine
plug ins, it used to be nine plug ins or tools I should
say, because there's a theme as well.
now is 1/10 edition, which this one is kind of out there,
like it's all over the place, it's cool, it's a little scary but
it's not just about conversion focus websites anymore,
because now it's actually creates holistic website, hope
marketing strategy where tools can talk to each other
and it's not no longer the biggest concern that thrive
has had about being kind of like a closed system, so
pretty powerful stuff.
I'm gonna give you some of my thoughts right now.
Alright, so thrive Automate brings us a whole new
thrive themes and what I love about this is they are
systematically quieting the haters.
They're finding all the there has been some negativity
around thrive themes over the years and I'll talk about
that in just second but they're they're systematically
taking one by one, all the complaints that people have
against their ecosystem there coding all the stuff and
they're eliminating it like number one was that
sometimes, you know, thrive themes can blow at your website.
Well they essentially eliminated that in the last couple
of months with their project lightspeed, which that
deserves its own video on its own but that essentially
makes thrive load super quick, lightning quick.
My my website is loading in well under a second at this
point and is getting great scores across all the google page speed.
So super happy there. And then the second thing was,
well, it's not developer friendly, you need to go work
through all these hoops and thrive needs to have their
own special developer integrations with you, which has
created an inability for having third party elements.
And thrive. Architect has made some interfaces
customized, which makes them really user friendly but
not developer friendly.
And so this looks like their approach to make it make
the entire ecosystem more developer friendly.
So y'all like this is the sign of a developer who actually
does listen in on what people want and they're building
it and they're making it's making it harder for you not to like them.
So I'm very impressed with them on doing that is now
also creating a more holistic marketing management
system where it's always been a struggle if you've got
some tools are integrated through integrate, lee some
tools are integrated through a direct api elsewhere,
some tools are integrated through WP fusion.
There's all these different ways of adding connections.
And on an optimistic note, this could make a bit more
of a holistic way where you'll need less tools to get the
same job accomplished but also comes at a con we'll
talk about in a second if it doesn't succeed.
so this is great though.
If you are a WordPress user and you want to keep your
website kind of as your home in all your tools, you're
trying to connect less to all these different third party
software as a service and have all these logins, all
these different passwords, all these different security concerns.
Then this creates a bit more of a holistic solution for
you and your online business, which is pretty exciting.
And then lastly this could enable you to save a ton of
money on integrations over time.
So like I said, there's a big market out there.
It's going away because people are getting better like this.
But there's, there's historically been a huge market of,
hey, I know that let's just say Divvy and learn dash,
don't integrate, I'm using that as an example, but there
would be a problem there and some developer would
come in and build a solution that would connect tool a
and two will be together and they would put a price tag
on that And they would make some money by creating
this bridge between two Nici tools inside the wordpress
ecosystem that it's really tricky.
You don't want that. That's not good long term.
It adds a whole lot of complexity to your system and
customization. You don't want that.
So by having this over time could potentially be that
replacement for his happier that replacement for
integrate lee, that replacement for whatever other third
party tool you're spending on and simplify and
consolidate your integrations into a single home, a
single house exciting but it's not all sunshine and roses.
I've got some questions myself and there are some
things I'll be looking out for as I'm testing this and
putting it through its paces first and foremost, I think
we're all wondering this right now is site performance.
My gut feel is that they're going to take this kind of the
route of fluent crm where it's not going to all live in your
table so it should have minimal impact but I don't know that yet.
We will be digging in and understanding how that
works but it would be silly of thrive in my opinion if they
just spent all this effort, all this marketing and all this
development costs in making the websites faster,
better for google, better for everything and it's blazing
fast on the back end in the dashboard is very fast.
It would be silly for them to do all that work on
performance and then kill their performance with the
next product release right?
I'm pretty sure they're smart guys over there and gals
so I don't think the performance is going to be an issue
but we will definitely take a look for that.
Next thing is and this is my biggest concern is just
making sure they can keep their focus now.
They've got 10 tools which not all of them require the
same amount of tender loving care, but I want to make
sure that they don't spread themselves too thin and
make sure they're they're giving more value than I
believe, really expensive funnel building software out
there and and and they're keeping their prices
extremely affordable for the beginners.
So I'm just hopeful that they, financials are strong,
everything's working well that they can continue to
support growing library of things in their portfolio but I
believe in them, I think they've got it under control but
that is definitely a concern with something as large of a
scope as thrive automate and lastly is the concern of
creating integration confusion.
Right? So if you already have integration solutions out
there now you've got another decision to make, do I
need to use this tool or if I'm going to use it, where do I
draw the line between using thrive automate and
another web hook tool, whatever the case might be, it
could create some confusion and my gut feel would be
and my suggestion to you, you can install this to your
website, see if it's working, see how it's working on your side.
But remember this is a public beta, this is not
something to go all in on or to dump whatever tool you're using.
If you've been paying for zap here for three years, don't
stop paying for it right now. Let's get in.
Let's understand a little bit, and let's make sure we help
thrive succeed by being very active in their feedback section.
All right, so on the three themes dot com slash
automate, you can go and take a look at the page we
just looked at on this video and be involved.
Let's help them succeed because they are seriously
trying to make it easier and more beautiful and more
customizable to build conversion focus online businesses.
So that's a quick little first look. What do you think?
What is this blowing your mind?
Are you thinking that it's going off in the wrong
direction? I'm curious.
Let me know and down in the comments down below
and I'll see you next video. Take care.

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John Whitford is an entrepreneur who has built over 12 profitable online blogs and businesses. He's also the founder of Unbeatable Tech, a data-driven digital marketing company that specializes in sales funnel implementation for both his own businesses and clients alike. John loves to be a beach bum while brainstorming new ideas for marketing strategies, but he's always excited to take on another project!

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