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March 24  

Thrive Themes have just launched their new product called Thrive Headline Optimizer.

Since I am in love with all their products I was eager to see what does this product really do, and why would I even use it.

Continue reading to see what’s in the package and is it really that good as they are saying so.

But before we go into more details let me explain what Thrive Headline Optimizer really is…

It’s a WordPress plugin which helps you determine the best headline for your blog posts, by putting them (multiple headline variations) into a series of tests, and than by using the 3 most important measurement factors (revealed below) it tells you which headline (post title) is the most effective for the chosen article (blog post).

To simplify it, if you want to get more clicks, more engagement from your users you should optimize your titles and make them better. Thrive Headline Optimizer speeds up the whole process by automating the certain part of it, and provides you with cutting edge technology to help you improve your online business even faster.

Thrive Headline Optimizer features

Like other Thrive Theme products, Thrive Headline Optimizer comes with a nice set of features which will ease up the whole process of finding the perfect headline for your articles and blog posts.

Here are some of Thrive Headline Optimizer features:

  • Headline A/B tests
  • Engagement reports
  • Automatic winner selection (set it and forget it)
  • Easy to use
  • Detailed reports
  • Bulk testing (test everything with one click)

Thrive Headline Optimizer measurements

Other headline optimization plugins, base their suggestions on share counts and other EXTERNAL factors.

Think about it. If your headline is shared by someone with 100 million followers, it’s going to be massively successful, REGARDLESS of the headline. External factors make it impossible to accurately predict headline performance.

Thrive Headline Optimizer uses internal measurements to see which headline will perform best. Using visitors ALREADY ON the website, THO eliminates external factors, and get information most likely to be accurate. You see which headline performs best within our own audience.

Thrive Headline Optimizer - Content Engagement Settings

You can then use the best performing headline for shares.

To understand better how exactly does THO (short for Thrive Headline Optimizer) determines the success of your headlines here’s a short overview.

Measurements used for each title / headline:

  • Time on Content
  • Scroll Depth
  • Click Through Rate

Thrive Headline Optimizer usage

Like with any Thrive Themes product, for example Thrive Leads, after you purchase it (btw it’s on a huge discount now for a limited time, click here to grab Thrive Headline Optimizer), you need to upload THO plugin like any other WordPress plugin and insert your license to activate it.

After you have done that you are free to go and start testing your titles/headlines by adding new variations.

Thrive Headline Optimizer - Add new test
As you can see from the image above just click on the Add New button to start testing.

On the upper right corner you can click on Reporting or Settings for additional info. Reporting will be useful afterwards after some time passes by after your firsts tests, and under Settings you can see and configure test measurements (as shown 2 images above).

On the next step you need to choose 1 or more posts or pages which you will use for your headline testing.

Thrive Headline Optimizer - Choose Posts and Pages

You can do that by typing in the quick search box if you have a particular post in mind that you want to test. Or, just choose them from the list of your blog posts which will show up below.

Click Save and Continue to go to the next step.

Thrive Headline Optimizer - Variations

Now this is where the magic happens and where you need to use your imagination a bit. You can put as many variations as you want here, no limitations.

If you need help with creating your own title and headline variations for Thrive Headline Optimizer I have a few tools I love to use, which I am willing to give you right away, just share this article (use the share box below) and they are yours:

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You headline generator bonus links:

If that’s not enough here’s a list of 180+ power words you can include in your titles / headlines:


Click on the green button to go to next step within the Thrive Headline Optimizer.

Thrive Headline Optimizer - Set Test Criteria

Now you need to set your test criteria by configuring the options shown on the image above. My advice is to use default settings for starters and than after a couple of tests if you see that you need to reconfigure it, do that to get the best out of your tests.

And that’s it, you can click Start Test button and wait for your results 🙂

Thrive Headline Optimizer in post settings

Besides creating tests for your headlines from within Thrive Headline Optimizer dashboard, you can also do that directly from your post editor.

Thrive Headline Optimizer - Within new post options

That way you can create new tests on the go without losing extra time.

If you want to see how some of your posts did with the tests, you can go and edit that posts as you would usually do, and within the edit post screen you will see this:

Thrive Headline Optimizer - Test data within already published post

In my example on the image above everything is empty since I didn’t have time to properly test is out (which I will and update this article when I do), but still you can see right away how each of your headline variations performed plus all the reporting views and engagement data on the right.

For full details I suggest that you click on the View Test button to see all that extra info you might find useful.

Thrive Headline Optimizer dashboard

For the end of this article I saved a nice image of Thrive Headline Optimizer dashboard, which will quickly give you all the test information on the tests currently in progress.

Thrive Headline Optimizer - Dashboard

Your next step

After reading this article make sure to go and visit Thrive Headline Optimizer sales page and watch the video to learn more.

If you are lucky enough to read this article while the launch is on than go and secure your copy of THO at a discounted price, it’s really a great deal.

After a while and some more testing I will update this article with more info.

What do you think about Thrive Headline Optimizer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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