How to use Thrivecart on Unlimited Sites (simple trick)


September 2  

One of my biggest problems with Thrivecart is that their pro plan only lets you customize one website with your own branding. Which is a huge bummer. But no worries - I've got your back in this post.

In this post you will learn how to use Thrivecart on Unlimited Websites by embedding your checkout forms wherever you'd like!

No code required - just a simple copy - paste - and Boom! You will have a beautiful looking sales funnel on as many websites as you'd like.

Let's get to it!

Video Tutorial

Video Transcript + Timestamps

[00:00:00] John: Hey guys, John here from Unbeatable tech and today's video is about breaking limitations. Specifically. One of the big limitations with Thrivecart is even if you upgrade to their higher price plan and you only get access to it on one domain on one website, and oftentimes you want to be able to use multiple brands.

[00:00:18] Maybe you have a specific landing page set up for a specific funnel. They want to drive traffic to, and you want a minimum. The amount of trust or concern that people might have when they see different domains in the checkout page. So in this video, I want to show you how to unlock unlimited domains for your thrive card account, and it doesn't cost you anything extra.

[00:00:38] Let's go ahead and dive in.

[00:00:39] I'm gonna make this one really, really quick, but before we dive into the tutorial, be sure to pick up your funnel blueprint.

[00:00:44] this is the process I follow for every one of our funnels. And it is really, really fantastic. Brand new, just updated. Go to unbeatable to get your goodies okay. On with the.

[00:00:56] So here's an example of a checkout page in the thrive card. Now it looks great. It's a good looking checkout page. I've got no problems with the checkout page itself. What I do have a problem with is.

[00:01:07] You see how it's only going to be on one domain that you can use this page with. And because it's actually not on your website, it's a separate Thrivecart thing. You lose some functionality. You might want to have a pop-up with thrive leads, or maybe a scarcity timer with Thrive ultimatum. None of that works when you're off of your website.

[00:01:26] So we're going to do in this tutorial is show you how you can take your WordPress website, any WordPress website you want, and right here, where you might click over to the checkout button, you'll be able to actually have the embedded form to use your checkout right there in your own website.

[00:01:42] This opens up a ton of benefits, like being able to, like I said, have an ultimatum timer go. And as soon as. Are expired for your user. You can bounce them off to an expired page. It allows you to mess with the pricing, however you want to and keep it all on your website. And most importantly, it allows you to use that one thrive card account on as many websites as you like, because you can simply embed the exact same checkout form on the page.

[00:02:07] Let me show you how easy this is. The setup. It only takes a couple of steps.

[00:02:11] okay. So I've pulled up an example product here inside of thrive card. And what you want to do is when you're designing out the checkout form, make sure you pick this embeddable option. All right. You can still do some design. Another hidden benefit of this is I'm not a huge fan of the design editor on Thrivecart it's functional.

[00:02:29] It gets the job done, but it's not the easiest to work with. This eliminates that concern because you're able to basically leave this very barrier. Don't have any header, any kind of content or design? No testimonials, nothing is required here. Keep it super duper simple. Just make sure you, maybe your bump offer is set up whatever you want on the actual checkout form, your fields, all that, but the design you can do with your favorite page builder or on your favorite website.

[00:02:54] So we're going to go here and just save this simple embedded. When I say, save and get URL, instead of giving me a link to the checkout page, it's now going to give me this code here. This is called an embed code or HTML code. All right. No worries. Super simply just click on copy the embed code or copying copy right there.

[00:03:15] And then let's go to our way. So this is a website, just running very, very simple. It's not even on the actual internet as a local machine, but what I can do here is just edit this page. Like I would, for anything, if you want to add testimonials, you can just kind of click and go to the design library.

[00:03:31] Come through here. Let me get a wire frame. Let me find a testimonial section and boom. I like this one. Let me add a testimonial in and now I have got a testimonial. So you've got all the design features you would like on this website here. What I want to do though, is take the section where it says ready to start and let's go ahead and put our actual checkout form right here.

[00:03:51] We're creating, what's called the one page funnel, and it's like the coined term for having the entire sales page and the checkout form on the site on a single page, which has a ton of benefits that we won't really get into here. All I want to do is where I'm ready for the embed code to go. Type in slash HTML, or if you don't like using shortcuts like me, you can come here, click the plus button and go to browse and we'll be able to find HTML by searching for it there and just paste it right in.

[00:04:24] All right. Now all I gotta do hit my pace button, which takes the content from thrive right there. Boom. And let me remember this button to get rid of any confusion there and let's hit update and see what we've just created. I'll go to view the page. And if I come on down, boom, ready to start. It has my content.

[00:04:48] Right. And what's great about this. Ah, not a huge fan. I would like to put the Navy a little bit of padding here. You can do that on either side. You can do that in Thrivecart or on WordPress, but it still will work. Totally fine. And now this is all set up with your actual Thrivecart account. Again, I'm on a local website so I can use any domain I want, I can use as many as I want, and because Thrivecart has no limits on how many membership platforms you set up, let's say you have.

[00:05:16] Four different schools for different online courses. You could actually have a single thrive card account and use on the different courses there. Um, without any limitation at all, it works beautifully. All right. So what can we do as well?

[00:05:29] Well, one thing I would be concerned about. It's kind of a long page. I don't want people to lose the checkout form. So let's add a couple of special links on this page. That'll help people get where they want to go. I'll go to edit the page here and I'll simply go to where it says free download and watch video.

[00:05:48] Let me get rid of one of these and we'll just call this. Oops, let's get rid of this one and we'll change this one to buy now.

[00:05:57] And what I'm going to do is I'll add an HTML anchor link. I'm just, I'll just say hashtag checkout and I'll show you what we're going to do with that. This is going to move them right down to the checkout form. All right. So come on down here. okay. So now I want to take people down to the section, the ready to start section, as soon as they click that button. So I'm going to do is select this row and I'll go to the HTML anchor section underneath advanced. So here we are on the block settings, I can come down to advanced and I'll just call this.

[00:06:33] So now it should happen. If I did everything correctly is when I click on now. It's going to take me right down to the spot on the page that I want. And it'll take me right to my checkout page. And this is all the exact same functionality of Thrivecart, but it's on the power of your own website. So that's it for today.

[00:06:55] Super quick lesson, super helpful. I hope this was useful for you. If it was please consider subscribing, clicking on that, that little bell to let YouTube know that you like my stuff and leave me a comment on if this was helpful and how powerful it could be. Instead of having to pay for a new license for Thrivecart every time you have a new brand or a new offer, you want to build simply embedding this on any checkout form you want, hope this is helpful, and I'll see you guys in the next video.

[00:07:20] Take care.

Key Takeaways

  • The big downsides of bouncing your customers to different domains during the purchase process
  • How to create an embedded cart inside Thrivecart
  • Placing and customizing your checkout form into your WordPress website
  • Creating a "One Page Funnel" by setting up Anchor Links on your page to quickly direct customers to the checkout form.

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