The Beginner’s Guide to Video Marketing on Youtube

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May 3  

Video marketing is one of the fastest ways to build your business authority online. But getting started can be very tricky - even paralyzing.

This post is going to cover everything you need as a beginner with video and get you off to the races building your brand online.

By the end of the video, you are going to learn the main benefits of video marketing, what tools you will need to succeed, and how to be a consistent producer of content without too much work.

Lights, camera.... ACTION!


8 Video Marketing Benefits

Before we get into the HOW of creating video content online, it's important to cover the WHY.

There are a TON of benefits of adding video into your strategy in 2019 and beyond. Here are 8 big reasons:

#1: Video Builds Trust

An effective content marketing strategy gets your audience to know, like, and trust you enough to want to do business with you.

Reading a blog post is nice, but there's just nothing like being face to face with someone to build a relationship.

Video (especially live video) allows you to see the real person, learn their mannerisms, their humor, and helps you feel connected to them.

#2: Better Reach

Building an audience is hard work, and it's only getting harder for your messages on social media to be seen.

Organic Reach is how many people your messages are seen by without paying for advertisements.

Simple text posts barely get seen anymore...

Quote images are the same...

But Facebook is putting a huge amount of support behind video - especially live video.

So no matter your audience size, the best way to get seen online right now without paying for advertisements is to double down on your video efforts.

#3: Return on Time Spent

Everyone is different, but many people struggle to sit in front of a computer and bang out a 2,000 word blog post.

Many will stare at a blinking cursor, producing nothing.

Video, on the other hand, allows you to get into a creation mode with just a few bullet points of ideas that you can elaborate on camera.

This might not be for everyone, but with practice, you will be able to produce high quality content on a daily basis without burnout.

#4: Video Sells

When you get comfortable on video through your marketing, a whole new world opens up to you.

Video sales letters, webinars, video ads...

These are all highly effective marketing tools with video at the center.

Allow yourself to practice your video skills through free content where the stakes are low, and as you improve you'll find many new avenues to use your new skills!

#5: Ranking on Google

When you think rank on google, you're probably thinking about long blog posts written for search engine optimization.

But Youtube videos are also a GREAT way to get discovered on Google.

Most search terms in Google will give a few video suggestions that are much easier to rank for and are very attractive for searchers to click on due to their thumbnails being present.

There are also a LOT MORE BLOGGERS than video marketers, so your competition with the written word is much higher. But if you can focus on video, you will find much less competition and be able to rank much faster on Page 1.

#6: Perfect to Repurpose

What's better than an awesome piece of content?

5 awesome pieces of content!

Video is a great way to build a repurposing strategy.

Once the video is done, you can write a blog post and embed the video. You can even take screen grabs of the video for your blog images!

You can also take the audio and publish a podcast.

You can clip out small takeaways from the video and make short Facebook video posts, linking back to the blog post.

You get the idea - Video is a wealth of content when repurposed properly.

#7: Multiple ways to Learn

Some people learn best by reading. Some from listening. And others still from experiencing it on their own.

Guess what: video covers all that.

So no matter how your audience wants to be reached, you can help them through video.

#8: Create Content and Support at the same time

When you get comfortable enough on camera to dive into live video, you unlock an even cooler benefit of video marketing.

During a single live stream, you can create new content and provide audience support at the same time.

Here's how that could look:

First 3 minutes of live stream: Small chat with your audience and let others log in to view. Build relationship by sharing something from your personal life.

15-20 minutes: main content of the stream - teach something valuable!

Final 10-20 minutes: Give some live Q&A from your audience to further build that relationship and trust.

If you do this right, you can decrease your email overload and build some great rapport with your "regulars" on your live streams. Give it a shot!

How to Publish Your First Youtube Video Quickly

So now you know some great benefits of video marketing, but it can seem so time consuming and technical to do!

With the right toolset and mindset, you can make video marketing an easy part of your daily routine.

In this video, I'll show you the simple and effective way to record great tutorials on a shoestring budget in just a few minutes.

My secret weapon for creating videos fast is Screencast-O-Matic.

It's the most intuitive (and affordable) software that gives me all the efficiency tips to put out great videos quickly. And it's 20% off through my affiliate link (only $1.20 per month ... yes you can afford it for the time it will save you!).

Best Video Editing Equipment for Youtube

Now that you know the benefits of video marketing and see that you can do it in just a few minutes per day, you're ready to get the right tools for the job.

Here are the tools I can 100% recommend for beginners:

Best Microphones for Youtube

I'm a big fan of simplicity, so these microphones only require you to plug into a USB port. They give you crystal clear audio.

Currently using the Blue Yeti:

At around $100 this isn't the cheapest option, but it gives you several easy-to-use settings to tweak the audio just right.

Blue Yeti Microphone Settings

The Yeti gives you 4 different ways to pick up sound:

  • Stereo picks up sound in front and on the sides of the microphone, but dampens sounds behind. (Nice if you want to pick up multiple people in front of the microphone)
  • Cardioid picks up sound only from directly in front of the microphone (The setting I use all the time for solo Youtube videos)
  • Omnidirectional picks up sound from every direction (if you want to capture it all!)
  • And Bidirectional picks up sound in front and behind the mic (great for interviews)



I've also used the Audio-Technica 2100 above, which is a little smaller than the Yeti which is very nice for small work spaces. It's also a good bit cheaper, so this is a perfect place to start:

Buy on Amazon


Microphone Accessories

If you are planning on doing a lot of tutorials where you are typing or making any other noise around your microphone, you are going to want to pick up this kit:

This scissor arm mounts to the side of your desk and allow it to hover anywhere to give you great quality while muting any noises that may happen near it:

Buy on Amazon


The Best Webcam for Quick Youtube Videos

This little Logitech webcam absolutely rocks! It allows you to live stream in 1080p, and keeps the frame rate very smooth.

Sure, you could plug in an expensive DSLR to your computer, but if you are just getting started - I think this is the perfect entry point to professional webcams. Simplicity is important!

Buy on Amazon


Lighting is equally important as the webcam itself.

If you are on a budget you can simply sit in front of a window.. but that eliminates night time recording.

I have tried several lighting solutions, and my go-to is getting a quality ring light like this one:

The Best Computer to Start with Video

I'll keep this simple - any modern computer will get you started with video marketing.

The programs I am recommending here do not require extremely expensive rigs to run.

This will liberate you to pick what you can afford and what you like.

Personally, I use a Lenovo gaming desktop because I got a good deal on it and I like Lenovo products.

Both Screencast-o-matic and OBS are relatively light on resources, so you will get by on anything.

And mac vs PC? They both work - and I'm not going to be dogmatic and tell you that you NEED Windows... but I'm not the biggest fan of Macs personally.

Desktop vs Laptop? Check out my guide on best laptop for bloggers.

Beginner's Guide to Live Streaming (for Free)

The latest major development in social media is Live Streaming.

Never before has it been possible to click a few buttons on your phone and broadcast to the entire world.

It's truly phenomenal. And it's a powerful way to build a relationship with your audience.

This video guide will help you get started the right way with your live streaming software Open Broadcaster Software.

With this 100% free software you can stream directly to Facebook, Youtube, and many other locations quickly!


Now you know everything you need to get started with video creation the right way.

Keep a consistent video creation habit, and every video will get better.

Your audience will appreciate you and relate to you faster than any other medium.

Are you going to start your own Youtube Channel? Let me know in the comments below!

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