What I’m Using

What I’m Using Right Now

I think it’s important to be fully transparent on what tools I’m actually using, right now. So I put together this little page!

Below you’ll see every tool I’m actively using, why I’m using it, and any issues I might have with them to help you become smarter, more profitable digital marketers.

Just a word of warning: This page will change! Part of my job online is to test and implement different tools to find the best tools for most people’s businesses.

So be sure to check in often to see what I’m working with most these days!

Current Hosting Solutions

Hosting is the important infrastructure for any successful blog. As a result, I am always

#1: Flywheel

I host my main blog unbeatabletech.com on Flywheel. I know a few people personally at the company and was always intrigued by their platform and their excellent branding. I’m really enjoying my experience here, although it isn’t the cheapest hosting available.

#2: Bluehost

Bluehost was the one of the first webhosts we ever used, and they offer some pretty incredible value. My wife and I host all of our smaller websites and testing sites at Bluehost.

We also use their basic email hosting for smaller brands, clients, and other purposes.

WordPress Themes

Hello Theme by Elementor

The current theme for Incomemesh.com is the Hello Theme by Elementor. I like the simplicity of the Elementor Theme Builder a bit more than the newer Thrive Theme builder, and I find that I can achieve the look I want faster and with fewer plugins.

Divi Theme

Our main business runs on the Divi theme. It is a very powerful theme that has served us well over the years, but I probably wouldn’t pick it for a new project. Elementor and Thrive seem to be developing faster and are a bit more performance-tuned than Divi, but it just goes to show you that you don’t need the perfect tools in all cases to be successful 🙂

The Astra Theme

The Astra theme has been one of my go-to themes for tutorials & client projects for several years.

It gives you tons of easy-to-import starter designs, and plenty of options for most website’s needs, all for free!

The free theme landscape is getting more competitive though, so be on the look out for tutorials about some up and coming competitors for Astra.

Page Builders


My wife and I both use Elementor on our sites – even though we also use other builders too (Divi + Thrive Architect).

It’s an overall solid, and easy to use builder that creates good looking pages. What more do you want?

Email & Productivity Tools

#1: GSuite

GMail, Google Calendar, Google Drive… they’re awesome tools indeed. I decided to upgrade unbeatabletech.com and startamomblog.com’s email hosting to GSuite from the basic Bluehost email hosting to see if it was worth while.

And truth be told, it’s been a mixed bag. On the one hand, having a Google calendar linked to my professional domain is really great for simplifying time bookings using tools like Book Like a Boss is really useful.

On the other hand – the Gsuite platform can be frustrating and confusing at times – so unless you need to have a lot of time booking functionality, I would simply stick with Bluehost’s built in hosting and link it to your devices!

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