WooFunnels Review: Is this Funnel Builder worth your time?


September 1  

Yup. It's that time again. Time for another funnel platform to hit the scene!

Today we are going to take an in depth look at Funnelkit (formerly WooFunnels) - a WordPress based Funnel Builder + Email Marketing platform that is looking to take on the big guys like Cartflows, ClickFunnels, and Thrivecart.

Will they succeed? Watch the video below to find out!


Complete Funnelkit (formerly WooFunnels) Video Review for 2021

Video Transcript (with Timestamps)

[00:00:00] what if there was a tool or a way to get ClickFunnels type of functionality directly into your WordPress website, and to be able to test it out and make money with it before ever spending a dollar and this video, I want to talk. WooFunnels, which is a company coming out. That's trying to fill in that gap.

[00:00:17] Let's see if they.

[00:00:23] Hey guys here from unbeatable tech. And in this video, we're going to walk through all of WooFunnels, show you the good, the bad and the ugly and build it out on a website to build out our own funnel. That looks kind of like this, and I'll show you how this all works. Step-by-step all right. So what is WooFunnels?

[00:00:38] Well, it is something that helps you start building profitable funnels, something I'm very passionate about, right? So they do a really good job. Bringing that click funnels have experienced, you know, for good and for bad, right? Like there's a lot of things. I'm not a big fan of when it comes to click funnels, but they do a great job with some things like templates.

[00:00:57] And I really enjoy the templates I see inside of funnels. If you're coming from ClickFunnels and you're trying to save a buck, uh, you'll feel right at home here with the templates that are inside of WooFunnels. All right. Conversion, optimized checkouts, from what I've seen. And I've gone through a few different websites with this tool, they do a really good job of allowing your checkout to look kind of click funnels, easy, really high conversion, doing all the right things there without making it feel like WooCommerce.

[00:01:26] Bump offers upsells. Their follow-up engine is something I'm really excited for, but there's a negative on that. And we'll get to that here in just a page or two, and then analytics, all that good stuff. The ability to do AB testing it's really. Really well built out like it's a solid platform has been around for awhile funnel, builder, checkout pages, one-click upsells and automations.

[00:01:46] Let's take a look at the automation right quick. This is their newest, I guess, component or module of their solution, which is called autonomy. And it is essentially a fluent CRM competitor. It's an email marketing platform, but it plugs directly in to your funnel builder. The most powerful way that we've seen, because it's the exact same company.

[00:02:09] I will say, this is still being built out. It's not the most full featured, uh, deal out there, but it does have a free plan to get started if you wanted to test it out. And we'll do that here in this video. So just stay tuned and they do integrate in with a good old fashioned Zapier as well as a few others.

[00:02:26] But I would like to see more integrations come in alone. All right. So let's check this out. Let's check out that pricing here. Okay. Cause they're talking about the standard pricing structure, which is true, right? Like in order to get this all going, you either need to spend a bunch of money on a tool like Thrivecart and then you're good.

[00:02:44] But then you still need to add in all the other components or you would go down the WooCommerce route and just get kind of nickeled and dimed to death with different add-ons and plugins and functionality along the way. All right. You get bid roll, right? So let's take a look at their pricing page here.

[00:02:58] And let's see what they're offering us.

[00:03:00] all right. So it shows you can get started for under $200 per year. And now, while that may sound expensive to maybe compare it to, I think cart flows has a pricing point, even cheaper than that. Remember, this is including. A bit of autoresponder as well, and that can in and of itself be upwards of 30, $6,000 per month, depending on your email list size as well.

[00:03:22] So what you get here, unlimited funnels, checkout pages, upsells, and down sells all the funnel. Goodness. There a lead capture forms. I like how they do this. We'll see that in this video, um, some reporting. All the goodies, right? So to the next tier from 1 79 to two 50, you just get the exact same stuff. But up to 25 sites, this is a single site license.

[00:03:44] If you have a big agency, just be prepared, you'll be over here on the scale plan pretty quickly. And this is what I don't like. Give a knock on wood funnels right here, because they hold back. Uh, some of their beds. Stuff for the most expensive plan where the autonomic CRM, the customer relationship manager, you need to have that biggest plan to get it and integration with external tools, Twilio, automated followup emails, some of these things I would expect to be available on any plan.

[00:04:16] Honestly, I would like to just see them what they have here on the starter plan. Include everything and simply a scale up the number of websites as you're going. Okay. So not a, not a big fan. They do have a 14 day money back guarantee for you to take a look at. And then as we scroll on down here, you'll see kind of the problem.

[00:04:34] We stopped here at the automations. We don't get any automations until you scale up. But the problem with scaling up is what if you don't have 25 websites that you just want to have the functionality, not a huge fan there, but you can see a HTTP web hooks. And included, which is pretty excited. If you want to integrate this with anything out there under the sun, all right.

[00:04:55] Enough talking, let's build this sucker out. So I'm going to come here to a blank webpage and let's show you these tools. I will first show you what we can do in the free tools. And then we'll also. License up and get the pro functionality and take a look at everything we can find. All right. So I'm going to search for WooFunnels.

[00:05:12] This is just a blank little website that has WooCommerce installed. And now I can see not a lot of installations. If you were to, you know, just let me go ahead and install this. So this is the free version of WooFunnels and the free version of autonomy. Let's put both of these on, and then we'll also just take a look here.

[00:05:31] If we go to cart flows, which is the clearest competitor to Wi-Fi. 200,000 active installations. All right. So this is a little bit of a David and Goliath situation here. Uh, clearly autonomic and, uh, WooFunnels has their work cut out for them. Uh, and I think part of that is honestly just popularity and media presence.

[00:05:51] Right. We all know, uh, cart flows has incredible, uh, Marcus. Engine behind them. Uh, Adam, he is a beast. He puts out a ton of content and he's super valuable. I appreciate him a lot. And also the creators of cart flows is, uh, Astra who has a ton of users as well. So there's a lot of good things going for cart flows from an adoption standpoint.

[00:06:12] So let's see how the product itself, uh, woo, woo funnels and autonomy. Let's see how the product itself performs. We'll go ahead and activate these plugins. All right. And it's going to send us to our dashboard that we'll get quite familiar with. So it does automatically ask you to upgrade to pro we get it, but we're going to go ahead and see what we can do on the free version before we go and upgrade.

[00:06:37] All right. So contacts, this is how you can on the autonomic side, adding people in there. So carts recovered, recent abandons carts because one of their big features is being e-commerce focused, uh, automated emails. Abandoning carts is a big deal. And then how have your recent, uh, campaigns broadcast performed recently?

[00:06:57] All right. That's on the autonomic side. And then on the Wu funnel side, let's find this as well. That'll get added, activated, activate YouTube. All right, let's go ahead and start our quick wizard. All right. You're on a roll. So do you want to help them improve their user experience? This is not a real website, so I'm not going to worry about that.

[00:07:18] And then I will skip subscribing. That's a very basic dashboard. I like that. All right. So build your first funnel. Let's add a funnel in here and let's first just add a simple opt-in funnel and we'll take a look at some of their templates. All right. So here we go. We can pre preview any of these templates.

[00:07:39] Let's just take a look to see what we can. And off to the side here, you can see all the pages that are included. So this isn't just a one-off page. They are full blown funnels with each page you might expect included and I'll admit it's a good looking funnel. I like it. It's looking good. Looks rather click funnily more so than you might see on like an Elementor template library.

[00:08:03] We can see the checkout page here, and this is a good looking checkout form as well. I like it. It's not too big, not too spaced out apart. You have different options there. Upsell page, which happens with one click and a thank you page with really nice, a really nice style here. All right. I want to have an opt-in funnel though.

[00:08:28] I just want to collect a lead right now. Let's see how that works first. And one thing I like about it. Then I'll look at that. Even our opt-in funnels pro only. Okay. No, it looks like you have a badge here for pro and some that are free, so let's go ahead and grab a free one, import it, and it says we need Elementor.

[00:08:47] So let's go ahead and activate element or add this in. I do wish they had, oh, look at that. There's a drop down here. They do have templates for divvy and oxygen, uh, but not really my choices. So we're going to go ahead and add elementary into our website. And let's go ahead and take a look. So if we view this, okay, here's our first funnel, uh, first funnel page.

[00:09:10] I should say it looks quite nice. Goodness gracious, nothing wrong with that. Let's come back here and let's take a look at some of these settings here of this funnel. We'll edit it. Alrighty. What I wanted to be able to show you was how they implement the two-step, uh, opt-in pages. These are called like click pops or they click a button and then the opt-in form pops up.

[00:09:38] It generally shows again, everyone's audience is a little bit different, but from most of my testing, I have found that having them push a button before they get the form actually increases conversion because it makes them add in that small micro commitment of saying yes, before they even realize you want their email address.

[00:09:55] So. I can't do that here yet. We're going to go ahead and check that out in the pro version, but let's see what the options are here. We've got our design tab, which kind of just shows you, uh, how to get into the designer. You can adjust the fields you're asking for. Maybe you don't want to ask for the first name.

[00:10:08] It's as easy as saying no to that, but maybe you want to ask for a phone number, which is a pro version. I can definitely see we're going to upgrade to really put this thing through its paces, but come over here to customize. That's kind of nice. Uh, all the customization options are built in directly to the Elementor widgets.

[00:10:25] So that's going to save us some time and then the actions here, if you want to get an email notification, you can send your lead notification and that's kind of cool. So instead of having to go into a whole separate system and build out the automation, you can have essentially the thank you email. Added directly here on the opt-in page.

[00:10:45] That's a nice little feature. I'm a big fan. I will say this is going to be more limited than if you were to maybe want to have a followup or you check a day later. Hey, did they open my email? Did they even receive my email? If not send them another follow-up uh, you're not going to have all that functionality, but it does build in all the short codes.

[00:11:02] And at least if you just want to get something out there quickly, this is super quick. Super. Autonomy, uh, get pro and able to see it. So really you're not, you're not gonna be able to do a whole lot with us unless you get a pro version because essentially all you can do right now is add them. You can't even add them to a list.

[00:11:23] It looks like on the free version actions. I mean, you can collect the leads, but where are you send them to you can't connect to any CRMs yet. No. I mean, I get it like they want, they want you to upgrade, but that's, I'm not as generous as they could be. Okay. So I'm just going to go ahead and say that you're going to want the pro version.

[00:11:44] If you want to really put this thing through its paces. So I'm going to go ahead and go into my account and activate the, um, WooFunnels and autonomy and add in some of the bonuses. I'll come back in one second. So it looks like will funnels has gone the, um, compartmentalize route where to get their full functionality.

[00:12:03] There's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 different plugins. It will be added to your website. Now this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it can be a little bit confusing and, uh, anxiety inducing to people that are not familiar with having a bunch of plugins on your website. But these all. Add separate functionalities to it.

[00:12:21] So the connectors will let you connect your email marketing platform to all the different tools out there under the sun. Um, this is actually autonomics based plugin and the pro version AB testing. So this is rather interesting to me that they. Separate it out, their optimization, their conversion rate optimization portion of their plugin and made that a separate tool altogether.

[00:12:41] But Hey, okay. And then here's the base WooFunnels and the pro version of WooFunnels. Okay. So when you sign up, if you go for that scale at route, you'd get access to all these plugins. Now let's go ahead and install them. So I'm gonna come over here to add more plugins and let's just drag them on up and put them on in.

[00:12:58] okay. So I've installed each of the plugins, but they do have that warning sign of updating your license key. So not to worry, you can just click on those buttons and what's kind of funny about this. They give you a bunch of different license keys, so make sure you line up the right key for the right tool and go ahead and plug them in.

[00:13:16] I'll come back in one. Okay, so now everything is updated and that is fantastic. So now, if we come back to our dashboard, let's go ahead and resume what we were working on here, going back to our funnels. And now we can see what things are going to start to look like here we'll have access to all the funnels that we're working on.

[00:13:33] We can go into them and eventually we'll be able to see the analytics and all kinds of fun things. Let's just continue on what we were doing. Okay. So I've got this here now. Let's go ahead and look at the design for it. This will open up inside of our favorite Elementor

[00:13:51] okay. And now we've pulled up our, um, opt-in button here, which is great. I also want to show you something I'm really impressed with. Not that it's that big. But it's kind of nice is that instead of forcing you to have to use maybe the elements or pop-up builder, and then do all this additional work, you can simply drag in an opt-in pop-up if you like that route more.

[00:14:12] And, uh, that styling is not my favorite. So let's go ahead and make that button. Maybe this accent color let's make a little bit wider and we should be able to just make it a.

[00:14:30] You have to do a little bit of styling here. Don't you? So we'll. Not forcing you to watch all this, but I'm not a huge fan of it. Input 20 pixels of padding. So it looks like a bigger button. And then let's also give it five pixels of border radius. Okay. It looks a little bit better. I'm a little bit happier.

[00:14:45] And when you click on it, it'll actually pop up your phone or you can come in here, come into your content and adjust what the heading says instead of one step away cause has very click funnels. Z will say almost there. Where can I ascend your goodie? All right. Let's take a look at that. All right. And it replaced that right there for you, and you can decide what is on the form, what color the button is, all that good stuff.

[00:15:15] All right. I like that. So we view this page. That's how it's going to work.

[00:15:23] I can click the button to pop it up, or I can see. What's going on down there. Let's go back and take a look at this, uh, the settings in the backend here.

[00:15:33] all right. Back inside our funnel. If I go to edit on this page one more time. Alrighty. So I can see, I can even use their names if I'd like to my, I skip that for now on the form. Let's be silly and let's remove the first name, but add in a phone. Because why not? And I like this drag and drop where you actually change the order of how things are asked based on the order they're put in here, let's say.

[00:16:03] Customized. Yep. That was all elementary. But the reason why this is here is in case you're using a plugin like thrive architect that does not connect in nicely with WooFunnels, then you're able to customize the settings, the colors, all that good stuff on that page. And now, since I have the pro version, I can come back here and enable an integration.

[00:16:21] Ah, you know what? It is a WooFunnels and autonomic obviously integrate perfectly. So you don't need to specify that you want to add them to autonomic. I'm just coming from the perspective of, you always have to specify where that list goes, but because this is a working a bit more like an all-in-one, you don't need to do that.

[00:16:37] Which is nice. Let's take a look at our opt-in. Thank you page and see what the settings are for it as well. All right. So very simple paging. Send them to a call to action that you would like, and not a whole lot of settings here. It looks like custom redirection. Okay. That's cool. If you want to send them to a specific place, you can.

[00:16:55] I like that option. All right. Now let's also add in the ability to make a sale. So we'll come back to this. And let's add a new step and let's create a one-click or like a one-time offer. Let's do a sales page and you can, ah, I like that you can click it from a different page. You've already built, which is a nice feature.

[00:17:15] Let's add this in. Let's go to edit this guy and I can see here's the mentor. This is already designed out. So it should fit nicely. I'll import this one. Yeah.

[00:17:29] All right. So this sales page looks very good. It looks just like, um, the previous design, because in the same packs, this is very helpful to save time. If you don't have that many specifics on how you want your stuff to look, you can bring in a really nicely designed template right there for you and similar to cart flows and other funnel builders.

[00:17:48] It'll give you a specific link. To put into your sales page to make sure it goes to the next page in the funnel and dynamically. So the drag and drop all works. Let's go and open this page up real fast. Let's make sure that's all set up for us automatically. And then we'll add in a checkout page and test this guy out.

[00:18:06] All right. So if I check, check out the button here, you can see it already has the, uh, link added in properly, which is great. So you can go through here and you've got all the design skills or capabilities of Elementor. You can, uh, this product is for you. If dot.dot boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Nicely designed.

[00:18:28] I am a big fan of what they've done here. They've taken some good care random 15 day. Refund period, let's go and update it and let's exit to the dashboard.

[00:18:40] all right. And let's go back to our settings here.

[00:18:46] Alrighty. And then let's go ahead and finish this off by adding in a checkout page and a thank you page. So what we're going to do is add one more new step. Let's do a checkout page. Just call it checkout. I'll add this in and we can drag this up. That's kind of nice. It's got the order bumps button right here.

[00:19:08] It's also got some error messages or there's something not right. So for example, there's no product included yet. So I'll go to edit. And let's see if we find mentor as well. Oh, look at this. They've got one step, two step or three step. These are all different order form methodologies of, you know, how much of the form do you want to show the person at one time?

[00:19:27] Let's do a two-step. If we can find mentor, that's what we've been using. So this should fit in nicely. I can also preview it and see what this is going to look like. Hmm. It's definitely is bringing in the default colors of Elementor that's. Let's see what it looks like when I actually import it in. All right.

[00:19:47] I'll look at that. Looks better. I'll go to edit this here and that'll pull up the design features. I'll probably need to do some back end set up. Ah, this looks very nice. Joined the tribe. Shipping methods headlines. It looks good. If I click on the checkout form itself, you can see, I can adjust different portions of the settings here.

[00:20:12] Oh, cool. Do you want tabs or breadcrumbs? I think breadcrumbs tend to make more sense on the three-step tabs. Make a bit more sense on the two step. And if I enable look at that, you can actually disable the two-step right here. No, this is actually just allowing you to see the different steps. That's interesting.

[00:20:35] So as you can change things here from shipping to account set up maybe, and then complete purchase, and you can see how that adjust the content right up here. Very easy to use. Very nice. I'll go and update this and let's get out of this page all right. So on the checkout page, I'm going to need a product. Let me go ahead and make a simple WooCommerce product here and we'll make this a $5 product.

[00:21:02] All right. So I just made a very simple $5 product has nothing really set up on it. But now inside of the checkout settings in WooFunnels, I should be able to come here. I see my design options. I can come to the product section here. And I can add in probably just my $5 product. Sorry, what did I call it?

[00:21:28] There you go sample $5 product. I can just select that and add it in. And what's kinda cool about this is I should also be able to add multiple products and give them options to select or choosing them, like forcing them to buy the entire bundle right off the bat. So you've got cool options there. You can actually put in maybe a 50% discount as part of this funnel or even a fixed amount.

[00:21:51] So $5 off or just a set amount there. We'll save those changes. Let's take a look at how they handle fields, checkout fields, what is required. All right. Cool. So you can add multiple steps. You can actually make it a three-step right there. I've got my payment gateways on step two and by default customer information is on step one.

[00:22:16] So what you could do here, I can remove shipping method or perhaps I could even, I wonder, can I drag this up here?

[00:22:29] Okay, I'm going to get rid of shipping method because we don't need shipping for this digital product. And let's get rid of shipping address, you know, get rid of some of the information you don't think you need. I don't want phone number. There you go. A couple changes there and you could even add additional sections in and drag fields over.

[00:22:48] Maybe you want to include order notes over here. Uh, you can do that by adding a section and ask anything else.

[00:22:58] And we'll drag the order notes in there, your order notes in right here. There it is. And we'll save those changes. Let's check out the optimizations tab. So a couple of cool things you can do. Auto apply coupons, Google address, auto completion. This is a feature that is pretty stinking. Cool. We'll take a look at that.

[00:23:27] It would allow you, as you start to type in your address. If you're using addresses on your checkout form, it can auto complete it and, um, avoid errors and kind of make the process much, much easier. So some pretty cool options there. And then underneath settings. You can override the default analytics. So if you want it to do more intense tracking, you can override global settings or even add in your own custom scripts along the way.

[00:23:53] All right. Let's review what we have in our funnel. Here. We have an opt-in page, a sales page, a checkout page with one product and a opt-in. Thank you page, which really should be a, uh, purchase. Thank you page now. So we'll come here. We'll say one time offer. Thank you. We'll add this in. Let's make this the next step there.

[00:24:19] And let's bring in one template here as well from hopefully the mentor look at that. They have the entire set up here, and this is already designed. So we're going to go ahead and just leave this the way that it is. Was shows all the details of their product, as well as the call to action button, where you could have them directly go into their course that they just purchased or whatever it is that you're selling.

[00:24:43] All right. So now let's go ahead and take a look at this let's, uh, sample this funnel for the first time. We'll come back to the main funnel screen, or you can see all the steps and we'll even be able to start taking a look at the analytics of how many leads you're getting, how much revenue, revenue per visit and step by step.

[00:25:01] This looks very similar to click funnels, which is not necessarily a bad thing because people are used to that. And that's kind of how people expect funnels to look like these days. So it's kind of, we'll go here. Let's go ahead and set this up and let's give it a try. So you could either sign up here or click on here and you notice here that I've got the email and phone number field on both sections there, because that's how I set it up inside the backend makes it very easy to make it look right.

[00:25:31] So I'm going to go ahead and put in a kind of a fake email

[00:25:37] and let's say get instant access. Oh, it knows it's not a right. I real email. All right. Let me put in another email.

[00:25:44] Okay. Now this is the sales page that comes after it. And I can scroll through, see the content. If I'm ready, I'll click on this button here, which should already be pre-populated to send me over to the checkout page. And here is the checkout page, so as I get here on the checkout form, I like the way that it's shown it shows that I'm getting a 50% discount. It puts it in red text. So I really can't miss it there. It hides the coupon field, but allows me to get to it if I need to. And if I have information that's not filled in, then it'll have that red bar around.

[00:26:16] It's showing that I have work still to do, let me go and fill in this information and I'll go over to the next.

[00:26:21] all right now here in the next step I added in that. Anything else? A notes. So you can add in any information you want. Okay. It shows right now I did not add in Stripe or anything, but you'd be able to put in any payment processor that you'd like, let's go ahead and see if it'll let me buy it without putting anything in.

[00:26:38] And I need to include cash on delivery real fast. Let me do that. I know that you most likely have a payment processor set up, so let's come here to our WooCommerce settings. And just for the sake of this kind of walkthrough, let's go into our payments area and allow cash on delivery. That's okay.

[00:26:56] All right. So now I have pay with cash upon delivery. That's okay. We'll do some trust right here. And it'll say place order now. And it'll take me to my thank you page with my information, as well as the call to action button that could take me to the members area to whatever it is that I just bought.

[00:27:13] All right. Pretty cool. Uh, it's very easy to set up. Runs quickly, looks like ClickFunnels. And if I come over here to analytics, Now I should be able to see that I've earned $2 and 50 cents of revenue from that transaction. I've got one total order and I'll even show me which steps each order in which dollar came from.

[00:27:34] So if I wanted to have upsells and down sells, I would be able to see very easily, which one is doing well. Now it also should be able to happen. Now is inside of autonomy, which is their CRM. I should be able to see that I didn't have a new contact. And that was email address I used to subscribe with. I should be able to see, uh, all my contexts.

[00:27:58] Right here. And I can even create analytics and automations on that. Now I'll go ahead and do a followup video to show you how autonomy works and what you can do with it. But it's pretty darn cool where I'll be able to create automations based on products se. On which funnels they opted in on and other things like that.

[00:28:18] But let's just talk about WooFunnels in this video, because it is a huge tool and it deserves its own love. So what do I love about WooFunnels so far? Well, I love the fact that it allows you to get started. I think that's a space that, um, I want to see more of that freemium model.

[00:28:36] I think that's just very kind and very like supportive of everybody who's trying to get started and they don't want to go and be too far in the, in the red, when they're starting to build out there online business. I also liked the templates that are included. You know, if we go back, we didn't really review the templates too deeply, but if I wanted to go and take a look and just make one more.

[00:28:55] Funnel to, uh, walk you through some of those options here, I can see all their sales pages. Like each one I would say is pretty carefully created. I mean, they look good. They look like they were honestly ripped off of a click funnels template. Uh, which generally means these guys are looking at ClickFunnels and saying, Hey, this is what these guys are doing.

[00:29:13] And by the way, they're making a ton of money over at click funnels. So let's go ahead and do the same thing. Pretty smart business practice if you ask me. So I like their templates. Um, I think they're the most from a WordPress funnel builder and the entire experience of building out. There's not a whole lot of question marks as I'm going through this.

[00:29:32] Everything is making sense as you're working through, uh, the experiment section, let's check that out real fast. How it works. You can click here and kind of see a, uh, document, but it's pretty darn simple. I'm going to create an experiment. Now, what does an experiment? This is about conversion rate optimization or C R O.

[00:29:50] And it's essentially the engineer's approach to marketing, where instead of having to throw spaghetti against the wall and see if it works, you're able to create this experiment and test out version a or version B of a page and measure the results. So let's test out that opt-in page. All right. So w where we're at here is we're testing out the headline of our often page, and I simply duplicated the original version here. All right. So I have. A couple of versions here. Let me just delete this one here. So we have two versions of the same page. All right. I want to see which pages are going to work better.

[00:30:23] So this is what the original page looks like. I can open this in a different tab, so maybe I want to change this headline around and see which one works better. It's very easy to do we're to come back to our experiment and let's edit this copy that we just made and I'll come into the.

[00:30:45] All right. And then I can just make whatever changes I want to, maybe I can change the image. I'll say, do you want to get higher conversions on your landing pages? I'll publish that change, exit out to the dashboard, and then we'll simply be able to tell. Very mathematically, no emotion involved and keep the better one.

[00:31:13] So if I here's my design. Okay. Let's get back to my experiments.

[00:31:23] All right. So I've got my experiments and now I can test out the traffic by saying, if I am confident that this is a worthwhile test, maybe I do 50 50, and I make this 50 aren't look at that. Make equal weight. Here, you can just make them equal, equal weight and update it. And now what that means is that for every 100 visits that come through every a hundred new visitors, half of them should see this version.

[00:31:46] Half of them should see the variant and over time, let me hit start here. And now over time, people are going to see each one and I'll start to measure the traffic measure, the conversions, measure the revenue and let you see, Hey, this one's working better. You should probably keep this one and it'll be able to show you those analytics here over time, which is pretty cool.

[00:32:07] So let's come back through and see if we get lucky and get that variation here. So here's my opt-in funnel if I view this in an incognito window. Okay. So I see version one. Let me remove it. Let's try one more time and we'll also try in safari. There you go. So now on the second version, it's asking me the question and if I happen to like that more, let's go ahead and put in an example.

[00:32:36] all right. So I'm filling in this information and saying, giving my free guide, I'll submit that. So this is showing that version B or that second option is, should be converting higher than version a. So it's bounced back into our experiments and let's see if it shows that it's doing that. I'm going to click over to the analyst.

[00:32:58] And here. Boom. I can see. So version one was what I saw originally and I did not opt in, but then version two, I saw and I did opt in and it's showing 100%. Yeah. So what you can do is you can watch this over time, see which one is doing better and then declare it. And let's say, I like version two. Uh, how nice you can even give it a little trophy.

[00:33:22] And what's cool about this is that even though I'm only testing the opt-in page, if that page actually creates more revenue, it might convert lower, but then potentially have get you more money. What do you want? You probably want more money. And so you can declare that and it shows everything is going nice and swimmingly.

[00:33:41] All right. So that's a pretty good, good walkthrough of WooFunnels. Again, the key points here, it lives inside your WordPress dashboard has the pros and cons. You have to kind of be careful what you're doing. Keep your plugins up to date and be comfortable with selling through commerce to use this. So there's a bit more of a learning curve than something like a click funnels.

[00:33:59] Uh, but what you get with that is you can get started for free and sell some items. Obviously, as we saw in the beginning of this video, there's a pretty. Strong limitations placed on the free version, but again, you can still get started. If you make a few sales, then you can justify spending 200 bucks on upgrading to the pro version.

[00:34:16] Um, it's going to be trickier than using something like a Thrivecart. So I'm really separating these into different categories where this is going to be. If you want to keep it all on your WordPress website and, and grow that business on WordPress, then we'll funnels is pretty powerful. How does this stack up between cart flows and whew funnels?

[00:34:35] Well, I'm going to say that there are features I like more in cart flows and features. I like more in WooFunnels as an example. I like the way that cart flows does AB testing better because you can see it all on the same page. As you're looking through the flows, you can kind of just run an AB test immediately.

[00:34:50] Nice. But I like how WooFunnels does opt-in pages better. I like that. Click pop-up, it doesn't force them to buy a product and, and WooCommerce, that's a really weird workflow that's, uh, in, uh, cart flows. So, and pick and choose. I like the templates and move funnels more. I like having 200,000 active installations on cart, flows more as a user and making sure that, you know, the team is there to support it.

[00:35:15] So it really is a 50 50, I think, between the two of them.

[00:35:18] If you're looking for something to be a bit more like an all in one and less decisions for you to make. I think the fact that WooFunnels also now has autonomy puts that a little bit above and cart flows. I would say if you already have a strong email marketing system in place and you don't want to change it over, I would probably stick with cart flows, plus whatever else you're using on that side.

[00:35:37] But again, they're very neck and neck here. I'll be really excited to see what changes over the next several months. One thing I also don't want to forget about here. WooFunnels. One thing it does do that I know Carlos is working on is it also has really good rules engines. well, will funnels does have a stronger rules engine right now, but I know that's going to be something that if you fast forward a few months is probably going to be very similar between the two. So that is my first one. Review of WooFunnels. It's a solid platform. There's really nothing wrong with it. If you keep your website up to date, you keep WooCommerce happy along the way.

[00:36:16] Uh, this can be a really solid performer. Their templates are fantastic. There. Their overall build functionality, like as you're building it out, kind of make sense as you're working through it. And I can see this growing and scaling with you so long as you keep your website happy along the way. What do you guys think?

[00:36:32] Is there any questions I should have asked in this Wu funnel review that I didn't ask? Let me know by leaving a comment down below, and I'll be sure to record a follow-up just for you. I'm John from unviable tech. I hope you enjoyed this video and I'll see you in the next one. Take care.

Is Funnelkit Worth Your Time?


  • Get started for free and only upgrade when you need additional features
  • Living inside your WordPress website can make it easier to manage - less places to log in and find your information
  • Excellent template library for Elementor and Divi Users
  • Really well thought out user interface - easy to work through and set up your first funnel.


  • I don't like that they force you to get a 25 site license to unlock FunnelKit Automations (formerly Autonami) - would like to see a single site premium plan.
  • Would like to see Funnelkit integrate with more Email Marketing Platforms. Would like to see a Fluent CRM integration added
  • Their Experiments module is a little unintuitive - would like to see the running experiments and results directly on the Funnel Overview page
  • Will likely need to add on an affiliate platform, subscription platform, and other additional WordPress tools to get the functionality you'll want - which can cost another $500 per year or so.


There is a lot to like about FunnelKit and I can see it becoming a big player in the WordPress funnel space.

I still use and recommend Thrivecart as my #1 platform of choice, but I understand many people don't want to make an upfront investment until their business starts generating income.

So if you are looking to get started on a completely bootstrapped budget and don't mind the WooCommerce learning curve, I think FunnelKit is an excellent choice!

Support Unbeatable Tech by using our affiliate link below to test FunnelKit out!

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John Whitford is an entrepreneur who has built over 12 profitable online blogs and businesses. He's also the founder of Unbeatable Tech, a data-driven digital marketing company that specializes in sales funnel implementation for both his own businesses and clients alike. John loves to be a beach bum while brainstorming new ideas for marketing strategies, but he's always excited to take on another project!