Internet marketing world is very exciting and sexy, whether you are working as a growth hacker, social media manager, SEO specialist or you are just a writer. The possibilities are endless, you can work remotely from all around the world on most jobs and the money is great. Besides that, all those IT & marketing companies are really cool and you’ll have a chance to meet a lot of interesting, smart people and valuable business connections.

Ok Drazen, I am hooked. I want to be a freelance/remote (or maybe based somewhere?) internet marketer and do some of the cool things you mentioned above, where do I sign up?

Not so fast fella! Why do you think you even have a chance? Are you really that good, really that special?

Well, maybe you are, maybe you aren’t. That’s the problem. If you live across the world and want a cool freelance/remote full time job, you must prove somehow that you are exactly the person your future employer needs.

Your online presence is the key! Use it in your advantage.

I’m sure you know this, but let’s say it anyway. Your employer WILL Google your name! And, what will he or she see? A bunch of drunk photos from last New Year’s Eve as a first result, or your LinkedIn profile full of references and recommendations from your ex-colleagues? So, this is your first lesson…

Lesson #1 – Check Google search results for your own name

Tip: Go beyond page 1, don’t be lazy.

Another tip: Try Googling it in different countries, who knows, maybe your potential employer is currently on a business trip to Germany and might show some other links than

Let’s go to lesson #2…

OMG, your first 10-20 results in SERPs after Googling your own name look awful, what to do?

Lesson #2 – How to get rid of bad search results aka Reputation Management

Might seem difficult but it’s actually easier than you think. Let’s say you embarrassed yourself on Rihanna’s Fan forum, desperately asking everyone to give you her phone number (drunk of course), so that you could ask her out (you did all that under your real name, dooh!). And now, that forum thread jumps out on the first page of Google. You have tried asking administrators/moderators to delete it but they find it amusing and they are also A-holes. Not a problem. Although Google sucks these days (yeah Google, you do) with its algorithm changes all the time and destroying a lot of business world wide, it is still very predictable.

Thinking as how Google values some websites more than other you can still manipulate it, just on that information alone. So how does that help? Well, you just need to find a better, stronger website, than the one causing you all the trouble and, outrank it!

But Drazen, I don’t know SEO, what should I do?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to know SEO for this stuff (although it speeds things up, I assume your name will not have that much competition anyway). Just invest some time in managing those websites and social accounts, and Google will do the rest for you.

Here are 10 examples of websites that Google is very fond of, and which could easily outrank other websites: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Quora, YouTube, Instagram, Wikipedia, Tumblr, Reddit. And that’s without mentioning your own website/domain like Do you have a profile on all of these websites?

And there you go, with accounts/pages on these networks you will at least control 5 out of 10 positions on the first page of the almighty Google.

For a list of 500+ websites and social networks that you can use to automatically create social profiles on, plus a list of my personal websites that rank amazingly well on Google from my own experience (for your reputation management strategy), please click on FB like, tweet or +1 this article by using the buttons below:

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This is it guys: – you have a list of bunch of websites which you can copy and create profiles on them manually, or you can pay to do it automatically, your choice.

And these are the websites which I usually use to manipulate Google when dealing with reputation management: Facebook, Twitter,, Slideshare, LinkedIn, Tumblr, + multiple websites on own domain (with different content of course), for example,, etc. you get the point).


It could take some time though. Being active on those social network is crucial, and having followers (backlinks to your profiles) is very important too, that’s how Google knows your social accounts have some value and that’s why it will rank them good. And don’t forget to have all those pages / social accounts registered under keyword you wish to outrank (or in this case, your name).

P.S. In case you need help with professional reputation management feel free to contact me.

Ok, now that you have your first 10-20 positions on Google sorted out the way you wanted to, it’s time to see what will your potential employer find out about you, after he/she visits one or more of those websites!


Lesson #3 – Present yourself online in the most desirable (professional) way

Another hypothetical situation. Let’s say that I am an employer looking for a writer, and you sign up for the job, send your CV, cover letter, fill out some form, answer some questions and stuff like that. I check all that out and then I start Googling you, here’s what I want see:

  • Who are you? – That’s obvious, on each website put a nice photo of your face, your name, contact info, short description and all that usual stuff.
  • Your work & experience – If you are a writer (for example), some of your articles must have already been published somewhere, right? Show it on your personal website or blog, link to it from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, from everywhere!
  • Education – I can see education details in your CV of course, but what did you do after your formal education ended? What have you done lately about it? What are your main role models, who do you follow, who inspires you? Where do you learn about new trends? Do you have more skills? Did you take an online class on Udemy or Lynda maybe? If so, brag about it, show it anywhere and everywhere!
  • Connections – How many other writers do you know? How about in your own country, in person? And how about worldwide? Are you active on Twitter, LinkedIn? How many followers/connections do you have? Are you somewhat influential?
  • Personality – Every thing you say, write, do or share online says something about you and your personality. Keep that in mind. Be careful what you publish today, it may come up tomorrow and bite you in the ass. But on the other hand, always be who you are, just don’t appear stupid, silly or unprofessional (keep that for your publicly locked Facebook profile and your friends).
  • Uniqueness – You know that famous questions: “Why should I pick you? Why are you better than others? What makes you so special?” Yeah, we all do… Can’t help you with that one, but you better know the answer. Better yet, make it obviously visible from everything you do online.
  • Recommendations – This could be the most important thing that will separate you from others, and this is why you connect with as much people as you can, work with as many of them as you can and maintain a good relationship with them all – because you never know when you might need it. Do you know that latin term, Quid pro quo, in other words, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. May sound mobster like, but it’s true. So keep that Twitter, LinkedIn and other social profiles alive and well maintained, meet new people and make new friends, it may get you some good later on.

To recap lesson #3, everything you do online stays written somewhere (unless you delete it afterwards, but by the time you do it, it’s probably too late). So be careful and always try to present yourself in the best possible light, at least business wise.

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How To Find and Get Internet Marketing Jobs – Article in PDF
Ok, now you are ready to apply for the job of your dreams. Here’s some websites to help you find them.

*I’ll add more as I stumble upon them.
**I will not add freelance websites like Odesk and Elance here, they don’t fit somehow in this article. But you can try there too, sure.

15 Websites Where You Can Find Online Marketing Jobs

Job openings

1. –

My favorite online marketing community. Except great members and amazing resources, comments and knowledge they all share there freely, it also has a job board for marketing related opportunities. Take a look and apply for some right away.

2. –

Another great marketing community, you might even see a “slight” resemblance with 🙂 Nevertheles, it’s a great place to start looking for some kick ass job offers.

3. Jobs @ ProBlogger –

Bloggers of the world unite! If you would like to blog or write for money, this is the job portal you must visit. $100 for a 1000 words article? Not bad ha? That’s just one example, go and find out what others are offering.

4. Product Hunt Jobs –

Ever heard of No? It’s a cool website where you can discover latest cool products and gadgets from all around the world, check it out. Not only that, they help talented workers like you to connect with successful companies and startups.

4.a) ProductHunt is really amazing, it even has a page with a list of products that can help you find a cool job one way or another. Check it out here:

5. –

An easy way to get resume ideas!

6. –

I wanna be a working nomad, do you? Traveling around the world wherever you please, working remotely and just enjoying everyday to the max. Could you do it? If so, subscribe at Working Nomads and they might send you the job offer you are waiting for.

7. –

You can read some news about successful startups everyday both online and offline. “OMG that guys from my town just got their StartUp funded with XY millions of dollars…” Lucky bastards 😀 Well, if you can’t conquer them, join them. has over 5000 startup companies listed and they are all ready to hire someone. Is it you?

8. The Muse –

They say women rule the world… Hm, I don’t know about that, but I know for sure that TheMuse is runned by two extraordinary women (Kathryn Minshew and Alexandra Cavoulacos) who created this amazing website to help you find a better job quickly.

9. Poacht (App) –

This is their slogan: “Covert Job Search For The Currently Employed”. There is no better time to find a better job than the time while you are still working for someone else (sorry boss). Poacht seems handy enough, just install it on your phone and job hunting can begin.

10. Jobs @ SEJ –

If you are into internet marketing no need to give special introduction for these guys. They run one of the leading internet marketing blogs. And they also have a nice jobs section, check it out.

11. Jobs @ MarketingPilgrim –

Marketing Pilgrim, similar to SEJ above offers a wide range of internet marketing jobs including blogging and affiliate marketing jobs.

12. Jobs @ Mashable –

This media giant has a job section for digital & tech jobs with over 200 jobs exclusively published on their website and more then 10,000 jobs in their extended network.

13. Venture Loop –

VentureLoop offers you over 35000 jobs across almost 3000 venture-backed companies! A really cool website with a lot of successful companies on the list.

14. StartUpHire –

Ever wanted to work for a startup company? Here is your chance! Browse and search over 10,000 jobs listed on their website.

15. Your favorite site to find internet marketing and similar jobs – www.???.com

And what is your favorite website to find internet marketing jobs? Give me a clue in the comments below and I might include it in this list.

Next steps – Conclusion

There you go, you are now ready to conquer the business world and find a job of your dreams 🙂 To stay updated on new job websites added to this article over time, I suggest that you subscribe on to my email list and follow IncomeMesh on social networks.

What do you think about the article? Will you apply for a job soon? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Further reading:

I have found two great articles that might help you get that dream job of yours. Although few years old, tips found in it are still valid.

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