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February 12  

Kartra and Thrivecart are two platforms designed from the ground up to help you build, market, and sell your online products.

But a head to head comparison is tricky here, because the platforms aren't exactly direct competitors. 

I know, because I've used them both, and enjoy them both. By the end of this comparison, you are going to have a crystal clear understanding of which tool is right for your online business.?

Let's dive in!


Kartra vs Thrivecart Overview

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing solution that combines product creation, video marketing, lead generation funnels, email marketing, sales funnels, help desk, and more all under a single roof.

Thrivecart is a best-in-class shopping cart solution that is focused solely on the selling aspect of the business. It offers plenty of integrations to cover the rest of the functionality that Kartra offers.

They are both fantastic options, but for different people. In fact, I created a simple 3 question quiz to help you decide which one is right for you: Take the Quiz

Kartra offers a very simple solution that does everything well, but nothing exactly best-in-class.

Thrivecart is a leader in the sales funnel market, and allows you to build a custom stack that is best in breed in all areas. But it comes at the cost of slightly more moving pieces, which you need to be conscious of.

Not sure if an All-in-one is right for you? Check out the quick advice below, and we'll dive right into the comparison.

Kartra vs Thrivecart Pros

Kartra's stand out feature is how each area of the platform looks and feels the same, giving you a certain calm feeling as you are working through your funnel building. The interface, the analytics, and the setup wizard all feel the same whether you are building your products, designing your pages, or working in your support desk. It's a really cool feeling!

Thrivecart's claim to fame is the pure simplicity and power it gives you to build out and test sales funnels at lightning speed. It can set up complex funnel flows without bouncing between tons of different tabs, and it integrates with everything else you need to support your customers. Thrivecart also offers an incredible lifetime pricing model that can save you thousands over time.

Winner: Thrivecart

Kartra vs Thrivecart Cons

Kartra's biggest benefit is that it's an all-in-one platform. But that is also it's biggest weakness. Don't like a feature? Sorry... Want to remove co-branding? Sorry... You have to be willing to look past a few things when you sign up to an all-in-one platform.

Thrivecart on the other hand, has many fewer direct downsides, because it focuses only on a single part of the business. You have the power to choose the other components to do what you need.

Winner: Thrivecart

Kartra vs Thrivecart Ease of Use

With their "single platform to rule them all" mentality, Kartra easily wins the Ease of Use round.

While it can take a little longer to set your products up in Kartra (their system is just a bit slower), the overall experience is easier.

For example, in Thrivecart you'll need to set up your fulfillment integrations (like Teachable or Wishlist Member), your email marketing integrations, and bounce between the different systems to do each task.

With Kartra, you simply follow along the process and all the options that you need are there as you go!

Winner: Kartra????

Sendowl vs Thrivecart Pricing

Kartra vs Thrivecart Pricing

Kartra's pricing is a complicated story. In general, I find their pricing extremely fair for the functionality that it offers. It's fatal flaw, however, is how it decides to upcharge you for various usage. It feels like your cell-phone bill before unlimited plans were a thing, and many customers are not a big fan of it (neither am I honestly). 

Thrivecart swings hard the other way. Pay one price, and get unlimited use for life. I can't compare the actual pricing on an apples to apples basis here because they are completely different products, but I much prefer the pricing philosophy of Thrivecart.

Winner: Thrivecart

Kartra vs Thrivecart Support

Kartra offers a support desk system where you can place tickets and get a response back in about 48 hours. In general, their support team has been helpful, but I have had a few tickets that seemed to just go missing or get ... less than good service in return.

Thrivecart, on the other hand, has always gone above and beyond with their support desk. 

Winner: Thrivecart

Kartra vs Thrivecart Integrations

The integrations category is a difficult one to judge, because with Kartra the entire goal is to NOT REQUIRE integrations.

Most of the functionality you will need lives within Kartra, but if you need to expand beyond its potential, it has a few select integrations built in.

A major downside for Kartra is that it does not support physical products at all. For that reason, I give the category to Thrivecart.

Winner: Thrivecart

Kartra Bonuses

Because Kartra can do so much to simplify your business, I wanted to put together an incredible bonus to help you succeed with the platform.

If you use the link below, you'll get access to:

  • The "7 Figure, Retire me at 30" Funnel?
  • The One Day Product Creation Masterclass
  • Conversion Optimization Mastery System
  • ?Unlimited & Irresistible Email Marketing?
  • The 10 Commandments to a High Converting Offer
  • Complete Done For You Kartra Funnel
  • My Personal Onboarding and Support

Learn more about each of these bonuses

Thrivecart Bonuses

I think Thrivecart is one of the smartest selling solutions for most entrepreneurs, so I've put together a pretty incredible bonus offer if you purchase the software through my link below.

Upon purchase, you'll get instant access to:

  • The "7 Figure, Retire me at 30" Funnel?
  • The One Day Product Creation Masterclass
  • Conversion Optimization Mastery System
  • ?Unlimited & Irresistible Email Marketing?
  • The 10 Commandments to a High Converting Offer
  • Thrivecart Funnel Analysis Training
  • My Personal Onboarding and Support

Learn more about each of these bonuses

Kartra vs Thrivecart Conclusion

Kartra and Thrivecart are both excellent solutions, but for most people, I think Thrivecart will offer more flexibility and a better price.

Kartra is definitely a "lock-in" type of company. Once you build out your entire business on their platform, good luck leaving it. I think it's got a great feature set and a reasonable price, but for a long term business, I like the flexibility to adjust and bring in new features as needed.

What do you think? Which platform is right for your online business? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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