Warm Welcome Review


March 19  

We all know that video is king when it comes to building know, like, and trust factor and converting visitors into leads and sales.

But not all videos are created equal! One-way videos where we are always talking at our customer just doesn't feel natural anymore, and our customers deserve better.

Enter Warm Welcome - a tool that enables an organic 2-way conversation with our leads in a beautifully simple package.


Warm Welcome Review


  • Extremely useful features to engage with your clients and leads in email, web pages, and direct messaging
  • Great-functioning app that allows you to quickly respond to questions anywhere
  • Great pricing at only $69 to buy in (although I recommend a double stack on this one - details in video)


  • I had an issue with audio / video getting out of sync when recording using their direct record feature. Team is aware of the issue.
  • The single stack is very limiting with only 1 widget per type available. Highly recommend double stacking.


I've bought several video-focused apps over the years, but each one missed on a specific point... creating conversations. I can see myself implementing warm welcome in every email signature, sales page, thank you page, and client intake form going forward! Don't miss this one.

Video Transcript

It's 2021 we all know that video
Is the quickest way to build a
Relationship with your future clients or
Your existing clients
And build that know like and trust
Factor faster in today's video i want to
Show you
A tool i've just purchased and i'm
Starting to implement in my own business
And i'm already seeing good results and
I think it might be a good one for you
As well let's go ahead and dive in
Hey guys john here before we get into
The tutorial and review
Of warm welcome please be sure to
Subscribe to the channel
Click the like button oh like button and
All the other stuff
Bleh let's go ahead and dive in sorry
Screw this intro up so we're talking
About warm welcome here it's a current
App sumo deal
You know absolute mode is my guilty
Pleasure this one is actually really
Worth taking a look at
So long story short what it does is
Allows you to create these
Automated videos that are really
Highly engaging you can put them in a
Couple of different places i'll show you
Three examples in this video
We'll also set one up for my real
Business on my sales page
So i'm really excited for this it's
Going to help you engage with
Higher ticket clients better because if
They're ready to make a purchase but
They just have a question
You want to be able to give them some
Personalized feedback some personal
Conversation initiation
And close that deal okay so i'm going to
Be setting this up on a sales page i'll
Also show you the email setup and
Something cool i've implemented on one
Of my thank you pages all right so right
Now the deal details
69 bucks for a code and 138 for the
Double stack
And looking at this it highly seems to
Like the double stack makes the most
Sense uh it doesn't for all deals but
For this one it certainly does
Main reason because you go from having
One user and one bubble
To unlimited users unlimited bubbles all
These different and bubbles and all this
Stuff are the different applications
Of this tool we'll cover all that the
One thing i would have loved to see but
I get it it's not really sustainable
Is to have unlimited storage so right
Now you add a max
Stack of two codes you get 50 gigabytes
Of storage and
That's okay you just have to manage your
Stuff and clear it out when you get that
Notification you need to do so
All right also they have integrations
Coming on the second stack versus the
So something to take a look at all right
So before we dive into the tool itself
Let me show you kind of the output of
How i've
Already started to implement it on my
Business i'll show you two of the
And we'll set up the third as we go all
Right so application number one
Pretty standard we all expect to see
This is the business card
And not we don't all expect to see this
But i think more and more this is
Becoming a very awesome
And like widespread application so i
Just sent an email to
My wife not actually a client here but
This gives you an idea of what all your
Outgoing emails would look like
If you're replying back to somebody who
Wants to buy if they need
A personalized touch with you you can
Have this right here give them a nice
Warm welcome
You can either send them to a link you
Know have a call to action
This in case goes into one of my opt-ins
And by the way if you want hundreds of
Nicely organized and set up wordpress
And sales funnel software
Tutorials 100 for free go to
Join and start your 100 free membership
Love to have you in the community and to
Engage with you all right that's that
Little plug there
But if you wanted to kind of just talk
To me
You could go to a little bubble wherever
You find it click on it
It'll pop up in a beautiful little
Widget email widget
You can play it i'll make sure the
Volume is not on but you'll have your
Own recording there and you can engage
With your audience by either asking them
To reply with the video
An audio message or text it's super
Slick when they hit send you can get a
Notification on the app they'll put
Email address in like so
And it's really good because there's no
Additional software required as long as
They have a webcam on their laptop
Or on their phone even you're set you
Can record a video hit the publish
Button and
Engage in that conversation this is
Fantastic for collecting video tutorials
Which i'll show you that in just a
Second and there's just a number of
Applications here
Okay so that's number one is setting up
Inside your email signature
Application number two i really like
This one you guys are you know feel free
To steal this
Is if you are selling digital products
Or any service really
On the thank you page you could just say
Thank you for your order and here's what
To do next but what i like to do
Is also engage in that conversation so i
Embedded a little widget here
That says thank you orders inc is
Complete and it'll play
This video which is basically saying hey
Tell me about yourself
What are you hoping to get out of this
Experience and if there's anything i can
Do to help you out
Click a button down below and i'm happy
To tailor the experience for you
And then also obviously your next steps
There okay so
Really cool applications i hope you're
Enjoying this the third application that
I want to set up
And i'll show you the platform and how
To do it is in
Kind of like your chat bubble so we're
All used to seeing uh little
Text based chat bubbles on the bottom
Corner of the screen they're great
They're all good but now that facebook
Kind of nerfed the facebook messenger
From a marketing perspective
I don't see them as much anymore but
This is pretty cool looking so you get
Brand the face of the brand down there
In the corner you're like what the
Heck's going on here
You click it it pops up another little
Welcome video and again you can engage
In that conversation
So i would see this being a perfect
Application inside of checkout pages
Or sales pages of higher ticket products
If there's some clarification your
Customer needs before they make that
You want to make sure you have the
Opportunity to do that for them all
Right let's go and set that up
Inside of the platform so the warm
Welcome platform looks kind of like this
We got your dashboard all your
Conversations you can see some of the
Conversations i've had with
Real folks as well as just you know with
My playing around my wife here
So this is us kind of goofing around
Before starting the video
Uh what we're going to do is go down to
The widgets area which is where we can
Set up all of our new
Fun stuff all right so you see all your
Widgets here but i'm going to make a new
And i'm going to choose the type so the
Card this could go nicely into an email
Or for example i put it into my the
Footer my email with a signature
Um see i'm currently only on a single
Stack i will be double stacking
Especially now that i see this little
Limitation here because i already have a
Signature i can't show you the signature
Any further
Sorry but if we go to the bubble you can
See that's what it's going to look like
Let's go and make a bubble here
So we're going to add a our widget video
You can either record it right here or
You can if you've uploaded a video
Before you can go to the library
Or you can upload one from your computer
Now a quick word of warning
This is one thing that i noticed it
Might just be because of how my setup
Is i've got an actual nice camera and
A different audio system is going into
This whole mixer thing
So it's been a little bit weird but the
Audio and video were a bit out of sync
When i was using the
Record feature on the platform itself
But if you upload your own video it
Seems like it's working just fine so i'm
Going to take my video bubble for sales
I recorded this just before making this
Video and it basically just says hey do
You have any questions let me know let's
Have a conversation
And that's what it looks like so it's
Uploading right oh
Shoot sorry sure you can see my screen
So i uploaded the video there
And it's going to finish processing i'll
Say it looks good
Absolutely and now we are pretty much
Set up there's a few things i can change
So i could say got questions
I'll just say question if i can type
Now remember this is just going to go in
That little bubble there so you can't
Have a long
Prompt so question is good there you can
Choose the size of the bubble
I'm going to go right down to that looks
Border color if you'd like to brand that
Let's go ahead and just make it like a
Nice little blue that looks kind of nice
Button color font family if i click on
It it should show me what it
The experience would be like this is an
Extremely premium feel i think this is
Pretty awesome
All right fit video reply option
So i guess you can turn off the reply i
Don't know why you'd want to do that
Because that's the whole point is to
Actually get them to reply so that's a
Silly option
And then okay you can show it on
Specific pages or
On all pages this is pretty cool i
Actually have not done this before so
Let me go to one of my sales pages
Pull it up real fast here
All right so i've got this set up what i
Want to do is let me see if i can just
Go to a specific page and just embed
Widget on this page
All right let's go to default page
So i'll paste this in and let's hit
Done i might need to install
A plugin or just maybe get some html
There we go
Share your video bubble get the embed
Code so i'll just get my embed code
And i'll come into the sales page here
At unbeatabletech.com
Ultimate funnel toolkit i'll edit i'm
Currently using thrive architect for my
Page building
But it would work on anything including
And i'll come over and just add some
Html into the
Footer of this page so let's go over to
Advanced settings
Custom scripts
Oh okay they've moved it and i'll put it
In the
Footer so it doesn't impact my load
Speeds and let's save and preview it now
All right cool and now i've got a little
Bubble down here on just this specific
Page so if i go to
My um home page for example
It should not show up here just double
Check because this is
Cowboy coding doing it live and now if i
Click on it
It'll pop up
Very welcoming we got the sound crew in
The back there
And this is perfect if somebody has a
Question about your product wouldn't you
Want to have like the
Most optimal experience of talking to
Them when they're right they're ready to
To me this is like a no-brainer this is
Way more like you know there's a human
Behind this compared to just putting in
Like a little chat widget that goes with
Robot that then like never gets back and
What's beautiful about this
Is let's go ahead and i probably can't
Put in an actual message there
But i can see on my phone let me see if
You can see this
I'll actually be able to pull up the app
I'll try to get to where you can see it
Oh goodness make me log in real fast
Okay here it comes
So once you i made that little gibberish
Response and they have an app which
Seems to be working really well
Where it'll show you the context of
Which actual bubble
They replied to as well as what their
Response was and you can just kind of do
Your customer support or your
You know closing right there from your
App wherever you're at with your family
Or whatever you're doing
Cool so what else do you need to see on
This tool i'm gonna keep this deal
For sure this is a no-brainer for me a
Hundred bucks
For something for example let's talk
About their competitor so
I think their biggest competitor is
Video ask.com
And i really can't see much of a
Difference between the two i've never
Used a paid uh plan with video ask
But okay monthly just an idea
20 minutes that's not enough right so we
Need more than 20 minutes so probably
100 minutes of video or audio processing
Per month
For 30 per month compared to
69 for life or 130 for life
Kind of makes sense there might be a few
Different features that video ask has
That um warren welcome does not yet but
They also have
A road map and i think you can see the
Road map here they have things like
Web hooks on the road map and other
Features that will help you connect it
And integrate it more with other tools
So for example when they have their web
Hook feature you would
Essentially be able to have a workflow
Where they see your bubble or their
They reply back to you and they put
Their name and email address in
And you can actually web hook that over
To activecampaign or web hook it over to
And add people into your email list
Do it right like let them know that
Would happen then
Don't be spammy but you'll have a lot of
When that's all there so that's pretty
Much it that's warm welcome you can get
It by going to
Incomemesh.com warm welcome there will
Also be a link in the description down
And that's it i'm john from incoming.com
This is helpful again be sure to
Like this video hit the subscribe button
And share it with your friends i'll see
You in the next one take care

About the Author

John Whitford is an entrepreneur who has built over 12 profitable online blogs and businesses. He's also the founder of Unbeatable Tech, a data-driven digital marketing company that specializes in sales funnel implementation for both his own businesses and clients alike. John loves to be a beach bum while brainstorming new ideas for marketing strategies, but he's always excited to take on another project!