Elementor Pro Popups vs Thrive Leads

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February 4  

Let's cut to the chase - we all know how important it is to build an email list in order to create a long-term sustainable online business. Your email list can't be shut down - the algorithms can't stop your emails from being delivered (so long as you email valuable content!), and while some people use Facebook and some use Pinterest... EVERYONE uses email.

So you're working frantically to build your email list, right? Great! I hope you're using one of these tools...


Thrive Leads vs Elementor Pro Popups

Elementor Pro has recently released a major update to their plugin which allows you to build custom-designed pop ups and display them anywhere on your website using a very easy and slick engine.

Thrive Leads on the other hand has been a dominant player in the lead capture space for several years and has built the most conversion-optimized lead capture plugin available for WordPress businesses.

But which one is right for you? Find out in this video!

Elementor Pro Highlights

  • Clean Building experience for Elementor page builder users
  • Wide range of display options and triggers
  • Great library of templates at your disposal
  • Depending on your plan you can use these for client sites as well as your own
  • Doesn't currently support split testing
  • Two step opt in forms require some additional work
  • No Lifetime plan

Thrive Leads Highlights

  • Advanced Lead groups allow you to organize and prioritize your forms for best segmentation
  • Tons of templates available including 2-step opt in forms
  • Start advanced split tests in seconds to optimize your forms
  • Smart Links allows you to present unique offers for existing subscribers (instead of bothering them with more of the same)
  • Great analytics including Content Marketing reports to show you your best performing posts, pages, and lead groups
  • Lifetime plan for Thrive Leads makes it an easy investment
  • Thrive Membership bundles tons of valuable tools together to improve your marketing game
  • Delay the loading of your lead forms to improve your site speed
  • Design work can take a bit more time with Thrive Leads
  • Need to upgrade to a special agency plan if you want to use their tools on client sites.

Which lead capture tool is for you?

Leave a comment below and let me know if you are a Thrive person or an Elementor fanatic. I'd love to hear!

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